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He who would have beautiful roses in his garden,
must have beautiful roses in his heart.
He must love them well and always.
He must have not only the glowing admiration,
the enthusiasm, and the passion,
but the tenderness, the thoughtfulness,
the reverence and the watchfulness of LOVE



~Poems & Stories Of Inspiration~

The River
The Handwriting On The Wall
The Cracked Pot
Eight Gifts
 A Wish
The Ripple Effect
 The Starfish
Landscape Of Life
 Ugly The Cat
 Dare To Dream
Your Garden
I Tried To Climb A 
Mountain Today
 What We Can  Learn From 
A Dog
 Wisdom For The Road
What Is Hope
Little Eyes Upon You
 Just Playing
Reach For Your Star
           By: Nancye Sims   J
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
All Because You Smiled
A Rose Within
A Glass Of Milk
 Believe In Yourself
 Take Some Time

~Poems For Comfort & Healing~
In Loving Memory Of My Father
If I should never see another miracle, my father's love will have been enough.
Please take a moment to visit my tribute web site to my Father
~A Tribute To Troy B. Watson, Sr.~

When You Feel Lonely 
(For Those Who Have Lost A Loved One)
Letter Of Love
(For Those Who Have Lost A Loved One)
One Day At A Time
Your Pet's In Heaven
The First Steps
~ Morning Will Come ~
In Loving Memory Of Aimee
(For those who have lost a child)
Comes The Dawn
Don't Look Back
(To those who have made a difference)
 All Things Happen For A Reason
 This Can Be A Time Of Growth
Understanding Grief
The Beauty Of A Rose
Life's Journey
There's Talk Of Angels
 I Hope You Dance
(Dedicated to those who suffer with the pain of depression)

Please Take A Moment To Visit "Mothers With Angels~To Touch Your Heart & Soul"
A loving and caring site for those who have lost a child.

For Online Grief  Support, Click On The Banner Below

In Loving Memory Of GROWW's Founder ~ Judy Divers
You will always be in our hearts, mind and soul.



~Poetry By Bob Macchia~

A Dedication & Beautiful Gift
The Lady Who Is 
An Inspiration To All
Bob, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I thank God for your loving support and friendship.
A Cross To Bear
~ A poem of faith~
 Poetry By Bob Macchia
Take A Stroll Through Bob's New Web Site

Help For A Dear Friend

This is where a petition for funding Alzheimer's and Other Dementia's is located.
It is so important to me now, that people learn about this and sign.
Maybe with funding they can make a breakthrough. Click image above
Love Donna


~Poems & Stories Of Faith & Angels~

Let brotherly love continue.  Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares..... Hebrews 13:1,2 RSV

My Angel
God's Embroidery
The Day I Met Daniel
Rudy's Angel
(a touched by an angel story)
God's Chair
The Story Of Your Life
The Best Day Of My Life
 The Cricket
  How Could I Ask For More
An Angel In Your Pocket
~ By Ginny Ellis~
There's Talk Of Angels
Oh, Great Carpenter
 The Fruit Of The Spirit
The Perfect Church
 I'm A Winner Either 
Way I Go
by: Tammy  Musser
 Heavenly Father
by: LilyByStarlight 


~Expressions Of Love~

Treasure the love you receive above all.
It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished

 In Marriage
I Loved You Enough
(From Parent To Child)
 To The Man I Love
A Mother's Love
The Magic Of Love
Things Parents Learn
To My Sister With Love
(Sister to Sister)
Heart Song
An emotional story of everlasting love between father & daughter
 Touch Me
A poem about the power of touch throughout our lives
Daddy's Hands
Love, Meet Me Half Way
Loves Promise

Success has always been easy to measure
It is the distance between one's origins and one's final achievement

You Did It!


A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship,
and he who plants kindness gathers love

Our Friendship
Let's Never Let Go Of Our Friendship
My Special Friend
 (For Kids Of All Ages)
My Friend
(Nice For Your Dear Internet Friends)
Best Friends
(Girlfriend To Girlfriend)
Lord, Bless My Computer
(online friendship)


Fun Birthday Greeting For Kids 
Of ALL Ages
  Today I Am Wishing
    Sentimental Greeting

 ~ For Kids & Parents In Sports~

Softball By Smitty
Story with a message for parents of 
any youth athlete



~Just For The Holidays~

Jingle Bells Arizona Style
A fun and snappy sing along
Hope you can sing fast! J
May You Always Have 
An Angel By Your Side
At Christmas
A heartfelt sentimental Christmas wish!
A New Years Wish
Welcome to the year 2001
The Legend Of 
Saint Valentine
Dear Valentine
He Gave His Life For Us
 ~Easter Special ~
My Mother
~Mothers Day Special~
Happy Father's Day
Includes Erma Bombeck's Story Of How Fathers Were Created
~Happy Independence Day~


Some Of The Best On The Net

Please take a moment to visit "The Healing Tree Of Life" web site.
Perhaps "YOU" can make a difference in the lives of Seniors in need




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