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Name : Chew Chor Meng (Zhou Chu Ming) ?

Pet Name : Bao Bei ? (precious)

Date of Birth : 20th November

Current Height & Weight : 60 kg, 173 cm

Childhood Ambition : Nurse or Teacher

Hobbies : Jogging, Reading, Thinking

People He Respected Most : His Mother

People He Disliked Most : Petty People

Best Asset : Natural & not artificial

Present Status : Single ( but I heard that he's getting married! )

Goals : To be a Bus Conductor because when he was young, he was very poor and to him, taking a bus was a luxury. So he always wanted to be a bus conductor who gets to travel to all parts of Singapore without having to pay a single cent!

Ideal Car : Jaguar

Claim To Fame : First male to win a Star Search title in 1990. He also collaborated with stars like Deborah Li ( Patrick Tse's ex-wife) and Carina Lau in a Hong Kong-made contemporary serial.

Debut Serial : The Last Swordsman ?һ

How He Described Himself In Two Words : Warm and Approachable

Colours : Pastel Colours

Food : All local food especially rojak and laksa

Co-star, Why?: Zeng Huifen, because he felt comfortable acting with her.

Telemovie : Romance In The Seventh Month . It's a character with depth and because he had few lines, he had to use his eyes to act.

Kind of People : Sincere and Simple

Shows In Which He Acted : The Last Swordsmen, The Future Is Mine, Angel of Venegance, Young Justice Bao, The Valiant One, Witty Advisor, Romance In The Seventh Month, Embroidered Banner, The Teochew Family, Don't Worry, Be Happy, Unbeatables II, Santa,
The Happy Ghost, Crimes And Tribulations, Immortal Love, The New Adventures of Wisely, Riding The Storm, etc...

Shows He Has Hosted : Chew On Eight, Now You Know, City Beat, Star Search 1995
and the Lunar New Year specials

Upcoming Serial The Swordsman

Most Popular Role : Chen Xiaogui in " Immortal Love "

Most Recent Role : You Ri An in "Wok of Life"

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Flame Awards: Dude of the Year 1996
-- Flame Awards: Dude of the Year 1997

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Sorry for the amount of words on this page, but I couldn't help it as there was too much information on him, and I wanted to put eveything down.

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