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...Meet Daisy...

Cutest Hound in The West!



...and J.R. (pronounced "Jay Are")

Fastest Fetcher in the West (Black Labrador)

These dogs are an important part of our family. JR is a nine year old Labrador, all around good guy...and Daisy is five. She's part coonhound (Bluetick and Walker) and part Catahoula. JR has taught her everything he knows--fetching, gofer hunting, and bird chasing. Daisy has taught JR a thing or two herself...kitty hunting, counter snacking, and how to get away with sleeping on the couch because you're just too cute to get in trouble for it! (He still hasn't become a believer though...and he still can't say "arrrrooooou!")

Annie is the newest member of the family. As of May 2001 she is two years old. Annie is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, and such a personality!! Annie's former humans couldn't keep her anymore, so she came to live with us. She has fast become a beloved member of the family.

Daisy on sofa.
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