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Welcome to the " Unofficial Website of Chew Chor Meng " ! This website was originally known as " The Unofficial Homepage of Chew Chor Meng " and was set up about two years ago during the December School Holidays. Since then, many people have come to visit the homepage, showing their support for Chew Chor Meng, one of TCS' most popular male artiste.

This website has been revamped and given a new look. A more sophisticated look, which I hope would be more appealing to you, the surfers and fans. For all you fans of Chew Chor Meng out there, please continue to show your support for him. And for those who are just curious about this versatile male artiste, this website may just entice you to become a fan of Chew Chor Meng.

Please bookmark this website and come back often to check out the latest stuff, be it news, photographs, downloads or personal profile, as this website is always being updated as regularly as possible. Last but not least, enjoy your visit to this lively and interesting website! Do remember to sign the guestbook before you leave.

If you have any queries or comments about the website, please email them to me. I will be most willing to receive your emails on how to improve this website

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The website has been awarded with the E! Online Choice Website Award!!!

The Cyber Newstand Has Been Updated !
Fresh from the Life Section of The Strait Times... More on Chor Meng's wedding on 27th of March (Next Monday)

Just A Little Notice
Just to tell you that next week's I-weekly(23/03/2000) will feature Chor Meng on the cover page... Remember to grab a copy of it! If you're overseas and can't get a copy, don't fret... I'll scan the photo spread inside and put it on the web. Look out for it!~

The Website Has Gotten An Award !
The website has been awarded with the DHead Hunter's Quality Site Award!!!

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