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Jared is 24 and married now, Mandy is 21. You probably noticed their picture on your way here. He works in construction and Mandy is a cosmetologist.

Jared's major in school was poultry science, so he's kind of the chicken guru of the family. (Every family should have one!) Some friends call him "McChicken" instead of McCutcheon...though to the family, he's known as "Bear."

Jared & Daisy snoozing in mom's chair.
Peetie the Cockatiel on Jared's foot
High school graduation picture.

JR and the 4 x 4

Chickens on the Web

Colombian Wyandott chicken.

Barred Plymouth Rock (or "Barred Rock") chicken.

Silver Laced Wyandott chicken.

Silver Spangled Hamburg chicken.

NetVet Bird Page

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