Courtesty of Mrs. Stanley E. Lee of Newtown, Bucks County
Information taken from "Pennsylvania Vital Records" found at your local library


Dec. 23		
TOMLINSON, Henry, of Attlebury, Bucks Col, Coachmaker, 
and Anna PAXON of the same place, spinster, in the
presence of Arch. Atkinson and others at Newtown.
Jan. 5 DUER, William, son of John Duer, to Charlotte ANDERSON dau. of Josua Anderson, Esq, both of Lower Makefield township, 12 witnesses and both their parents
Jan. 28 PALMER, Samuel, son of Jesse Palmer, to Anna PAXON dau. of Mahlon Paxson, in presence of both their parents and 12 wit.
Feb. 13 REEDER, Isaac, and Sarah YARDLEY at the house of Thomas Yardley her father, in the presence of 12 wit.
Apr. 28 CAREL, Benjamin of Northampton Tp. Wheelwright, and Mercy COMFORT of upper Makefield, spinster. At Leedom's Tavern in Northampton
Oct. 1 LINTON, Thomas, to Mary CARY at the house of her father Asa Cary in Northampton tp. in the presence of sundry wit.
Oct. 15 THOMPSON, John (Captain) and Mary TINE of the City Phila. widow, at the house of his father Hugh Thompson in the presence of his father and mother and her the said Mary's sister
Oct. 30 WRIGHT, David, of the Falls twp and Charllotte VARSEY of lower Makefield; at Newtown, in the presence of Mercy Vasey and Wm. Yardley
Nov. 16 BLAKEY, Samuel, of Middletown Tp, Yeoman, and Elizabeth WALKER of the Falls, widow late Eliz. Stackhouse. At the house of Evan Lovett Esquire in Falls Tp. in the presence of 12 wit.

Feb. 1 NEELD, John B., son of Rich. dec. and Susanna STRADLING at the house of her father Thomas, in lower Makefield Tp. in the pres. of 12 witness.
Mar. 2 BALEY, Amos and Elizabeth VANSANT both of Middletown Tp. at the Tavern house of Elisha Wilmington in Attlebury. In pres. of sundry wit.
Aug. 13 HUSTON, William, and Mary WINDER both of Lower Makefield Tp. in pres. of Thomas Longshore and Letitia Bradfield at Newton
Sept. 17 THACKRAY Joshua and Jinkey MARGURAM both of Lower Makefield Tp. at the Tavern of Jesse Palmer in said twp. in pres. of 12 wit.
Sept. 21 STRADLING, John, son of Thomas of Lower Makefield Twp. blacksmith; and Esther BROWN dau. of late Benj. Brown in pres. of John Tary and Letitia Stackhouse and other wit. at I. Hicks office in Newtown
Dec. 30 CARVER, Joseph, of Northampton tp. and Hannah Cary at the house of her father Asa, in Newtown, in pres. of sundry witn.

Jan. 11 DOAN, Samuel, and Sarah Thornton at the house of her father, Joseph in Upper Makefield tp. both of siad twp. in the pres. of both their parents and 12 witn.
Jan. 28 WOOD, Joseph of Middletown tp. and Mary Strickland a dau. of Amos of Southampton twp. in the pres. of Jonathan Worthington, Elizabeth Moode and others, at I. Hicks office in Newtown
Feb. 15 SPENCER, Joseph, and Sarah Field both of up. Makefield tp. at the house of Wm. Vanhorn's in said tp. in pres. of 12 witn
Feb. 21 DOAN, Eli, of up Makefield tp. son of Mahlon; and Abi Sotchers dau. of John, both of same place in pres of 12 witn
Mar. 29 WATSON, Jacob, son of Jacob, and Ann Meighan dau. of Com Meighan; both of Lower Makefield tp. at the house of Thomas Wilson, Jr. in Middletown tp.
June 7 MITCHELL, Gabriel, of Attlebury, blacksmith and Martha Watson a dau. of John of Middletown tp., mason, at Attlebury in the pres. of sundry witnesses.
July 18 CAMPBELL, Henry, of Newton, Wheelright, and Margaret Thornton a dau. of John, dec. at the home of and in the pres. of Jacob Kesler his wife, sister and others at Newtown
Nov. 1 JOHNSON, Armstron, to Ann Carter MATTERIX, Joseph, to Esther Adams (African American couples)

Jan. 17 ALCUTT, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Adair, both of Middletown twp. Bucks, Co. at the office of I. Hicks, in pres. of sundry witnesses
Feb. 17 ASHBURN, Enoch, and Elizabeth Smith (African American couple) in the pres. of witn.
April 2 BRODNEX, Joseph of Bristol tp. and Rachel Heston late Rachel Knowles of Newtown, at the house of and in the pres. of Sam Yardley and family and other witns. at Newton
April 13 HOLCOMBE, John, of Solebury tp. and Mary Skelton of the same place at I. Hicks office Newtown in pres. of sundry witnesses
Apr. 18 WHARTON, Silas (the son of Nehemiah) and Mary Davis both of lower Makefield at the house of Joshua Brelsford, in the pres. of Silas's father and mother, Grandfather Isaac Brelsford and other witn.
July 17 LEEDOM, Benjamin, of up. Makefield, wheelright and Mary Martindell a dau. of William of Newtown tp. at Newtown
July 18 VANSANT, Amos, son of Garret of Bensalem and Phebe Vansant a dau. of John at Newtown
July 18 WILLARD, Thomas of Byberry tp and Mary Foster of Bensalem tp. dau. of John at Newtown
Aug. 17 LAMBERT, Noah of Newtown tp. and Hannah Woodford dau. of Stephen of same twp. at Newtown
Aug. 24 ANDERSON, George of Newtown tp. farmer and Jane Mc Coy of the same place at Newtown
Aug. 30 WARD, Hugh of the city of New York and Mary Vansant a dau. of James, dec. late of Northampton tp. at the Tavern of Jacob Kesler in Newtown
Sept. 25 HOUGH, Henry of Lower Makefield twp. Mason, and Martha Moode dau. of William of Middletown tp. at I. Hicks office in Newtown.
Sept. 26 HUNTER, Thomas a son of Andrew of Middletown tp. and Phebe Carlile the widow of Benj. dec. of the same tp. at Newtown
Nov. 17 SUTTON, Benjamin, son of Sam, of Falls tp. and Sarah Smith, dau. of John of Lower Makefield at I. Hicks office in Newtown
Nov. 24 SANDS, William, son of Benj. of Buckingham tp, wheelright and Jane Ratcliff of Warminster tp. at I.Hicks office in Newtown
Dec. 18 FLOWERS, son of James of Middletown tp. and Hannah Moode at the house of, in the pres. of her father William, his wife and 13 witnesses in Middletown tp.

Dec. 26 RENDEL, John,(Taylor) and Deborah O'Neal both of the tp. of Lower Makefield and county of Bucks, at the house of Deborah Wisener of said tp. in pres. of 22 witn. (Deborah died Oct. 18, 1800)??
Jan. 15 TOMLINSON, Jonathan of Middletown tp. and Charity Longshore of same place at I. Hicks office in Newtown
Jan. 30 DUER, James, at the house of his father John Duer, and Jan Docherty in the pres. of both their parents and sundry witnesses in L. Makefield
Mar. 6 MORRIS, Isachar, son of Isachar of Wrightstown and Eliz. Corson at the house of Benj. her father, in the pres. of him and his wife and 12 witnesses in lower Makefield
May 1 STARR, Kacy, of Middletown, shoemaker, and Sarah Longshore, dau. of Euclydus, of said tp. at the house of Abner Longshore in Middletown in the pres. of several witnesses
May 22 LEAR, Henry, of up. Makefield, Taylor, and Rachel Burley, a dau. of John decd.of same place at the house of Joshua Burley in the same place in the pres. of sundry witnesses
May 31 VANHORN, Henry, of low. Makefield tp, carpenter and Hannah Reeder, dau. of Abraham of UP. Makefield, at I. Hicks office.
June 22 LOVETT, Joshua, of the Falls tp (son of Owen, dec.) and Hephzebah Paxson, dau. of Mahlon of Lower Makefield, in presence of Davis Stackhouse and other witn. at Newtown (about noon)
July 9 HARMAN, John, of Oxford tp. Philadelphia county and Elizabeth Addis, a dau. of Enoch of Northampton, Bucks Co. at Newtown in pres. of sundry witn. (about noon)
Aug. 1 RANDLE, Joseph, a son of John Randle of Up. Makefield tp. and Ester Atkinson, a dau. of John, of the same place, in the pres. of Joseph Gummery and wife and othr witn. at Newtown (5 o'clock p.m.)
Sept. 21 KEEN, Anthony of Falls tp. (son of John Keen) and Elizabeth Sutton, Jr. and Maria Paxon and others, at Newtown. and SWAIN, David, of Bristol, carpenter and Elizabeth Gillingham, dau. of Joseph of low. Makefield in the pres. of Joseph Howell, Mary Williamson and others, at the house of Isaac Tucker in Newtown.

Feb. 12 BOOZE, John (son of Peter, dec.) of Bristol tp. and Rebecca Morris, dau. of Benj. of same place at Newtown about noon
Mar. 10 JACKWITH, James of lower Makefield, labourer and Lucy Saxton, a dau. of John at Newtown
Mar. 15 WILDY, Edward, son of Tho. of Middletown twp. and Sarah Price, dau. of Dan. dec. at Newtown
June 18 NEELD, John of Northampton twp., weaver and Mary Blaker, dau. of Acchilles in pres. of witn. at Newtown
July 18 RING, Jonathan, of Bristol, cooper and Margaret Stackhouse, a dau. of Francis of same place, at the Tavern house of Isaac Tucker in Newtown
Aug. 16 BEWLEY, Amos, of Wrightstown, farmer and Mary Price, a dau. of Peter and Sarah, in the Pres. of his brother and her mother and sundry witn. at Newtown
Sept. 10 LAMB, Isaac, of Falls tp. farmer and Phebe Lovette of same place, dau. of Owern, dec. in the pres. of sundry witn.
Nov. 24 MITCHEL, Mahlon, of lower Makefield, Cooper, and Letitia Margerum of same place, spinster, in the pres. of Rich. and Rebecca Margerum and others at Tavern house of Isaac Tucker, Newtown
Dec. 8 TREGO, John of up. Makefield, farmer, and Mary Morris, a dau. of Isaker of Wrightstown in the pres. of Daniel
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