Parents Who Care Coalition

Parents Who Care originated in July of 1999 after the death of a 14 year old girl in a  juvenile correctional facility in South Dakota.Our coalition helps troubled youths and their parents.

The People associated with this page are dedicated to bringing the family back to Juvenile Corrections. We would like to see more contact given to the Parents and Grandparents , not just (1) 5 min. call  or (1) 2 hour visit per week
We would also like to see the disiplines used (ie) 4 pointing; surf boarding and pepper spray to be discontinued.
The family is the most important factor in any childs life the must always know they are Loved and needed. Help us to help our kids. Send a message to
Governor William Janklow telling him that you want the abuse to stop in the South Dakota Juvenile Corrections Department

If You are a parent of a child who is in or has been in the correctional system,PLEASE contact us and we can put you in contact with our support group and people who are willing to help. You are not in this alone don't let the Department of Corrections ruin the family structure.

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