John Slaven
ca. 1723-??

John Slaven landed in NY in 1740 at age 17. He enlisted 15 July 1746 in Sussex County, DE, in King George II's War (Delaware Military Archives, Vol. 1, Page 5).

The O'Slevin family allegedly descends from Colla DeCrioch, a very early Irish king (See More Irish Families by Edward MacLysagt). John O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees traces the family back to Adam.

In the counties of Armagh, Donegal and Tyrone, Ireland, the name is spelled O'Slavin, O'Sleavin, O'Sleivan, O'Slevin, O'Slammon, O'Sclevin, Slamon, Slavin, Slevine and Slevin. The immigrant spelled it Slavens. His children, Slaven.

b. ca. 1723; m. Elizabeth Stuart (1748, Augusta Co., VA - LDS A 471427-0045/ made 18 Nov 1966); d. ??.  Children:
  • Comfort, b. 3 Nov. 1751; m. William Higgins; d. 1847
  • William, b. 3 Jun 1753; m. Nancy Ingram
  • Elizabeth, b. 10 Feb 1755; m. Abraham Ingram
  • Naomi, b. 30 Jan 1758; m. John Galford
  • John, (See below.)
  • Isaiah, b. 12 Jun 1762; m. 1-Martha Stuart 2-Mrs. Barbara Leaton of KY; d. 28 Jun 1843
  • Reuben, b. 10 July 1763; m. Sally kinnison; d. 15 Feb 1839
  • Daniel, b. 1764; moved to TN in 1795
  • Stuart, b. 1765; m. Isabelle Johnson; d. 19 Jul 1833
  • Henry, b. 1767; m. Elizabeth Houchin; moved to Pike County, OH
John Slaven

John Slaven II was a noted Revolutionary War soldier, hunter, and trapper. He and his wife moved to the head of Jackson's River in Pocahontas County to their farm, "Meadowdale."

b. 10 Apr 1760, Augusta Co., VA; m. 1- Elizabeth or Sarah Wade 2-Elizabeth Warwick (30 Jul 1789); d. 10 May 1842, Pocahontas Co. (W)VA.   Children:

John/Elizabeth Wade:

  • John

John/Elizabeth Warwick:

  • Sallie, m. --- Dinwiddie
  • Priscilla, m. Joseph Wooddell Jr.
  • Anna, m. Patrick Bruffey
  • Mary, (See below.)
  • Margaret, m. Samuel Ruckman
  • William, m. Margaret Jane Wooddell in 1819
  • Jacob Gillespie, m. Eleanor Lockridge
Mary Slaven Wooddell
? - 1843

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m. John Wooddell (23 Mar 1820); d. 9 Jan 1843; lived in Pocahontas County (W)VA.  Children:
  • Elizabeth, m. Andrew Bird
  • William Joseph, b. 1823; m. 1-Caroline Yeager 2-Nancy Burner 3-Mattie Gum
  • John Stewart, m. Mary Summerville; moved to Ritchie County, (W)VA
  • Mary Jane, m 1-John Ruckman 2- --- Wilson
  • Jacob Slaven, b. 15 Jun 1829; m. Nancy J. Pugh; d. 11 Mar 1900.
  • Margaret Priscilla, m. John Randolph Slaven; moved to Missouri, then to Pocahontas County
  • Nancy Ann, m. Lafayette Burner
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