Swabian into English -



a indef. pron.: a; ~ weng little; some.
a adv. prep. pref. 1. adv., prep.: on; at; upon; in; against; to; by; des gôht mi nix ~ that is no business of mine; I bi scho ~ I am already dressed; 2. pref. with certain verbs; (s. a'bändle, a'gehe, a'lange, a'schucke).
a (ab) adv. prep. 1. prep.: from; from (on); 2. adv.: off (colloq.).
ä! int.: 1. He!; Stop!; No! (interjection of mockery); 2. Uarghs! (interjection of disgust, fig.).
a-a adv.: no; (s. aha).
a'bäffe vb.: shout at s.o.
a'bändle (anbandle) vb.: flirt.
abe adv.: down; (s. raa).
abfatze vb.: tear; pull off.
abkratze vb.: die.
acht(e) num. ad.: eight.
ade bye; ~le bye bye.
a'gehe vb.: go on; begin; start.
aggre vb.: plough.
a'glufe vb.: fix with a needle or a safety pin.
aha adv.: yes; (s. a-a).
a'lange vb.: 1. touch; seize; 2. arrive (at); .
Alb f.; short for: Schwäbische Alb: Swabia's high mountains.
alderiere (fr. altérer) vb.: get excited; be upset.
älle everybody; ~s all; everything.
ällemol (allemol; emol) adv.: 1. always; everytime; 2. earlier; former; formerly; in former times; Des isch ~ anderschd gwä. in former times. 3. certainly; (Gåsch du morge uf de Hocketse? answer: ~!).
älles adv.: all; everything; S'isch ~ nemme des O tempora o mores (fig.).
Allmachtsdaggl m.: almighty dachshund (s. Daggl).
Allmachtdsjenseitsgottesdoppelwecka! cu. m.: allmightygodheavensbigmac.
ällweil adv.: always.
älls adv.: often; again and again.
Amenaschlupferle n.: girlfriend; Schatzi.
amend adj. adv.: in the end; finally.
a'mauze vb.: grumble, grouse at someone.
anderschd adv.: different.
An m.: Grandfather.
Ane f.: Grandmother.
Äne m.: Grandfather.
Anke m.: 1. nape; (s. Kôze) 2. butter; 3. remains of the butter in the pan.
ao (au) adv.: also; too; even; ~ net neither; nor; ~ wieder. Swabian sentence of deepest philosophical meaning, impossible to translate..
a'ranze vb.: scold; come down on someone; to dump on some.
arg adv.: 1. bad; serious; 2. swabian superlative; ~ schee very beautyful; ~ wiaschd coyote-ugly.
Arsch m.: as (s. Fiedle); Leck mi am ~! Kiss my ass! (common swabian curse, originally "Leck mich im ~" by Götz von Berlichingen. Use carefully! Good reply, if necessary: "Vor moem isch au koe Gidder!" or " Ond du mi au!" ; Ja leck mi (doch) am ~! I can't believe it! (interjection of mockery, fig.).
Arschdaggl m.: dachshund with a big as (s. Daggl)
Ärschle dim of Arsch; n.: as (tender).
ärschlengs adj.: to the back.
a'schiffe vb.: wet s.o. or s.b. by means of urination; Des schifft mi a! I hate it!
a'schmiere vb.: kid.
a'schucke vb.: push.
a'tape vb.: touch somebody.
au s. ao.
aufams(e)le vb.: die.
aufklaube vb.: pick up.
ausdappe vb.: flog (a subject); spread (a story, etc.).
Ausstecherle n.: cookie cutter.
Auwaddl m.: Mole.
Awa! int.; short for: ach was: no man!; forget it!; rats! (fig.)
Awande m.: a field's edge.


baatsche vb.: scat.
babble vb.: babble.
bache vb.: bake; net recht ~ crazy (s. narret).
Bachl m.: idiot; (s. Dubbl).
Babbedeckl m.: driving license.
Babbelaa n.: nonsense.
Bäbb m.: 1. adhesive; 2. rubbish.
Bäbber m.: paste up.
bäbbig adj. adv.: sticky.
baff adj.: gobsmacked.
bäffzge (beffzge) (ital. beffare) vb.: scold; bicker.
Bäffzger (Beffzgr) m.: small dog which barks.
Bagasch (fr. bagage) f.: rabble; riffraff.
Bähmull f.: bore.
bald adj. adv.: early.
bälder adj. adv.: earlier.
Balle m.: 1. fool; 2. intoxication.
Bank m., f.: 1. m.: bench, 2. f.: bank.
Bänkle dim. of Bank; n.: bench.
Barderr (fr. parterre) n.: first floor.
bärig adj. adv.: barely.
baschtand (ital. bastante) adj.: strong (enough).
Bäsle (Bas) dim. n.: cousin.
Bassleda (Paßleta) (fr. passe le temps) m.: pastime.
Batsch (fr. battre) m.: handshake.
Bebbl m.: twine.
Bedoo m.: concrete.
Beig f.: pile; stack.
beige vb.: pile.
Bene m.: stage.
bes adj.: bad; evil; wicked.
Besa m.: 1. broom; 2. (female) gargoyle; (s. wiaschde Denge)3. temporary pub for some weeks after time of Herbschde.
Beutelsbach pr.n.: Bag's Creek. Small vinegrower-village in the Remstal.
Bettringen pr.n.: bed wrestling
Bfond n.: pound.
bhäp (phäp) adj. adv.: close to; tight.
bidde please.
Biira f. pear.
bissle adj.: some; little; a ~ some; somewhat; (s. a weng).
Blafo (Plafo) (fr. plafond) n.: ceiling.
blärre vb.: cry.
Blätsdogg (Plätsdogg) f.: ragdoll.
bleche vb.: pay.
Blechle n fig.: sheet metal; (s. Heilix Blechle).
bleed adj. adv.: silly.
blick|e vb.: understand; see; comprehense; Jetz hot er's ~t. Now he got it.
Blochenga pr.n.: small town which wouldn't be anything special, were it not for the Hundertwasserhaus.
Blocker m.: heavy scrubbing brush, consisting of a heavy metal-weight with short bristles. Used for polishing waxed floor. One of the numerous swabian fetishes of house-cleaning, like Keerwisch, Kutteroemer and Kutterschaufl, just to name a few. (s. Keerwoch)
blose vb.: blow.
bloß adj. adv.: 1. bare; naked; mere; 2. hardly; scarely; Bloß net! Don't you!
Bobbele n.: 1. small child; 2. Boris Becker.
Bodschamber (fr. pot de chambre) m.; dim ~le n.: chamber pot.
Boez (Baez, Beiz) f.: saloon.
Bom (Baom, Bam) ( pl. Bem, Baem (Beim), Bâme; dim. Bäumle) m.: tree.
Bombole n.: candy.
boßle vb.: making things; tinkering around.
Bredull (fr. bredouille) f.: embarrassment; predicament.
Breggl (dim.: Breggele) m.: (small) piece; (s. Brockele).
Breschdling (Bräschdling) m.: 1. strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.); 2. big red nose.
Breschdlingsxälz n.: strawberry-jam; (s. Xälz).
Breschdlingsxälzhäfele n.: pot of strawberry-jam.
Bresele n.: small crumb.
Brezl f.: pretzel; (s. Laugebrezl).
broet adj.: wide (s. grottebroet.
Bronzgschirr n.: (male and female) sex (vu.); Demr s'~ zamme Let's make love (vu.!); (s. Gschirrle).
bruddle (netherland: pruttelen) vb.: grumble; bleat; scold.
Bruddler m.: moaner.
Brockele n.: pea.
b'saufe vb.: drink; b'soffe pp. be drunken.
bscheiße vb.: deceive; cheat past: bschisse.
bschidda vb.: burbank.
Bschiß m.: deception; swindle; cheating.
Buabespitzle f. swabian specialty; "boys' toplets" - small, long, fat little noodles which somehow help recall the mental image of a boy's genital (when at rest)!
Büble dim.of Bub; n.: boy; (s. Bule).
Buddl (fr. bouteille) f. (small) bottle.
Buddr m. butter.
Bule dim.of Bub; n.: boy; (s. Büble).
Burz n.: 1. tail of a bird; 2. hen without tail.
burzle vb.: tumble; .
butze vb.: clean.
Butz(e) m.: core.


Cleverle m.: 1. clever man (tender); 2. Lothar Späth.


Däfer (lat. taberna) n.: wooden wall-facing.
Daggl sw. m.: dachshund; silly fool (s. Grasdaggl, Halbdaggl, Schmalzdaggl, Jenseitsdaggl, Granatedaggl, Allmachtsdaggl, Arschdaggl, Saudaggl).
dage vb.: dawn; s'daget the sun is rising.
Daggele dim. of Daggl; n.: small dachshund; clumsy guy (or girl).
dahoem (dohoim, drhoem) adv.: at home; home.
Dameschenkel m.: Swabian speciality. Invention of the Weinstube Muz in Weinstadt-Endersbach. A V-formed short-pastry with some caraway on it. Only sold in the Remstal.
danebe adj. adv.: 1. next to; beside to; 2. wrong.
Dange m.: neck.
Dank(e)schee n.: thank you very much.
dätsch short form of: dätsch du (cj. pres. of due) would you; could you.
daub adj.: 1. deaf; 2. weak-minded; ~er Siach idiot; 3. blind.
dauße (drauße, dusse, drussa) adv.: outside; Er isch ganz ~ He is upset; Er isch hoch ~ proud; Er isch glei obe ~ angry; (s. hauße).
de (dui) poss. pron., f.: the.
Deäderle n.: quarrel.
Deetz (fr. tête) m.: head.
Debbich m.: carpet; bath-towel.
dei pers. pron.: your.
demr colloq. form of: den mr Do we ... ?; Shall we ... ?.
den vb.: do; make.
Deng n.: willy; schlenker dei ~ swing your willy.
Denge f.: woman; wiaschde ~ two-bagger.
Denger m.: buster..
Denschtig (Denschdich, Daischdich, Daischtig, Zaischdich) m.: Tuesday (s. Mittich).
derfe vb.: be allowed to; may; des derfsch et you must not; derf's sonscht no ebbes sei? Something else? (in a shop; answer: Des wär älles.).
Dergele n.: kid; kidn.
des poss. pron., n.: the.
desch short for: des isch; vb.: it's.
Diaschbora f.: exile. Desperate mental condition of any Swabian, who has to live apart from his tribe.
Dibenga pr.n.: The university town where Uli Keuler studied.
difdle vb.: explore; invent; rom~ investigate; explore. Typical obsession-like passtime for swabian characters. This can be proofed by the great number of swabian inventions.
Difdler m.: reseacher.
dibble vb.: walk (with short steps).
Diwa m.: divan.
do vb.: do.
adv. cj. 1. adv.: there; here; then; 2. cj.: as; since; because.
Dode (Doode) f.: aunt.
doe poss. pron.: your; dr ~, dui ~ne yours; ~etwäge for your sake; because of you.
Doemlr (Daimlr) m.: Mercedes-Benz.
donderschlech|tig adj.: incredibly big; huge. A ~zge Wefzg a monster-sting.
Donndrwedder n.: Thunder and Lightning!
Donnerschtig m.: Thursday (s. Fraidich).
dose vb.: slumber.
dr pron. 1. poss. pron., m.: the; 2..acc. pron., m.: the.
dra adv.: at (by, in, of, on, to) it or them.
drangsaliere vb.: press hard; beset.
drbei adv.: near (it or them); with; about; ~ bleibe stick to one's point; ~ sei be present; be there.
Drebb f.: stairs.
dreckat (drecket adj.: dirty.
Dreiviertel n.: three quarter; ~ viere quarter to four; (Typical swabian desription of time, similar to the filling of a glass, in opposition to german language. You don't say: a glass is quarter to full, when you mean, the glass is three quarter full.)(s. Halber viere, viertel viere).
Drepp f.: stairs; (s. Schtiage).
drese vb.: 1. pant; puff; blow; 2. lament; grumble; 3. dawdle.
drher adv.: from there; along; hence (fig.); Wia kommsch denn du ~! What's up? En kalter Wend blost ~ A cold wind is going.
drhoem s. dahoem.
dribble (trebble) vb.: tread; step.
dribeliere (ital. tribulare) vb.: plague; torment.
drmit adv.: with (it).
droe num. adj.: three.
drom adv.: 1. (a)round it or them; for it or them; 2. cj.: therefore; 3. int.: exactly!
dromme (drumme) adj.: there; do ~ over there.
drondr adv.: under it or them; beneath it or them; wa verstôsch du ~ what do you think about that?
Drucketse f.: pushing; shoving.
Drucksmulle f.: someone who does not make up his mind clearly, is introverted, little communicative, anxious
druff adv.: on it or them; onto.
drweilscht (derweilscht) adv. adj.: while.
Dubbl m.: looser; (s. Sempl).
due vb.: do.
dui (de) poss. pron., f.: the.
dupfegleich adj. adv.: exactly the same.
Durase f.: remains of a meal; (s. Urase).
durmle vb.: rolling; tumbling; (s. hurgle).
dusse (dauße, drauße, dussa, drusse) adv.: outside (s. husse, henne).
Dusenierle (fr. douze deniers) n.: mere nothing; trifle.
dusma (fr. doucement) adj.: gentle; mild; soft.
Dusörle (fr. douceurs) n.: trifle; sweets.


ebber indef pron somebody.
ebbes indef pron something; anything; adj.: some; adv.: a little; somewhat Desch ~ guets It's good; ~ wichdix something important; "Hot dr ebe ebber ~ dao?" Did anybody hurt you?
Ebbiera f.: potatos; (s. Krombiera).
Ebbiera-schnitz f.: French fries; (s. Krombiera-schnitz).
ebe (eebe) adj. adv.: 1. adj. (adv.) horizontal; plain; level; 2. adv.: exactly; just; in the moment; 3. certain; ~! certainly!
Ecke-see pr.n..: Small lake in Schtuagerd's central park.
edda adv.: not (s. et, it, net).
Eel n.: oil.
Eelefele n.: oilburner
ehgeschtern adj.: the day before yesterday.
ehne pers. pron.: them.
ehnder adj.: earlier; Wenn i's bloß ~ gwißt hätt! If I had known this before!
ehrekäsich adj.: ambitious.
Ehrn m.: landing.
elve num. adj.: eleven.
em prep.: in; in the.
emol adv.: 1. always; everytime; 2. earlier; former; formerly; in former times (s. ällemol) .
en prep.; 1. in; 2. a; one; ~ Guede bon appetit.
Endersbach pr.n.: Dead-Ends-Creek. Small village in the Remstal.
Enkel m.: ankle.
Entaklemmer m.: miser.
erscht (erst) adj. adv.; first; not till; until; only; ~ jetz only now.
es poss. pron., n. the.
eschtimiere (fr. estimer) vb.: estimate; value.
Esslinge pr.n.: Town in the Neckar-valley. Most important cultural inventions: Onion-Festival (every summer), Open-Air-Movies (in the castle above the town).
et adv.: not (s. edda, it, net).


faif num. adj.: five (s. (s. fenf).
Fäger (Feger) f.: cheeky girl.
fatze vb.: tear.
fatzeglatt adv. adj.: 1. extremely slippery; 2. absolutely funny;(s. glatt, sauglatt).
Fazenet (Fazenettle) (ital. fazzoletto) usually dim. ~le; n.: handkerchief.
Feaschter (Feeschdr, Faischdr) n.: window; ~sems window-sill.
fege vb.: 1. sweep; 2. scorch.
fei 1. but; however; yet; 2. by all means; des lesch ~ bleibe! how dare you!
felge vb.: hack (with the Haue).
fenf (femf, femfe, faef, faif, foef) num. adj.: five
fenf Buchstabe back; as.
fenferle kenne vb.: s. Leck mi am Arsch.
Fenger (pl. Fenger) m.: finger.
femf (femfe) num. adj.: five (s. (s. fenf).
Fetz m.: fellow.
Fiedle back (tender, refined) (s. Arsch).
Fiaß; m. feet; O-~ bow-legs; ronde ~ plastered (fig.).
Firlefanz m.: furbelow.
firre-keie vb.: throw forward; (s. keie).
fix adj. adv.: fast; tough; (s. en fix Måle).
flacke vb.: lay.
Flädlesupp f.: swabian specialty; nourishing soup (made with broth and left-over tid-bits of pancakes) - a product of the Swabian housewife's ingenius (to scrimp and save!).
Flärre m.: scrap; shred.
flattiere vb.: flatter.
Fläschle n.: bottle.
Flecke m.: village; locality; small town.
Fleiß m.: intention.
Fonzl f.: lamp; a daube ~ sw. bore.
Fraidich m.: Friday (s. Samschdig).
frai|e vb.: be glad; be pleased; I ~ mi druff. I look forward to.
Fraile! (Freile!) int.: Shure!
Freud f.: joy; pleasure.
Frihling m.: spring; (s. Wenter, Sommr, Schpädjohr).
Fuaß; m.: foot; (s. pl. Fiaß)
fuaßle vb.: shuffeling
fürnei adv.: in advance; beforehand.
Furz (pl. Fürz, dim. Fürzle) m.: fart.
Furzklemmer m.: miser.
furztrocke adj.: dry as dust (classification of swabian vine: siaß = sweet; trocke = dry; furztrocke (ft) = extra dry).


Gäder n.: vein; artery.
Gaildorf pr.n.: Horny Village.
gange vb.: 1. walk slowly; 2. expressing state of condition; Wia gôhts? How do yo do? (correct answer: Emmr viel Gschäft!) Wia isch's oech ~? How have you been?
Garte (Garde) m.: garden.
Garteterle n.: garden-gate.
Gärtle dim. of Garte; n.: (small) garden; (s. Stückle).
Gass f.: street; uff dr ~ outside; in the street; (s. Strôß).
Gaude f.: fun; (s. Saugaude).
Gautsche (fr. couche) f.: swing.
Geanga (Giengen an der Brenz) pr.n.: went. A nice little village north of Ulm.
Geherda (orig. "Geh her da!") dim. Geherdale; m.: dogsbody.
Geiß f.: (she-) goat; nanny (-goat).
Geißherdle n.: small pear.
gell (gelle) int.: yeah man!; isn't it? (Brit.)
Geradschdedda (Geradstetten) pr.n. Straight-Through-Town. This litte village is placed at the narrowest part of the Rems-valley, between Greenwaters (Groabach) and Hebsack. It is separated into two parts by the polluted river Rems and the famous highway B29 (52.000 cars per day). Geradschdedda has got his name in medieval times, when Lord Gerhard The Straight was murdered nearby.
Gergele s. Girgale.
gerner adv. rather; sooner.
Gidder n.: grille; grating.
Girgale (Gergele) m.: small, thin man.
glatt adj. adv.: 1. phys.: smooth; slippery; 2. peculiar; 3. es isch ~ gwä it was fun; it was strange; 4. es isch ~ gange it functioned well; 5. ~ weg without circumstance; (s. sauglatt, fatzeglatt).
glei adv.: soon.
Glomp n.: lumber; junk; (s. Gruscht).
glotze vb.: look.
Glotzbebbl f.: eyes.
Gluf (e) n.: pin.
Glufemichel (Glufamichel) m.: 1. geek; one-sided, non-open-minded person 2. fool.
gnug adj. adv: lots of; enough; Haufe ~ too much.
Gôg m.: vinegrower from Dibenga; (s. Wengerter).
Göbl (Gebbl, Göpel) m.: old bycicle; old car; all kind of elder vehicles.
goel (goil) adj.: horny (vu.).
Gosch m.: mouth (s. Maul, Riassl).
gosche vb.: speak ill of; scold; (s. maule).
gotzig adj.: only; single; sole.
Grachmusikoff m.: Alex Köberlein git., voc.; Georg Köberlein b.; Zimmi Zimmer drums.
graischt sup.: (the) biggest.
Gräle m.: brushwood (s. Rebegräle).
granate (fr. grand) adj. adv.: huge; grand; (pref. with certain words); ~mäßig unbelievable.
Granatedaggl m.: explosive dachshund (s. Daggl).
Granateseggl m.: idiot (s. Seggl).
grantig adj.: 1. arrogant; haughty; 2. surly; sullen.
graple vb.: 1. grope (for sth.); 2. tickle (s.o.); 3. crawl; 4. ruminate; brood (over); 5. climb; clamber; scramble.
Grasdaggl m.: golfing dachshund (s. Daggl).
grätig adj.: gruff; surly.
Greiz n.: s. Kreuz .
Greizdondrwedder n.: s. Kreuzdondrwedder .
Grend (Grind) n.: head.
Griffel m.: finger.
Grüß Gott (dim.: Grüß Gottle) Hi there! (swabian greeting, s. Wia gôhts?).
Gruscht n.: lumber; junk; (s. Glomp).
Groabach (Grunbach) pr.n.: Greenwaters. Small village, about 15 miles from Schtuagerd.
Grombier f.: s. Krombier.
Grombiera f.: s. Krombiera.
Grott (Grot, Krot) f.: 1. toad; 2. chit (tender); goldige ~ sweet little girl.
grottebroet (krottebroet) adj.: extremely (wide); ~ Schwäbisch schwätze Swabian dialect at it's best.
grottefalsch adj.: absolutely wrong.
Grottegiekser n.: bad old knife (s. Grott).
gruble vb.: grub.
Gsälz n.: s. Xälz).
Gschäft n.: work; business "Wie gôhts?" - "Emmer viel ~!" "How do you do?" - "Fine!"
Gschwätz n.: talk; domms ~ (talking) nonsense.
gschickt (geschickt) adj. adv.: in order; okay; Isch ihne des ~? Do you agree (with it)?(s. recht).
Gschirrle n.: female sex.
g'schochet adj.: well piled up, filled up dr Teller isch ~ voll this plate is plenty full (s. schechle, Schoche).
gschtuhled isch vb.: it's all over (s. uffschtuhle).
Gsicht n.: face.
gschwolle adj. adv.: boastful.
Guck (Gugg, Gugge) m.: (paper-)bag;.
gued adj.: good.
Guetsle n.: biscuit; cookie.
Gugg f.: bag.
gugge vb.: see; look; (s. glotze).
Gugommer f.: cucumber.
gwä vb.; p.p. of sae: been; (s. sae).
gwiiß adv.: shure.


ha int. (expressing surprise) wow!; ooh!;~ ja! surely!; oh yes! (s. ha no!).
Haag n.: fence.
Hä? int.: Come again, please! (colloq. form of: Wia moinet sia bidde?)
ha no! int.: he!
Hajetztkoigarnemme! int.: NowIcannomore!
habe vb.: have.
Habergeiß zo. m.: Phalangium opilio (spider with long legs).
häggle vb.: hack (slightly).
Häfele n.: pot.
Häfelesgucker m.: curious, nosey person; somebody, who looks into every Häfele.
häling adj. adv.: mean; secret.
Häs n.: clothing.
Häusle n.: (small) house.
hagle vb.: 1. hail 2. fall (down) 3. scold; quarrel (s. rahagle, nahagle).
Haipfl m.: large pillow, approx. 80cm * 80cm.
Halbdaggl m.: half of a dachshund (worst sw. swearword); (s. Daggl).
halb n.: half; ~er viere half past three; (s. viere, dreiviertel viere).
halbläbig adj.: half alive; lazy; (s. läbig).
halt adv.: just; certainly; So isches ~ So it is.
Handkarre m.: open-framed handkart; (s. Loederwägele)
hano int.: 1. well.
hanoi int.: 1. oh no!; 2. asian city.
hantig adj. adv.: strong; intense; furious.
Har n.: hair; ~-eul hair-owl (woman with tousled hair).
hare vb.: 1. pluck hair 2. intr. being at one another; Da wirds ~ it will be nasty business 3. lose hairs.
harig adj. adv.: 1. haired; covered with hair; 2. scanty; 3. hairy; tricky; nasty.
haserei adj.: rabbit-clean; Desch et ganz ~! I don't trust in it!
Haue f.: hoe.
Haufe m.: heap; pile; en ~ plenty of; lots of; en ~ Buddr main ingredient of genuine swabian Hefezopf.
Hausabrenner m.: 1. abusive word for all purpose; 2. bot. Gentiana verna; Gentiana Germanica; Gentiana ciliata (gentian).
Häusle dim.of Haus; n.: house.
hauße (husse) adv.: outside (s. dauße, husse).
hebe vb.: 1. hold; 2. last.
Hecker m.: hiccup; (s. Saifzr).
Hefezopf m.: yeast-plait (always containing en Haufe Buddr).
Heg f.: hedge.
Heide f.: 1. heathen; 2. heath; 3. int. (s. Heidenei); 4. Used as prefix: intensifying meaning for adjectives or substantives.
Heide-arbeit n.: a lot of work.
Heide-blitz! cu. n.: heathen's lightning!
Heide-gschäft n.: a lot of work.
Heiderösle bot. n.: daphne cneorum l. syn.
Heidenei! int.: heathen's egg!
Heiderespekt m.: enormous respect.
Heide-schtuagerd! int. n.: Sodom and Gomorrha! (s. Schtuagerd).
Heidezapf! cu. n.: heathen's nonsense!; shit!
Heilandsack! (short form of: Heilandsakrament!) cu. m.: Jesus' bag!
Heilandsdondrweddr! cu. n.: Jesusthunderweather!
Heilandskreuzmalefiz! cu. n.: Jesuscrossandcorruption!
Heilix Blechle n.: 1. Mercedes-Benz (s. Doemlr); 2. int.: Holy rubbish!
heiße(n) vb.: name.
Hemmed (dim.: Hemmedle) n.: t-shirt.
henne adj. adv.: inside; (s. husse).
Hennekopf m.: chickenhead.
Herbschd (Herbschde) m.: vintage (autumn).
herbschde vb.: vintage.
herre vb.: master; conquer; I herr's nemme I can no more.
Herrgottsack! (short form of: Herrgottsakrament!) cu. m.: Godfather's bag; (s. Heilandsack!).
Herrgottsjesuskreizkrabbesacklebdagsjenseitswille cu. m.: Godfathersjesuscrossandcrowsacramentbirthdayheavenswill.
Hersch (Hirsch) m.; dim. ~le n.: 1. stag; hart; I werd zom ~! int.: It drives me crazy! 2. fool Des isch en rechter ~! He's a fool!; sup.: Super~.
Herz (pl.: ~er) n.: breast.
Heuet f.: haymaking; crop of hay.
hirne vb.: think; (s. rom-hirne).
Hirnfurz m.: brain-fart.
Hochzich f.: wedding.
hock|e vb.: sqat pres.: hocke; past: ghockt; ~ di! sit down, please!
Hocketse f.: sit in.
Hoe (Heu)n.: 1. hay; 2. first mow (s. Öhmd).
hoë vb.: mow.
Hôg(e) m.: hook.
hoimatshurahondsvotzaglombvereggdsdreimoldschdieaganawixtsuberguad cu.,adj.: motherlandssonofabitchdamnedthreetimesdownthestairsextremelygood.
Holder m.: small, single-axled motor vehicle (rural easy-rider).
Hommalar m.: hum (bee).
Hond (dim.: ~le, tender) m.: dog; Du bisch en ~ You're a sly dog.
hondsmiad adj.: absolutely tired.
hopfe vb.: jump; g'hopft wie g'sprunge I don't care (fig.).
Hornigl m.: short hailstorm.
Hos f.: trousers.
Hotwole (fr. haute volée) f.: upper class; big cheese.
Hubbel m.: small rise (in the ground); lump; swelling.
Hudel m.: a baker's rag for cleansing the hot oven.
hudle vb.: huddle No net ~! Don't hurry! (s. rom-hudle).
Hudler m.: huddler.
Hugoles doe vb.: pull someone's leg.
Hundle dim.of Hund; n.: dog.
Hurd m.: wooden crate for strorage of fruit or Ebbiera.
Huresiach m.: bullshit.
Hureglomp n.: rubbish.
Hurgelesknui f.: round knee.
hurgle vb.: roll; (s. durmle).
husse (hussa) adv.: outside (s. dusse, hauße, henne).
hutz|le vb.: schrink; ver~elt shrinked.


i pers. pron. I.
ihne pers. pron. you; yours; them.
isch vb.: is (3. sg. ind. pres of sae).
it adv.: not; no (s. edda, et, eta, net).


adv.: 1. yes; 2. but; though; however; Ha ~! Surely!
jemal adv.: now and then; sometimes.
Jenseitsdaggl m.: Zerberus (s. Daggl).
Jesass m.: 1. Jesus; 2. (gen. comp.); ~lump swine; ~mäßig adj. adv.: extraordinary.
Jescht m. temper; fury.
jetz (jetzt; jetzat) adv.: now; at present; bis ~ until now; so far; vo ~ a(n) from now on.
jetzetle! temporal adv.: well I never!; very well (then).
Jôhr n.: year.
jommere vb. lament.
jong adj. young.
Jonge (Jonga) f. daughter.
Jonger f. son.
juck|e; vb.: 1. jump; 2. itch 3. interest; des ~t mi net I don't care.


Kaf (fr. cave) f.: cave; shed.
käl adj. adv.: abominable; horrid; disgusting.
Kaminkäs m.: smoked ham.
Kamerz m.: espalier of vine.
Kanapee (fr. canapée) n.: day-bed.
Kandelabr m.: streetlamp.
Kandl m.: gutter.
Kapp f.: hat; nebe dr ~ beside the hat; silly.
Käpsele m.: 1. capsule; 2. bot.: Evonymus euopaeus L.; 3. smart fellow ~spischdohl toy pistol.
Karfiol (ital. cavolfiore) m.: cauliflower.
Karle pr.n.: Carl; Brit.: Charles.
Käs m. 1. cheese; 2. rubbish; ~ schwätze talking bullshit; Des isch en alter ~! That's nonsense!
Käsdreck m.: nonsense.
käsig adv.: pale.
Kässpätzle f.: swabian spaghetti with cheese (swabian specialty); (s. Spätzle).
käs-weiß adj.: very pale; white (cheesy pale).
Keerwisch m.: broom.
Keerwoch m.: Passionate sweeping under social control. Regular attacks, incurable. Only spread in Swabia.
keie vb.: kick (s. weg-~, firre-~).
kenne vb.: 1. know; be acquainted with; 2. recognize; (Ma kennt s' Veigele an seim Knepfle.); 3. refl.: Sich nemmer ~ vor Freud; 4. inf.: um's Kenne merely rermakable; with little difference; Dr linke Fuaß isch länger wie dr rechte, aber bloß um's Kenne.
m.: boy; buster.
Kerner m.: strong white (swabian) wine.
Kirb(e) (Kerb, Kerbe) f.: annual (village-)fair.
knarfle vb.: grind or gnash one's teeth.
kneise vb.: to become suspicious about s.th.; des ~t koenr no one will ever find out.
knitz adj.: clever, cunning; malicious.
Knopf m. dim. Knepfle n.: 1. blossom; bloom; flower; 2. round object; 3. swelling; tumour; 4. dumpling; 5. knot.
Knui (gnui) n.: knee.
koe (kei) pron.: no; no one; nobody.
komme vb.: come.
kommod (fr. commode) adj. adv.: convenient; easy; comfortable.
koppe vb.: belch.
Kôze m.: bacon on the front side of s.o.'s neck (s. Anke).
Krabb m.: crow.
Kranket f.: sickness; illness.
Krattel (Grattel) m.: 1. fork; 2. pride.
krebsle vb.: 1. crawl 2. climb pres.: krebsle; past: krebselt.
Kredenz f. 1. sideboard 2. (best) china 3. table centrepiece
Krette f.: basket.
Kreuz (Greiz) n.: 1. cross; crucifix; 2. back; 3. load; burden; 4. prefix, reinforcing the meaning of words (especially in curses); (s. ~ärmlich; ~brav; ~dondrweddr; ~fidel; ~lahm; ~liedrig; ~mäßig).
kreuzärmlich adj.: absolutely poor.
kreuzbrav adj.: honest; good.
Kreuzdondrwedder cu.: crossthunderweather.
kreuzfidel adj.: merry.
kreuzlahm adj.: lazy.
kreuzliedrig adj.: miserable; wretched; needy; distressed.
kreuzmäßig adv. adj.: very; totally (gen. sup.).
Kreuzwe n.: back-ache.
kreuz-weis adv.: cross-over; Du kôsch mi ~! Fuck off! Cheese it! (fig., vu.).
Krombele f.: small potatos for planting.
Krombier (Grombier) f.: potato.
Krombiera (Grombiera) f.: potatoes; (s. Ebbiera).
Krombiera-schnitz f.: French fries; (s. Ebbiera-schnitz).
Krot f.: 1. toad; 2. chit (tender)
krottefalsch adj.: absolutely wrong.
Kruuschtessa n.: junk food.
Küch (Kuch, Kich) f.: kitchen.
Kuddl f.: guts; offal. Unimaginable, but a typical swabian speciality: Saure Kuddle.
Kutter m.: sweepings.
Kutteroemer m.: trash can. Genuine swabian trash-cans have to be wiped out every week.
Kutterschaufl f. dim. ~schäufele n.: dustpan.
kuranze (fr. courir) vb.: victimize.
Kurasch (fr. courage) f.: courage; bravery.


Laamarsch m.: indolent guy.
laamarschig adj.: lazy; indolent.
läbig adj.: lively; (s. halbläbig).
Läberspätzle f.: swabian lever dumplings (swabian specialty); (s. Spätzle).
Lad f.: 1. container; box; 2. mouth; 3. fly (Hose~) 4. female jungle (vu.).
lädschig adj. adv.: soft; tender.
Lällebäbbl m.: stupid guy; simple mind.
Lamperie (fr. lambris) f.: facing of wall, especially under the window.
Ländle dim. of Land (country); n.: 1. land; country; landscape; 2. short form of Schwabeländle Schwabeländle (tender).
Land-pomeranz f.: girl with rural manners.
lang|e vb.: 1. intr. be enough; suffice; Jetz ~ts (aber)! Stop it! 2. trans. ebbes ~e catch; reach (something); ~ mr s Weckle. Reach me the roll.
lau let; leave; allow; permit; let.
Laugebrezl m.: swabian speciality (brown alkaline-pretzel); the best ones are available at Bakery Waible - Schtuagerd, Bakery Frank - Schtuagerd (Bad Cannstatt) and Bakery Stritzelberger - Winterbach.
Laugewecke m.: special sort of rolls. The batter is dipped in alkaline before baking. Sounds disgusting, but is really delicious. Warning! Don't try to do this at home!
laufe vb.: walk; lauft nix! No way!.
le general dim. suffix (not limited to substantives; often giving a tender meaning) (s. Ärschle; Fläschle; Schteckle; sodele;Vierdele; Weckle).
Lebtag (Lebdag) m.: birthday; An moem ~ net! Never! (int.).
lecke vb.: lick.
Leich f.: funeral; Der hot a scheene ~ ghet. This funeral was fun.
Loederwägele (Loeterwägele) n.: open-framed handcart; (s. Handkarre).
Löffel m.: ear.
Lôle m. n.: man (woman) with lack of esprit.
lommelig adj. adv.: soft; unstable.
Lomp m.: cad; rogue.
Lompadier (Lumpedier, Lompedier, Lombadiehr) sw.; dim. ~le n.: swine; ~le sly devil (very tender).
Lompaseggl (Lumpaseggl) dim. ~le n.) sw. m.: fringed testicles; ~e sly devil (tender) (s. Granateseggl; Seggl).
Luckele f.: chicken.
Luckeleskäs m.: curd.
Luegebeidl m.: liar.
lumpf adj. adv.: soft; damp; moist; a ~e Brezl an old pretzel.
Luße f.: leisure; to be on the loose.


(dim. Måle) m.: man; Der isch en fix Måle. He's a tough guy.
mache vb.: do; Mach nåre! Hurry up!.
mai! (maih) adv.: more.
Malefiz! int.: darn you!
Malör (fr. malheur) n.: bad luck; mishap; misfortune.
mampfe vb.: eat.
Mansard (fr. mansarde) f.: attic; garret.
marod adj.: poorly; under the weather.
mau adj.: peculiar; sick; Mir isch ~ I feel sick.
Maul n.: mouth (s. Gosch).
maule vb.: speak ill of; scold (s. gosche).
Maultascha f.: kingsize ravioli (swabian specialty, see recepy 1/2).
mege vb.: want; like; be fond of; net ~ dislike; mechtsch au ebbes? would you like something, too?
meh adv.: more.
mei poss. pron.: (s. moe)
meim poss. pron.: (s. moem)
Mendich m.: Monday (s. Denschtig).
Mensch n.: 1. human beeing; 2. female person a) woman (gen.); Des isch a recht's ~ She's a hot woman b) mistress A ~ han to have a girlfriend.
mensch(e)le vb.: show weakness.
meuchelig adj. adv.: musty; mouldy.
mi pers. pron.: me.
miad adj.: tired (s. hondsmiad).
Migg f.: brake.
migge vb.: brake.
mi pers. pron.: me.
Millionedaggl m.: capitalistic dachshund; big cheese.
mir pers. pron.: we; us.
Mittich m.: Wednesday (s. Donnerschtig).
mo pron. interrog. where; ~ ane? (quo vadis?) reply: oimets na! anywhere!
m.: man; (s. Mensch).
Mobbedd (Mobbeed) m.: motorbike.
Mobbeddle (Mobbeedle) m.: small motorbike.
moe (mei) poss. pron.: my.
moem (meim) poss. pron. gen.: my.
moene (meine) vb.; poss. pron. 1. vb.: mean; 2.poss. pron. dat.: my.
moener (meiner) poss. pron. nom.: mean.
moleschdiere (fr. molester) vb.: disturb; bother; pester.
morge adv.: tomorrow.
morom adv.: why.
Moschd m.: (rough) cider (ca 8-9 % alkohol); sweet cider (ca 4-6 % alk).
moschde vb.: 1. preparing must; 2. destroy; I ben gmoschdet! I am down!
motze vb.: scold.
motzig adj.: refractory.
mr (mer) pers. pron.: 1. me; myself; 2. one; you; we; they, people.
Mugg (Muck) f.: 1. gnat; midge; fly; (all kind of flying insects except the biting ones; s. Schnåk); 2. brain; ~e im Kopf have brains; 3. mood; temper; whim; Des hat sei ~e circumstance; peculiarity; 4. zo.: Ophrys insectifera L.
Muddr f.: 1. mother; 2. wife.
Muggedreck (dim. ~le n.) m.: trifle.
Muggefuck m.: coffee substitute.
Muggeseggele (Muckesäckele) n: a fly's dick; less than nothing (a weng weniger wia a weng).
Mundharf f.: harmonica.


na adv.: in(to); ~ gange go in; ~ gange en go into; hold.
na-gucke vb.: look at; (s. nom-gucke).
nahagle vb.: fall (down) (s. hagle, rahagle).
nandrnoch adv.: step by step.
Narrekaschper sw.: Bill Clinton; Newt Gingrich (depending on one's political persuasion).
narret adj.: mad.
negscht adj. adv.: next.
nei adv.: 1. in; into; 2. pref. with certain verbs.
nemme (nemmer) adv.: no more; no longer; ~ dees formerly, things were better.(fig.).
net (neta, ed, edda, et, eta, it, ita) adv.: 1. not; no; 2. net beautyful.
nia adv.: never; no ~ never before.
Nillekäs m.: "Philadelphia" under the front skin.
nix nothing; no ~ not yet.
no adv.: still; yet; ~ amol once more; again; ~ ebbes? something else? ~ emr still; ~ net not yet; ~ nia never before; ~ oenr another; one more.
adv.: then; ~ woisches then you'll know.
noe (noi) no (s. hanoi).
noen(e) num. adj.: nine.
nom adv.: 1. (a)round; about; 2. pref. with certain verbs.
nonder adv.: 1. down; 2. pref. with certain verbs.
nom-gucke vb.: take a look; (s. na-gucke).
nom-lupfe vb.: lift across.
nom-schnappe vb.: go crazy.
nom-welle vb.: to want to go somewhere (a place which has previously been mentioned).
nonnefitzig adj. adv.: weird; odd; strange.
nuf adj.: 1. over there; 2. pref. with certain verbs; (s. dromme, na, nei, nom, nonder, nuf, omme, raa, rei)


o' general neg.: un- (s. o'vrmeidlich; o'vrnünfdig; o'vrschämt).
o'abbedidlich adj. adv.: unappetizing; distasteful.
o'agschbitzd adj. adv.: unsharpened.
o'agnähm (unangnehm) adj. adv.: unpleasant; awkward. (criteria of correct swabian pronunciation).
o'aschdendig adj. adv.: indecent; obscene.
o'bache adj. adv.: be off one's rocker.
O'ding (U'ding) n.: impossibility.
oe num. adj.: one; ~ Oi one egg; (criteria of correct swabian pronunciation); ~ Glied a) greek philosopher; b) one dick.
oech pers. pron.: you.
oaefach adj. adv.: simple; merely.
oege adj. adv.: peculiar.
oemacha vb.: preserve (fruit, vegetables).
oeneweg adv.: anyway.
Oekauf m.: buying.
oem (oim) pers. pron.: one.
oesoefe vb.: soap.
Öhmd n.: second mow (s. Hoe).
Oi n.: egg.
oimets (eimets, eimez) adv.: anywhere.
o'meglich (oomeglich) adj.: impossible.
om adv.: s. um.
omme adj.: 1. over there; 2. pref. with certain verbs; (s. dromme, na, nei, nom, nonder, nuf, raa, rei, ruf)
Omme f.: mouth vu..
ond and.
o'needig adj. adv.: redundand.
ons pers. pron.: us.
onser poss. pron.: our.
oonz pref. adj. 1. adj.: big; 2. pref.: ~-brudaal (sl.) increadibly big.
o'vrmeidlich adj. inevitable.
o'vrnünfdig (ovrninfdig) adj.: unreasonable.
o'vrschämt adj.: impudent.


packe vb.: 1. pack (my things); 2. grab; seize (s.o.).
Pada (fr. pendant) f.: counterpart.
päp s. phäp.
partu (fr. partout) adv.: absolutely; at all costs.
passierlich adj.: bearable; tolerable; passable.
Pedäderle (fr. peut-être) n.: equipment that perhaps works (lighter).
Pfaff m.: priest.
pfetze vb.: 1. pinch; 2. tear.
Pfitz-auf m.: 1. hot-head; 2. bakery-product of milk, eggs and flour; 3. powder, going up in flames.
Pfitzer m.: 1. s.o. who is always in hurry; 2. lunatic.
Pfnüsel m.: head cold.
Pforzhoem (Pforzheim) pr.n.: Home-of-the-farts.
Pfullinge (Pfullingen) pr.n..
phäp (bhäp) adj.: crammed.
pitschiere (fr. piteux) vb.: bring s.o. in a pitiful situation.
plärre (fr. pleurer) vb.: cry; weep.
Plafo s. Blafo.
Plochenga pr.n.: (s. Blochenga)
plotze vb.: thump.
Plümo (fr. plumeau) f.: feather bed.
press|iere (fr. presser) vb.: be urgent; i habs ~ant i am in a hurry.
probber (brobber) (fr. propre) adj.: neat; well cared; clean.


raa down (here); downstairs; von obe ~ down from above; ~ komme come down(stairs); von dr Alb ~ living in the swabian mountains; fig.: come down in the world; deteriorate.
Radelrutsch m.: treadwheel.
Rädle f.: small wheels; saure ~ potatos in sour sauce.
Ragall (fr. racaille) f.: quarrelsome woman.
rahagle vb.: fall down (s. hagle, nahagle).
räs adj.: sour; tart; (vine:) dry; sharp.
räsch adj.: 1. hard; brittle; crisp; a ~es Weckle a crunchy roll; 2. fresh; strong.
Ranze m.: belly; abdomen.
ratzeputz (fr. rasibus) adj. adv.: totally.
rauschig adj.: be drunken; be black.
Rebegräle n.: brushwood of vine.
recht adj.: in order; So isch's ~! That's the cheese!; Isch ihne des ~? Do you agree (with it)? (s. gschickt)
rei adj.: 1. over there; 2. pref. with certain verbs; (s. dromme, na, nei, nom, nonder, nuf, omme, raa, ruf)
Reitlenge pr.n.: Town on the Alb.
Remstal pr.n.: valley of river Rems.
Remis (fr. remise) f.: carport.
renne vb.: walk; (s. saue).
Riassl m.: nose (no charming expression, but tender in the dim. form Riassele).
Roegschmeckdr m.: stranger; immigrant (any non-swabian person, living in Swabia).
rom (rum) adv.: 1. (local) (a)round; ~ ond nom to and fro; ~ wie nom (s. g'hopft wie g'sprunge); 2. (temporal) about; 3. pref. with certain verbs.
rom-ackere vb.: plough.
rom-bäffzge vb.: grumble; moan about.
rom-boßle vb.: fiddle; tinker with (sth.).
rom-diftle vb.: work out; throw dice to decide (sth.).
rom-druckse vb.: 1. evade the issue; 2. creep around.
rom-dudle vb.: dawdle.
rom-flacke vb.: laze; loaf about.
rom-graple vb.: fumble; grope about.
rom-gruble vb.: poke about.
rom-hirne vb.: marter one's brain.
rom-hocke vb.: sit around.
rom-hudle vb.: work slovenly; (s. hudle).
rom-krebsle vb.: crawl (around).
rom-luge vb.: keep an eye open.
Rommel, Manfred pr.n.: the Wüstenfuchs' son, town mair of Schtuagerd, Swabia's capital.
rom-saue vb.: run around; (s. saue).
rom-schneckle vb.: kiss and cuddle.
rom-stracke vb.: hang around.
rom-tappe vb.: stumble around.
rom-triele vb.: trail around.
rom-wurschdle (rom-wurstle)vb.: mess around with sth.


s pron.: it; ~' isch halt so it is like that.
Sach n.: stuff (s. Zuigs).
sae vb.: be; exist.
sage vb.: say; Drom secht mr's ja em Guede! I didn't mean it!
Saifzr m.: 1. sigh; 2.fart.
sällweil adv.adj.: 1. meantime; 2. for this reason; because of this.
Samschdig (Samschdich) m.: Saturday (s. Sonndich).
Sapperlott! int.: Great idea!
Sau f.: pig; sow; hog (very popular swearword, for both sexes!); ~daggl pig-dachshund; ~kerle rogue; scoundrel; wie d' ~ pig-like.
sau- pref.; swabian sup.: very; ~mäßig extraordinary; ~mäßig schee absolutely beautyful; absolutely good (s. fr.: vachement beau).
sauber adj.: good; pretty; nice; good-looking; handsome.
Saudaggl m.: pig-dachshund (s. Daggl)
saudomm adj. adv.: 1. very stupid; 2. very clumsy.
saue vb.: run; wiedr ~ kenne be raised from illness.
Saugaude f.: big fun; (s. Gaude).
sauglatt adj.: 1. very slippery; 2. very peculiar; very funny; (s. glatt, fatzeglatt).
Sauhaufe m.: pile of pigs.
Säule n., f. 1 dim. of Sau; n.: small pig; 2. f.: column.
Saure Kuddle f.: sour guts (swabian speciality).
saumäßig adj. adv.: fucking good (fig.); (s. fr. vachement beau).
sch' pref.: it's. Short form of es isch Sch'abr et schee. It's no good. Sch'gnau gnug It is exactly enough. Sch'mir egal. I don't care. Sch'okay! Allright! Sch'net schlecht. It's not bad. Sch'nix danebe gange! Everything's allright! Sch'nordnung! Fine!
schaffe vb.: work.
schalu (fr. jaloux) adj.: jealous.
schasse (fr. chasser) vb.: chase away; kick (s.o.) out.
Schäslo (fr. chaise longue) f.: day-bed; divan.
schattig adj. adv.: cold; frosty.
schättre vb.: chatter.
Schätzle n.: darling (dim. of Schatz).
Schbülschdoe (Spülstein) m.: sink.
schechle vb.: stacking piles of hay upright in groups of 6-10 bundles (called Schoche) for drying out, before storing them (s. g'schochet, Schoche).
schee adj. adv.: beautyful.
scheibleweis adj. adv.: in slices.
Scheiß m.: shit; Des isch en schener ~! It's shitty!
Scheißhureglompdrecksmischdnochamol! m.: Shittyrubbishofabitchandcorruption! (cu.)
Schell f.: bell.
Schemele n.: stool.
Scheminee (fr. cheminée) n.: fireplace.
schempfe vb.: moan.
schener adj. adv.; comp.: more beautyful.
schenscht sup.: (the) most beautyful.
scheppre vb.: bang; S'hot g'scheppert! There was an accident.
scherre vb.: scratch; scrape.
Scheuer f.: barn.
Scheurepurzler m.: casanova.
schiergar adj. adv.: almost; nearly.
Schiff n.: small watertank in the stove.
Schlabbe (Schlappe) pl.: Schlabbe; m.: shoe; broete ~ tires.
Schlabbergosch dim.n.: Schlabbergeschle; f.: 1. windbag; talker; chatterbox; 2. typical swabian movement of the lips while speaking.
schlage vb.: beat.
Schlägle n.: 1. apoplexy; stroke; 2. light stroke (dim. of Schlag).
Schlamassl m.: mess.
schlambere (schlampere) vb.: hang around.
Schlamber m.: freak.
Schlauch m.: effort; exertion; (physical) stress.
Schlaule m.: sly devil.
Schlawack m.: slut.
schlenkere vb.: swing (around).
Schlepper m.: tractor; (s. Trecker).
schleunig adj. adv.: 1. quick; fast; swift; rapid; speedy ; Abr ~! Hurry up! 2. slowly; soft; gentle.
schlonzig adj.: sticky.
schlotze vb.: suck; slurp.
Schlotzer (pl. Schlötz) m.: 1. candy; (s. Bombole) 2. bot. Pulmonaria officinalis L. (s. Vierteles-Schlotzer)
Schmalzdaggl m.: slimy dachshund (s. Daggl).
schmiere vb.: smear; a'gschmiert fooled.
schmotze vb.: smear; scrawl.
Schnåk zo. f.: Culex pipiens; mid-european mosquito.
Schnitz m.: piece.
Schnitzbuggl m.: hump; hunchback.
Schnitzbrü f.: bad coffee; klar wie ~ as clear as daylight. (fig.).
scho already; ~ lang for a long time; ~ guad! all right!
Schoche m.: pile of hay (s. g'schochet, schechle).
Schocklaad m.: chocolate.
Schôf n.: sheep.
Schôfseggl m.: great idiot (use carefully!) (s. Granateseggl; Lompaseggl; Seggl).
Schoppe m.: half litre (official liquid measure until 1871).
schore vb.: dig up.
Schorle (Schorrle) n.: half vine, half water. Some people maintain, this would be the only way to drink swabian Semsekrebsler. They have no idea of swabian obstinacy.
Schorsch pr.n.: George.
schpachtle vb.: eat.
Schpädjohr m.: autumn; (s. Frihling, Sommr, Wenter).
Schpätzle (s. Spätzle).
Schteckle n.: stick.
schtemme vb.: be true or right; Des schtemmt fei! Believe me! Schtemmt so! Il resto e per lei!
schtenke vb.: 1. stink; 2. refl.: have enough.
Schtiage (Schtiag)f.: stairs; (s. Drepp).
Schtoi m.: stone.
Schtuagerd pr.n.: Stuttgart.
Schuier (Scheuer) f.: barn.
Schuireburzel (Scheureburzel) f.: somersault.
Schuireburzler (Scheureburzler) f.: 1. gipsy: 2. lunatic.
Schwabeländle n.: Swabia (tender).
Schwäbisch n.: swabian (language).
Schwäbische Alb f.: Swabia's high mountains (short form: Alb).
Schwäbisch Gmünd n.: Swabian Nazareth.
Schwäbisch Hall n.: Lounge City.
schwäb'scher Sex n.: contradictio in adiecto (Thaddäus Troll).
schwätze vb.: talk; chatter.
Schwätzle n.: small talk; (s. Gschwätz).
Schwob m.: Swabia's aborigines.
Schwoißfuaß m.: Sulla Bratke drums; Riedel Diegel bass; Didi Holzner guitar; Alex Köberlein guitar, vocals.; André Schnisa keybords.
sechs(e) num. adj.: six.
segsuell sexual; ~ wars en Seggl. He was a sexual flop.
Seggl m 1. nincompoop; Halb~ particularly offending for male inhabitants of Pforzheim; 2.testicles (s. Granateseggl, Lompaseggl; Schôfseggl).
sei poss. pron.: his; her.
selbig adj.: then; at that time.
sell pron.: the; this.
Sesselfurzer m. easy-chair-farting person.
Sempl m.: looser; (s. Bachl).
Sems m.: window-sill.
Semsekrebsler m.: sour vine (growing on a Kamerz under the Feaschtersems).
sia pers. pron.: you.
Siach m.: chiseler; (s. Tropf, Lomp, Fetz, Lôle, Hurasiach).
siedig-heiß adj.: very hot.
siibe num. adj.: seven.
sinniere vb.: think.
sodele adv.: here; there.
soene pron. poss. (~r) his.
Soech (Seich) m.: 1. urine; 2. idle talk; 3. rubbish.
Soef f.: soap.
solle vb.: shall.
Sommr m.: summer; (s. Wenter, Frihling, Schpädjohr).
Sonndich m.: Sunday (s. Mendich).
sott should (1. sg. ind. pres.: solle).
sotte indef. pron. such (s' gibt ~ ond ~, aber meh ~ wia ~).
Spätzle (Schpätzle, Spatze) f.: swabian spaghetti; "The Swabian's trial to imitate Italian pasta with their clumsy fingers." (Manfed Rommel) (s. Kässpätzle, Läberspätzle, Maultascha, Zwiebelkuche)
Spätzlesbrett (Spatzebrett) n.: wooden board for Spätzle-preparation.
Spätzlesschwob m.: kitchen utensil for the preparation of Spätzle.
Spreißel m.: splinter; shiver.
Städtle dim. of Stadt; n.: (small) town (tender; "Muß i denn zum Städtele hinaus" is not correct!).
Staffel dim. Stäffele; f.: (long) stairs; (especially in Schtuagerd: long pedestrian walks, coming down the hills; s. Drebb).
stracke vb.: lie.
Strambe (Schtrambe) sl.; f.: tram; (s. Straôßebô).
Strôß f.: street; (s. Gass).
Strôßebô f.: tram; (s. Strambe).
Strümpfelbach pr.n.: nylon-river; small vinegrower-village in the valley of Rems. Very little Roegschmeckde, a few excellent architects and a large number of swabian natives, which cultivate the vineyards around them (mostly Kerner and Trollinger, s. Semsekrebsler). The best croissants of entire Swabia are sold in the bakery Reinhardt, opposite the town hall.
Stückle n.: 1. garden, apart from the house; 2. pastry; A süaßes ~ fancy cake.
Suberladif m.: superlative.
subr adv.: super; great int.: very; ~guat sl.: very good.
suckle vb.: 1. suck; 2. spill; 3. nestle up to; (s. versuckle).
Suddrae (fr. souterrain) m.: basement.
sudle (sudele) vb.: scrawl; scribble;(s. versudle).
süffle vb.: sip; drink.
sumse vb.: buzz; hum, rush; dash.
sumsle vb.: buzz; hum.
süpfle (supfle) vb.: sip (at); drink a little.


T-Schirzle n.: T-Shirt.
Tabloo (fr. tableau) n.: tray.
tendala (tendle, tŠndle) vb.: play around with things.
Tascha f.: pocket.
Traible n.: currant.
Trecker m.: tractor.
triale vb.: trail.
Trialer m.: coward person.
Tropf m.: twit.
tuschur (fr. toujours) adv.: always; permanent; ongoing.
tutmemschos (fr. toute la meme chose) adj.adv.: abslotely the same.


übe adv.: on this side.
Übelhauser m.: spendthrift.
übelleidig adj.: unfriendly; unpleasant.
übere adv.: across.
überei adv.: 1. across country; 2. ~ sei out of mind.
überfrag|e vb.: asking to much; Da bin i ~t! I don't know the answer!
überhirnig adj.: exaggerated; thoughtless.
überkandidelt adv.: eccentric; extravagant.
uf (uff) prep.: 1. prep. dat.: (up)on; in; at; 2. prep. acc.: on; in; at; to; up; ~ (zu) towards; ~ Daetsch in Swabian language; ~ ond ab laufe walk up and down; 3. adv.: open; 4. int.: ~! up! 5. pref.: open
uffschtuhle vb.: put the chairs on the table (s. gschtuhled isch).
uf-heera vb.: 1. stop; 2. int.: ~! stop it!
uf-passe vb.: be attentive; look out; Uf-passe! Look out!
um adv. prep. A. as in common german sense 1. around; 2. about; 3. for; B. special use in Swabia 1. adv.: es isch ~ in a roundabout way; ~ ond ~ all around; all the way round; 2. prep. with acc.: A. local ~ de Weg sei nearby; stand by; B. modal, causal, temporal ~ e neu(es) afresh; ~'s Härle almost; nearly; Net ~ des. Not for this reason; ~'s Verrecke net never; not at all.
umburzle vb.: fall down (funny).
umhagle vb.: fall down (rough).
umkugle vb.: fall down (rolling).
umschlägig adj.: changeable.
umschucke vb.: knock (s.o.) over.
umschußle vb.: 1. trans.: to mess (up); 2. intr.: behave scatterbrained.
umtreibe vb.: 1. trans.: knock about; roam the streets; 2. intr.: misbehave.
U'ding (O'ding) n.: impossibility.
u'scheniert (oscheniert) adj.: 1. pass.: unbothered; 2. act. uninhibited.
Unterschlauf m.: shelter.
Urase (Uräse) f.: remains of a meal; (s. Durase).
Urfetz m.: swine.
Urhab m.: leaven.
Utschel m.: colt; filly.
uzeitig (unzeitig) adj.: 1. unripe; immature; 2. inconvenient.
Uzifer n.: 1. vermin; 2. scolding.


Vaddr m. father.
Vegele (pl. Vegele; n. bird.
Veigele n. violet.
verdrucke vb.: 1. eat; 2. sich ~ flee; run away; disappear; vanish.
verdruckt pp. of verdrucke 1. worthy; bourgeois; 2. repressed (a person).
verhunze vb.: bungle; botch.
verklopfe vb.: 1. thrash; 2. dissipate; squander.
verkuttle vb.: discuss; talk about.
verläbbre vb.: spill.
verluschtiere vb.: enjoy; amuse.
verscherre vb.: bury.
verschmotze vb.: smear; blur.
verschpachtle vb.: eat.
verschrecke vb.: frighten; scare; be frightened.
verseggle vb.: shrink someone for something.
versuckle vb.: spill.
versudle vb.: smear; blur.
vertrappe vb.: tread down; crush.
verzapfe vb.: tell; narrate.
verzwatzle vb.: despair.
verzwinge vb.: force; compel.
Vesper n.: brunch.
viere num. adj.: four.
Viertel n.: quarter; ~ viere quarter past three; (Typical swabian desription of time, similar to the filling of a glass. You don't say: a glass is half past empty, when you mean, the glass is half full.) (s. halber viere, dreiviertel viere).
Viertele (dim. of Viertel) n.: quarter (of wine).
Vierteles-Schlotzer m.: swabian vine-drinker; (s. schlotze).
Vierdele n. dim.: quarter of vine.
vorher adv.: a short while ago.


wa pron. interrog. what; ~ mach'sch ? What are you doing there?
Wae (Woe) m.: vine.
Waeblenga (Waiblingen) pr.n.: Town in the Remstal, about 15 kilometers from Schtuagerd.
Wäldle dim. of Wald; n.: wood; forest.
Waschlafor n.: washing basin.
Wäschschtoi m.: sink.
wearre vb.: become.
Weckle n.: roll.
Wefz(g) f.: sting.
weg-keie vb.: kick off; (s. keie, firre-keie).
Weinstadt f.: Winecity. Several villages, which have been separate until 1972: Beutelsbach, Endersbach, Großheppach, Gundelsbach, Schnait and Strümpfelbach.
welle vb.: want.
Wend m.: wind.
weng adj. adv.: some; little; (s. a ~).
Wengert m.: vineyard.
Wengerter m.: vinegrower.
Wenter m.: winter; (s. Frihling, Sommr, Schpädjohr).
werdich adj. adv.: on weekdays.
wia comp. interrog. 1. comp.: than; as; after neg.: but; 2. interrog.: how.
wiascht adj.: ugly.
wichdig adj.: important.
Wibele n.: shrinked biscuit.
wif (fr. vif) adj.: bright; clever.
Wirbelsäule f.: 1. small rotating