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Norn and Grendel Paradise

Creatures Links

Updated May 10, 1999
Please e-mail us if any of these links don't work or if a site has moved. Thanks!

WebsiteWeb Master/MistressComments
Official Creatures WebsiteCyberLifeCreatures is THE BEST game ever! Go to this website for the latest news and updates.
Creatures 2CyberLifeVisit this site frequently to get the latest updates and patches.
Mindscape Creatures WebsiteMindscapeCreatures 2 news and screenshots.
List of Creatures WebsitesThe Original
Creatures Web Ring
We can't possibly list all of the Creatures Sites, so check out the Web Ring frequently. New sites keep popping up every day! See our Webrings page for more Creatures webrings.
Beowolf's HomepageAlexander LaemmleOnce you've tried Alexander Laemmle's BORG, COE, HoloDoc, and GenMan you'll wonder how you ever got along without them! (We haven't been able to get in for a while, but Alex assures us that he is alive and well.)
My Computer's Got a BrainSam & JoeYou MUST get the C1 cheats! They're wonderful! Also get the Weed Remover and Universal Remover to delete unwanted things from Albia.
Small Creatures COBs PageStefan KuskeGotta get the C2 Cheat Machine! C1 COI still available.
Slink's Burrow OnlineSandra LinkletterSome of the best C1 and C2 COBs and Creatures originate here. Terra Nornia is a whole new world for C1.
Norn UndergroundLummox Jr.Interesting commentaries and great COBs. Also get the COB Tutorials here and start creating your own COBs! Get the new COBComC2, bmp2s16, and NornPoseC2 and other helpful C2 stuff.
Out of My MindVikram MadanGet the Norn Ancestral Viewer so that you can do your own in vitro breeding in C1. Lots of other software, too.
The CavernMark BoehlerYou'll have so much fun with the Doggy, Bubble Wand, and Grubs. Lots of helpful C1 COBs such as the Grendel Button and Grendel Cage.
Matt and Wiseman's
World of Norns
Matt and WisemanDownload some super cool GEN files. Be sure to get the TROY, PEZZ, and DUDE gen files, plus the Coolio + PEZZ mix.(This site has moved to Nornopolis.)
Nornopolis CentralMatt and WisemanTake the Creatures Quizlet. Get some Norns and gen files, including Wiseman's famous genes. Read some Creatures stories. Share your favorite recipes.
Creatures Universecreated by S.K. Kalynuik
now owned by TazzMann
This is your one-stop website for most of the COBs available on the Net.
Age of AlbiaJohn MullDownload some Multilobed, Colorful, Undead, and Children of the Mind Norns. (Hasn't been updated in a while, but still has lots of great stuff.)
Life Kit #1Paul WintersNornaholics Anonymous has moved and is now dedicated to the new Ron and Forest Norns from LifeKit #1.
Creatures NapoleonPaul WintersPaul has been selected to be an Early Adopter for Creatures 2. Twins .sfc coming soon.
Creatures Meet the PokemonPaul WintersThe newest site by Paul Winters features *cute* Pokemon graphics.
SteerPike's Albian Fun House and Pandemonium Shadow ShowSteerPikeGet fabulous C1 and C2 COBs at the Fun House and see some creative genius at the Pandemonium Shadow Show. Read SteerPike's biting criticism of C2 in the Fireside Rant.
Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures
One of the Best C2 sites!
FrimlinWow! Super COOL C2 Creatures! Such great colors! You gotta see the Electric Norns and Virian the purple Grendel. Excellent C2 COBs. Updated frequently so visit every day! Great C1 stuff, too.
Creatures StuffDavid ChessHasn't been updated in a while, but if you are a new Creatures fan, there are some helpful FAQs to get you started.
Norn Holiday
(formerly The Santa Project)
Greg PoehleinGet the sprites and body data for all stages of male and female Santa Norn and female Bunny Norn life cycle. New! Baby Grendel!
The Palace of the Evil Shee
formerly Hippy Norns Hangout
Lis MorrisHippy Norns Hangout has a new look, a new name, and a new URL...but still has the same great stuff, and more. Get the sprites and body data for the Grorns and Hippy Norns here. Lis has been working with Slink to create Terra Nornia. Also get the new male Shee and Pensioner Grorns. Female Shee coming soon! Some helpful C2 COBs to keep your Norns healthy.
Gene PoolPool Shark and Rude DogLots of neat things to see, including some original COBs and really wierd Grorns.
Creatures Great and SmallDee SteevesThis was a cool site with lots of great animated graphics, but sadly the site has closed down because too many people were stealing the graphics and sending nasty e-mail. It takes a lot of hard work to build and maintain a website, so please be nice when you visit.
Dark Lair
site has closed or moved?
KaziPlease visit this great site. Take a look at the Norn with an itch and see what happens if your Norn drinks too much coffee! heeheehee!
The Albian RainbowRain ButterflyRead about the myth of the Albian Rainbow and find out the true meaning of "boop". Rain Butterfly can also create custom Creatures graphics for your site.
Nightshade's Creatures Testing Ground NightshadeDownload some of Nightshade's favorite Norns. Send her some of your Norns. Help out with the Newsletter.
Kyla's Creatures PageKylaSend your Norns and Grendels to a Vacation Resort. If you are a new Creatures fan, read some of Kyla's Hints and Tips to help get you started. If you want a particular kind of Norn or Grendel, send her a request and she will e-mail it to you. Get some of Kyla's new COBs.
Markham's Norn Land
Bookmark this new URL
Markham CarrollPlease visit this cool site! Nice graphics! There are COBs, Creatures 2 Info, and Links. Get the new Dwarf Norns! Join the new Creatures 2 Nornring.
Meg's CreaturesMeaganMeagan is a friend of Kyla, and these two pals each have their own Creatures websites. Norns, COBs, Breeding Resort, Norntown Journal and more.
Creatures ComfortMari & Janne SoderbergGet the PlayNorn magazine (for mature Creatures only!) and the Outhouse COB if your Creatures gotta "go". Also get tips for sprite editing to alter your Albia.
Siobhan's Norn and Grendal Express SiobhanCreatures and COBs to download, a list of mutations, and Creatures 2 pictures. Does your Creature need a vacation? Send it to the Vacation Land of your choice.
NornywoodAnitaLots of Norns named after TV show characters. Get some COBs, adopt some Norns, and visit the travel agency.
The Matt ProjectDanGet the male bunny Norn, Matt with the Hat. Also get some original new COBs.
Creatures JungleFreyaGet some new COBs like the new Carrot Patch or the Edible Sunflower. Bake a pumpkin in the oven. A very informative Genetics page shows which genes have mutations. Hex Editing Tutorial and colorful C2 Norns to download.
Creature Italiane
GiovanniA great site in both Italian and English. This site has moved and is even bigger and better than before.
Creatures 2 AlbiaringGiovanniJoin this Webring if you have a C2 site. Or click on "List Sites" to visit some C2 sites.
UnBelmont's Creatures ClubPerryPhotos, downloads, links,...more coming soon.
Albia 2000Alastair MaggsSuper Cool Site! Visit the Toby Simpson Shrine. Find out what your friends look like - see their photos on the "Who's at" page. News about Creatures 3 and Creatures Adventures. Spriglysium Nebula for C2 coming soon!
Norns and FriendsNornMan and NornloverFind out about Creatures and Creatures 2, take a look at some pictures, win an award, visit *lots* of webrings.
Norns and Friends IINornMan and NornloverBe sure to visit this new Creatures 2 site. Will be updated often so visit again soon.
Norns ExtravaganzaWELots of Creatures stuff. Get an e-mail pal. Updated frequently so visit often.
Benz HomepageBenjiHome of four new breeds: The Coolio, Ouch, Gilligan, and Falling Norns.
Where's the COB?JWALK6If you love COBs you must visit this site! A complete list of just about every COB ever created and links to the sites where you can download them. Updated frequently, so be sure to bookmark it and visit often.
DeGeneration N
New URL...again
MannkindLots of original new COBs. Get a bunch of South Park toys for your Creatures, new kinds of Albian Beetles, a Blowgun, Camera, Chef Doll, Bread Vendor, and many more. New C2 COBs and Creatures.
Several of Mannkind's C1 COBs have the same Class Numbers as ours. Please get them because they're really great, just DO NOT use both at the same time!
Bibble's Creatures WorldBibbleVisit this site for some new COBs. Get the Sponge, Fountain of Youth, Parakeet, Bouncing Cabbage, some shelves, and more.
The Norn HospitalDr. SmileSend in your sick Norns, and Dr. Smile will nurse them back to health and return them to you. Also get some new COBs like the Rabbit doll, Cotton Candy, Candied Apple, lots of soda, Yellow Idae (insect) and an Elephant.
Several of Dr. Smile's C1 COBs have the same Class Numbers as ours. Please get them because they're really great, just DO NOT use both at the same time!
Ping's NornsPingIf you have been to the Creatures Newsgroup you know the irrepressible Ping! The Creature community is fortunate to have someone with such wit and humor.
Mman's Norn PageMmanGet some COBs with unusual graphics, like the Iceplant, Fireweed, Breeder Plant, Smiley Plant, Rainbow Plant. New C2 Norny Doll COB. C1 and C2 Norns and spliced Creatures to adopt.
Library AlbiaSnickersLots of Creatures Stories grouped by author or by title.
The Rise of Norn CivilizationElizabethHistory Buffs, this site is for you. You will find Cave Norns, Hunter-Gatherer Norns, Mesopotamian Norns, Greek, Egyptian, and Amazon Norns, Norns from the Middle Ages, and more. Also read the story, Frankenstein.
Norn WorldMelissaA little bit of everything: Norns, COBs, hospital, chat, cheats, info, and more.
Bastian Schiebenerīs Creatures SiteBastian SchiebenerA nice new site in German with Norns and COBs to download. More coming soon.
The Magic of CreaturesMaster ApprenticeSend your Creatures to the Chamber of Life school. Get some Norns, Grendels, Ettins (Yes, Ettins!) and original COBs. Join Rights For Grendels (RFG). New! C2 Norns and COBs!
Monika's CreaturesMonikaIn English and German. Lots of Norns and Grendels to adopt. Cool COBs. Also visit Monika's Homepage to see a cute dinosaur!
The Ettin LaboratorySvennAn all Creatures 2 site. C2 creatures to adopt, COBs, utilities, hints, tips, and secrets.
Creature WorldWicked PonyNorns Are Cool! More coming soon.
Norn LandsAmandaThere are several different Norn Lands to choose from. Your Norns can learn about Albia, make friends, find a mate, or take a vacation. Disabled Norns are also accepted. You can even have a new Norn to care for so that you will not miss your own Norn too much while it is away.
Cathy's PageCathyYou can get some cute Norn couples at this site.
Grennorn's Creatures PageGrennornSend your sick Creatures to the hospital. Get some COBs. C2 and Vacation World coming soon.
Albian Post OfficeSpider NornLots of very original stuff at this site! Get some collectable Creatures stamps, order custom photos of your favorite Creature from Albian Mills, sign up for Creatures pen pals, and more.
The Norn Adoption ClinicHelenA HUGE site with a little bit of everything...C1 and C2 Creatures to adopt, some original COBs, a list of ICQ numbers, FAQ machine, and more. *Enter to win Creatures 2!*
NORNGod's NORNManiaDrew StyringSuper Cool graphics! Very informative C1 FAQ page and a lot of very helpful C2 reference information such as a map, list of chemicals, table of animals, guide to Power-Ups, how to use the Gene Splicing Machine, list of available C2 Utilities, and more. There are also C2 Norns, COBs, and spliced Creatures.
BRFBradNorns to adopt and some great COBs for C1 and Terra Nornia. Get the Ferris Wheel! Jigsaw Puzzles, too!
Haunted Creatures Shack
One of the Best C2 sites!
SpiritA wonderful site with many original C1 and C2 COBs. So much great stuff!
The Creatures RealmPsychicC1 and C2 sections. Get secrets for creating immortal C1 Norns and some special C1 Norns for those of you who don't have C2.
Your SiteYour NameHey, everybody! Visit this site!
Best Friend's SiteBest Friend's NameWhat a Great Site!
Favorite SiteTalented Author's NameTerrific Creatures Site!

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