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Welcome to also known as This page has been (after some extended neglect) revised with all the files at this site rather than strewn about, thanks to the more generous Geocities account policies.

This is an index of published versions of [mostly] traditional Anglo-Celtic-American fiddle, bagpipe, banjo, and other tunes. There are no written tunes in the index, only listings of where to find them, although we hope to begin adding ABC coded portions in the future in order to make the index searchable by melody. Most of them are not available on the web, although a growing number are. If you are willing to do some software setup a large number of tunes are available in the ABC format. See the abc homepage. At there is a very good searching utility with which you can search for tunes in abc and various other formats coded from many sources including some of the publictions indexed here. Various other collections are available in other formats for bagpipe, banjo, and other instruments.

Here at last is a downloadable version of the index of tunes. They are avialable in two forms, text and database. The text files are in a zip file FOLKTEX1.ZIP. The database is in the zip file FOLKDB.ZIP. The additional files needed to make sense of either the text of database versions are in TEXTS.ZIP. A short introduction and overview are in the file README.TXT, a clever name I thought up all by myself.

If you just wnat to wade through the index from your browser you can accesss them in text format here:

The Introduction in html format. 73 KB
The first ten thousand entries. 1180 KB
The second ten thousand entries. 1180 KB
The third ten thousand entries. 1180 KB
The fourth ten thousand entries. 1180 KB
The fifth ten thousand entries. 1180 KB
The sixth ten thousand entries. 1180 KB
The seventh ten thousand (or so) entries. 933 KB
The bibliography in text format. 97 KB

This is an index of published printed versions of tunes. I do not have the tunes themselves here in any form. Most of these are printed on paper in traditional form. A few are electronically published in ABC format. A surprising and growing number are available on the web in one form or another. Tunes not found here may be searched for with any good search engine.

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