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~*Why I Love Teddie Bear's*~

I've enjoyed Teddie Bears all my life.
They are soft,cuddly,warm,cute,
Squeezeable,loveable , hugable.
Little ones fall asleep better at nite
Cuddling one of them.

They my Sick children heal better with them.
It will make you smile
when your given one for a gift.

There are brown ones, beige ones,
purple ones,pink ones,
white ones,cream ones,
blue ones,and green ones.

Their are girl ones,boy ones,
baby ones and silly ones
Some have dresses, some have tresses some have slacks,
some have hats.
You can collect them
or you can share them.
But you will always love them!

~I hope you like my pages...
And please come back anytime...

~ Welcome The New Millennium ~

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