May 8, 1999

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I have added links to things that I find interesting...

A link to the Mayo Clinic

A link to the Health Clinic

A link to the Family Internet

A link to my Rings Page!

And a Scan Radio Page!

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I Have Made Some

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I have Lots of Orphans up for Adoption!

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[New Baby]

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Take a Rainy Day Puddle Jumper To Splash around!

Adopt a Little Tumble Bear To Keep you busy!

Here's a Baby Girl Bear To Adopt!

Adopt a Bunny Baby

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I Have some Baby Girls up for adoption!
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Check out my Party Animals Help yourself to some!

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I Have some Baby Cyber Teddies up for adoption!

Here's a Little Orphan With a face you can't resist!

Some Baby Cyber Kitties Need to be adopted!


Or...Take Home a Little Web Crawler!


And I have adopted some Cyber Critters myself!


Some links to Great Reading!

USA Today

People Online

Toronto Sun Online

National Geographic Online

News Works



The Candle Light Vigil, Across The Internet, For Violence Against Women.


Here are some fun places to visit!






Take a minute to help find a Missing Child

And Here [Missing]


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