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I've been married to Gary for almost 25 years, and we have a son,  Corey, who just turned 24.  We have three Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) that are like our babies and two cats,  One has two names; I named him Buster and Corey named him Scooter, but honestly I don't think he knows the difference, lol.  He does think he rules the house when we let him in.  The other is Skitty, who's pretty old now.


I was born in Foley, Alabama and lived in Silverhill till I was about four months old, then Fairhope in Baldwin County until I was six when we moved to Mobile. I was born with hereditary cataracts and developed strabismus and amblyopia in my right eye. These conditions were not corrected at an early age as they should have been.  I attended the Alabama School for the Blind in Talladega for five years. The school was 320 miles from my home so I stayed in a dorm and went home twice a year. Then we moved to Mississippi where I attended the Mississippi School for the Blind until graduating in 1972. I was a Braille student throughout school and picked print up on my own. At age 18, I had my first cataract surgery and my vision was improved from 20/400 in my left eye to 20/60.  I only "count fingers" in my right eye and am still considered severely visually impaired.  I learned to drive in my early 30's, but don't anymore.  It makes me nervous (just imagine what it does to other people.)   Whne my son has to take me somewhere, he (affectionately) refers to it as "driving Miss Daisy."

I've owned my own computer since 1987, and most of my hobbies and volunteer activities center around computers. One of my hobbies used to be collecting free graphics from artists on the web. Now I make my own.  I used to look at them and think, "Man I wish I could do that." I thought there was no hope since I am artistically challenged (I can't draw a stick man and playing Pictionary with me is a real challenge). But with some neat clipart and picture tubes, tons of filters, and tutorials using Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact, I've created a sizeable collection since 1997 and aded them to this site for you to see and download to use on your home page.  They are at Cape Jasmine Designs, and my genealogy graphics are at Barbara's Bordered Backgrounds. There are also some sets that include buttons and bars.  If you use any of these backgrounds, I'll add a link to your page on the list of sites using my graphics.  A good many are outdated now, but hopefully I can add some new ones to take their place.  So much to do...so little time.

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I worked for a sheltered workshop  for the blind for 5 years until near the end of September  2000.   In fact, I worked for the company a total of ten years over time starting out working in assembly for two years making brooms and mops back in the 1970's just out of high school.  Having excellent typing, grammar, and organizational skills, I asked for the opportunity to work in the office and was eventually transferred to the Contributions Department where I worked for nine months before taking a job in Medical Records in a rehabilitation hospital in a large city and commuting 60 miles a day.  I later went back to work there in the Rehabilitation Department.   Gary and I met there in 1979 and married in 1981.  He is still employed there as a Director of Manufacturing and Satellite Operations for nine locations in Mississippi.

In the last five years I worked for them, I developed their web site and maintained it for four years until a merger in 2000.  The new company decided they wanted to incorporate the web site into their own so it was deleted.   While there, I worked in Manufacturing, Communications, Grants, Human Resources, and Sales as a graphics designer and research analyst.   I also developed a company Intranet, which is also defunct.  Other work experience includes medical transcription for a national insurance adjusters company, an outpatient rehabilitation facility of a large rural hospital, and a pain management physician.

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cjd_elegant_lady1_sb.jpg (9489 bytes)  


In June of 2000, I got the "writing bug" and started writing some autobiographical fiction.  Click here to view an expression of thanks to the members of a writing group I belonged to who read and critiqued my writing including the first draft of a 33 chapter manuscript that was written in a little over a month and never finished.  In March 2001, I entered a Flash Fiction contest at WriterOnline after encouragement from friends in a writing list I belonged to and was one of the ten runners up.  In case you don't know what flash fiction is, it's a very short story (length varies from 50-1000 words) that has a beginning, a middle, and a surprise ending.  This was my first true flash fiction piece. 

Roleplaying games/collaborative writing, genealogy, history (especially the antelbellum era and Souther history in general), music (love oldies classic rock and pop lately I never liked when it was popular; always liked country), movies, and reading.  I watch very little TV except Criminal Minds and occasional some of the other shows like CSI, and Without a Trace when I can remember.  Favorite comedies are Becker and Everybody Loves Raymond.

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cjd_elegant_lady1_sb.jpg (9489 bytes)  

Holunteer Projects:

I continue to volunteer as a coordinator for USGenWeb, a national genealogy project made up of mostly volunteers.  My affiliation with this project started in 1996.  I've given up all my counties except MS Unknown County.  I'm list owner of the Wagnon Surname mailing list at RootsWeb.  My genealogy graphics (Barbara's Bordered Backgrounds) are used by various states and counties affiliated with USGenWeb as well as by individuals.  Unfortunately, I haven't created much of anything new for use by others in a very long time.


©Graphics created by me.  Please leave them here.  Thank you.

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