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Creatures 2 Paradise

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What's New?

Updated December 29, 1999

Please visit our Creatures Adventures and Creatures 3 pages.

Here's a pair of black and white Norns from Wiseman the genetics wizard. And here's a bunch of nice green Norns from Wiseman's new WHUP gene. There are 2 babies, 2 fertile grown ups, and a pregnant female.

Blanche the white Norn Blackie the black Norn The Whup Norns

Here are some pictures of our very first C2 Norn named Annie. Her facial expressions are absolutely amazing! She really lets us know exactly how she is feeling.

Annie Eat Annie Sad Annie Angry!
Annie Bored and Tired Annie Bibble Annie Extremely Angry!

Kazi's C2 Grendel

Jonny-O seriously scared

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