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Norn and Grendel Paradise

Class Numbers

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Here are the COB Class Numbers for our COBs. Most, but not all, are available on our site for download. We are using Species Numbers from 230 to 249. A few other COB authors have written COBs with the same numbers. DO NOT inject two COBs with the same Class Number into your Albia at the same time, otherwise the game might crash!

The red text indicates COBs in the 230-249 range written by other COB authors. If you know of any other COBs that might conflict with ours, please let us know right away. Thanks.

Visit Nutter's Creatures Page to get a more complete list of COB Class Numbers.

The parentheses mean that the .wav files come with the Creatures game, so you don't have to add them to the Sounds folder. Most of the COBs use drop.wav so we didn't list that one.

FamilyGenusSpeciesClass NumberCOBSpritesWave FilesAuthorComments
21 HandspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
22 ButtonspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
23 WaterspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
24 PlantspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
24 Plant23033875456RoserosewavSpotlingnot on website
24 Plant23133875712Strawberry 1.0strbwavSpotlingnot on website
24 Plant23233875968Pink ImpatienspnkmwavSpotlingcomments
24 Plant23333876224Strawberry 1.1stplwavSpotlingnot on website
24 Plant23433876480Four Leaf Clover PatchclovwavSpotlinggoes with Four Leaf Clover Leaf
24 Plant23533876736Four Leaf Clover LeafclvrwavSpotling goes with Four Leaf Clover Patch
24 Plant23633876992Bonsai TreebonswavSpotlinggoes with Bonsai Vendor
24 Plant23733877248COBsprwavSpotlingcomments
24 Plant23833877504COBsprwavSpotlingcomments
24 Plant23933877760COBsprwavSpotlingcomments
25 EggspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
26 FoodspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
26 Food23034006528Candy CanecanewavSpotlingcomments
26 Food23134006784Pumpkin PieppiewavSpotlingcomments
26 Food23234007040Corn CobcornwavSpotlingcomments
26 Food23334007296GumballgumbwavSpotlinggoes with Bubble Gum Vendor
26 Food23434007552Valentine CookievalcwavSpotlingcomments
26 Food23534007808Toast & StrudeltostwavSpotlingcomments
26 Food23634008064Easter EggestrwavSpotlinggoes with Easter Basket (Vendor)
26 Food23734008320Birthday CakesbcakwavSpotlingcomments
26 Food23834008576Peanut Butter & Jelly SandwichpbjswavSpotlingcomments
26 Food23934008832Wedding Cakewed2wavSpotlingGoes with Wedding Cake (Vendor)
26 Food24034009088Girl Scout CookiesgrlswavSpotlingnot on website
26 Food241classBig HeadsprwavWisemancomments
26 Food242classcobsprwavauthorcomments
26 Food243classcobsprwavauthorcomments
26 Food244classcobsprwavauthorcomments
26 Food245classStrawberry CakesprwavStefan Kuskecomments
26 Food245classBirthday CakesprwavD. Clementscomments
26 Food246classcobsprwavauthorcomments
26 Food247classFear InfusionsprwavA. Laemmlecomments
26 Food248classAntibodies 4-7sprwavA. Laemmlecomments
26 Food249classAntibodies 0-3sprwavA. Laemmlecomments
27 DrinkspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
27 DrinkspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
27 Drink230classSurge BottlesprwavDr. Smilecomments
27 Drink232classMountain Dew BottlesprwavDr. Smilecomments
27 Drink234classSnapple BottlesprwavDr. Smilecomments
28 VendorspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
28 VendorspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments
28 Vendor23034137600Bubble Gum VendorbgumwavSpotlinggoes with Gumball
28 Vendor23034137600Surge MachinesprwavDr. Smilecomments
28 Vendor23134137856Microwave OvensprwavSpotlingnot on website
28 Vendor23234138112FAX Machine 1.6faxafaxySpotlinggoes with FAX Form 1.6
28 Vendor23234138112Happy Juice MachinesprwavChris Aliottacomments
28 Vendor23334138368FAX Machine 3.0faxcfaxySpotlinggoes with FAX Form 3.0
28 Vendor23434138624Toy VendorsprwavSpotlinggoes with Toys
28 Vendor23434138624Snapple MachinesprwavDr. Smilecomments
28 Vendor23534138880Beanie Baby VendorbbnvwavSpotlinggoes with Beanie Babies and extra Sprite sets
28 Vendor23634139136Easter BasketbsktwavSpotlinggoes with Easter Eggs
28 Vendor23734139392Bonsai VendorbonvwavSpotlinggoes with Bonsai Trees
28 Vendor23834139648Wedding Cakewed1wavSpotlinggoes with piece of Wedding Cake
28 Vendor23934139904MailboxmailwavSpotlinggoes with Letters
28 Vendor240classFart Cheese VendorsprwavWisemancomments
28 Vendor24134140416COBsnkvwavSpotlingcomments
28 Vendor24234140672Drink VendordrkvwavSpotlingcomments
28 Vendor243classCOBsprwavauthorcomments
29 MusicspeciesclassCOBsprwavauthorcomments

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