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Christmas Tree


Norn and Grendel Paradise

Holiday COBs

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Updated February 25, 1998
Same COBs...just new pictures

Jack-O-LanternJack-O-LanternShowerDecreases Need for Pleasure, Fear, Loneliness, and Sleepiness
Pumpkin PiePumpkin PieFoodProvides Reward, Starch, Glucose, Glycogen
Corn CobCorn CobFoodDecreases Need for Pleasure and Boredom; Provides Starch and Glucose
Nutcracker DollNutcracker DollShowerDecreases Need for Pleasure, Tiredness, Fear, Boredom
Candy CaneCandy CaneFoodDecreases Need for Pleasure, Hunger, Boredom, Anger
Angel DollAngel DollShowerDecreases Pain, Need for Pleasure, Loneliness, Fear

Snowcone Christmas Tree
Norn and Grendel Paradise
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