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Norn and Grendel Paradise

Vacations and Activities

Updated November 23, 1998

Please note that these are not ours (Spotling's). If you want to send your Norns to any of these schools or fun-filled places, please click on the links below. Also, please be sure to send a *copy* of your Norn in case something happens!

Rights for Grendels
The Magic of Creatures

Be Kind to Grendels!
Join the Club. Visit the Members Only Page.
Get Grendel Friendly and other COBs just for Grendels

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Rain Butterfly's Custom Creatures Graphics

Fill out the Order Form, and Rain Butterfly will create some beautiful Custom Creatures Graphics just for you.
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Normmy Carnival

Come one and all to the Normmy Carnival. It has food from vendors, lots of animals, no grendels, and tons of contests with prizes. Send not just one norn but mom and dad too(no pensioners that are about to die)! Before your norns leave they will see a humongous fireworks display (over 100 to be set off)! Win prizes for contests such as Find Princess Contest, Beauty Contest, Races, and many more. If possible please send in COB's that have to do with carnivals( still need slushie, "cat in the hat" hat, balloons, and others) with your norn.

The Magic of Creatures
Chamber of Life
School for Norns, Grendels and Ettins

Send in your favorite Creatures.
They will be put in a friendly enviornement with healthy food many fun toys and nice animals. They will be taught how to speak English, and most important of all they will learn to love and respect every living thing!
When their training is done they will be sent back to you with any kids they had.
Limit: 5 Creatures per person

Arthur's Newsletter

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Arthur's Vacation Land

Send your Norns to Arthur's Vacation Land so they can stay at a friendly world with no Grendels or weeds, lots of toys, many COBS, and animals (t-rex, doggy, deer, etc.). Arthur will send them back with any babies they might have had.
Click Here for Details

Alleykat's Albia

Alleykat's Wolfling Contest is now closed, but please come and visit the website.
Thank you, everyone, for your participation!

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