My UK Guiding Clipart

I used to wish there were more U.K Guiding sites on the internet, and then decided that I should stop wishing and do something about it - and here is my site! I then lamented the lack of UK Guiding Clipart on the Internet (or elsewhere for that matter) and have decided it was time to do something about that too! So here it is - most of the Guide images were created by me (although I must admit not completely from scratch). If you want to use them please do although I'd appreciate a link back to this page (there is a button you can copy and past at the bottom of the page if you want!). Thank you!

Rainbow Clipart

Brownie Clipart

Guide Clipart

Senior Section Clipart

Guider Clipart

Things for your webpage A collection of Backgrounds and Buttons

Animated Images UK and WAGGGS animated gifs

Helen's Clipart Hellen e-mailed me this clipart, and she doesn't have a homepage for it - so here it is!

UK Guiding Clipart Button

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