Hello And Welcome To My Archived Guestbook #1!
Unfortunately, I lost many of my previous entries when
I had to re-initialize. These are the latest.

TOMMY BUTLER - 01/03/00 13:59:03


Eddie Ingram - 01/01/00 13:16:57
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Hi Marilyn. Beautiful site. You have made a great job of it. Thanks for visiting my page. Hope you have a Great New Year and New Millenium. All the Best from Inverness in Scotland.

Kim - 12/29/99 06:36:56
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Wow, when I find pages like this I feel humbled. Your page is a homepage masterpiece and I am glad I found this page. Please visit my little piece of the web whenever you have the time! Please Sign My Guestbook!

My homepage is about Oregon, Teenagers, Autism, My Family and Just Plain Fun.

Michael - 12/28/99 02:02:36
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Hi Marilyn,
Christmas Greetings from sunnyTrinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago
Thank you for stopping by and signing my Guestbook
It's my pleasure to return the favour!
You have very beautiful orchids, and a great webpage.
Best Regards ... Have a nice day

Kirsi - 12/27/99 11:09:55
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Greetings from gray and wet Finland ! I liked the poetry you had here :)

Jon - 12/26/99 17:33:22
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Come to visit this site often.

Brian - 12/23/99 16:03:41
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Enjoyed visiting your site. I'll be sure and try to visit again. Feel free to visit my web pages (Varmits, Planes and Stuff) for Animals, Nature Pics, Aerospace and good links - All content OK for family entertainment. Best wishes Bnuts40

Bjørnar - 12/22/99 08:27:10
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Hi! Enjoyed my stay here.

- 12/21/99 05:11:23


Katie - 12/16/99 21:57:16
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Absolutely gorgeous pictures...I was in Canada and have lived in Vermont (from Calif. Nev. Az.OK.Ky. ALL over) been through Maine (LOVELY)! But into Europe where you have been..not yet..you have been blessed..do visit my site and leave your kind word in my GB.....thanks so much for sharing! Katie

ailina - 12/12/99 19:04:27
My Email:ailina@aol.com

very well put to gether enjoyed it

Yvonne --aka-- Von - 12/11/99 07:14:13
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Hi Marilyn! Just popping in to leave my sincerest wishes that your Holiday Season is filled to overflowing with warm and loving hearts of family and friends ... and cherished treasures of memories to store in your Book of Remembrances. Warmest Holiday Re ards, Yvonne.

A Very Victorian Christmas

Joanne Miller - 12/01/99 16:29:23
My URL:http://jobevmiller.tripod.com

Oh Marilyn, your orchids are exquisite and your garden is sublime! I am so totally envious! What a green thumb you have. You are most fortunate to have a spacious garden and most blessed with talent to cultivate such beauty! Keep up the beautiful work and see you at FFM. Won't you come over to my site for a visit sometime? I'd love to have you.

DWideman - 11/29/99 15:49:27
My Email:DWideman

You work too hard! But it is worth it to me. YOU DO GOOD WORK!

Laura Lee - 11/25/99 22:50:09
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Marilyn,The music on the opening page is exquisite, and so perfect especially for your photo...waking on the beach. I web site is very impressive, and what a beautiful garden you have.Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything.

Russell - 11/25/99 00:45:33
My Email:russ09471@aol.com


Sharon - 11/19/99 04:10:26
My Email:portartist@aol.com

Your web site keeps evolving into a true artistic creation, and I do not know where you find the time to do all you do. You have a real green thumb. You must have a large area to do your gardening. You should contact one of the gardening shows on tv, Iam sure they would love to photograph all your beautiful flowers and the incrediable orchids. I tried orchids once and wha a disastor. You have more than one great talent. Sharon

Laura Lee - 11/18/99 04:19:44
My Email:Bella1830@aol.com

Marilyn,I think your web page is simply wonderful and a great opening midi. You are a true artist of web pages and I am so glad we met out here cyberland, can't wait to do the painting on the opening of your web page.You are a great person and I thank you so much for sharing all with us and the world.

Joan F. Carpenter - 11/16/99 03:17:26
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Don Vocca - 11/12/99 01:51:53
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Carmen - 11/10/99 23:21:50
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You have a beautiful site! Stop by and see me anytime. See you in FFM, Carmen

Michael C Law - 11/10/99 16:26:49
My Email:mickessex@aol.com

Lara I havent found my pic yet. If I had know it was to be seen by the world I would have put my long trousers on LOL Your family history pages have already helped me as I'm just getting into searching my own roots Thanks

Eileen - 11/05/99 02:24:04
My URL:http://www.jedenterprises.com
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Hi Marilyn! The triple border looks great! I enjoyed visiting your lovely site again. I'm a big fan of hostas too..but have very little shade..have a few nice hostas under the trees though! Your whole "garden" is great..as well as all the work you've done on your site!

Sylvia Ann Costa - 11/05/99 01:24:24
My URL:http://sylviacosta.com/
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I'm a new member of FFM. I had a very pleasant time here. Very relaxing and peaceful. Come have a cup of tea with me also. Please excuse any dust or empty rooms you might find, for my parlor is still going through major c nstruction...*smiles*

Hugs & Kisses from Brazil!
Sylvia Ann

Come Visit Me Also!

Lady Sylvia's Victorian Parlor

Bev - 11/03/99 21:37:31
My URL:http://beverly-zuerlein.tripod.com/
My Email:TheZ@ix.netcom.com

Hello, I saw your message a few minutes ago on the message board referring to your problems with 3 layered borders...but, I see you go it fixed as it looks wonderful! Your site is a delight! Bev

Connie Prince - 11/03/99 18:14:41
My Email:CPrnce3@aol.com

HI Marilyn, The new triple borders look great to me! Love the greens they add a very calming atmosphere to your site!

Sallie Kerman - 11/03/99 01:41:00
My Email:Sallie6@aol.com

Your album is very good. You have a neat skill be able to organize this like you do.

JOHN MATZ - 10/26/99 17:23:49
My Email:johnmatz@ frognet.net

nice page! ended up here thru eppies stained glass site . nice meeting you john

Nolan Still - 10/17/99 16:49:17
My Email:NStill9508


John - 10/14/99 17:39:52
My Email:Natap2@aol.com

Love looking at yur wonderful book, Marilyn! Please let me know how I can get a mailing on regular basis. Would love to to have it if at all possible. Thanks so very much!! Nataps2/John

Jerry McFann - 10/08/99 05:00:12
My Email:jfann@ortrackm.missouri.org

Hi Marilyn; I was referred to your page by Evelena McFann and Martine Swint. My great grandfather was Demetrious Hayes McFann. I have been researching the Cherokee side of our family, I recieved 1/8 from DH McFanns first wife Lucretia McIntosh. It is late, and I must go for now, I just found your website but what I have had time to look at is wonderful. Thank God for people like you, that still know the meaning of sharing. By for now, I look forward to conversing with you in the near future. Jerry McFann

Connie Prince - 10/07/99 12:02:40
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Pines/1723/
My Email:CPrnce3@aol.com

Happy Birthday to you from your Victorian Garden sisters!

Bob - 10/04/99 14:17:36
My Email:Skeendu@aol.com

What can I say awesome

Terry - 10/02/99 18:13:16
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So that's what hostas are. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, thank you!

Judy - 09/28/99 12:39:41
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My Email:jacon@intrepid.net

Hi Marilyn,
I enjoyed your pages. Very pretty! I liked reading about Hostas.
I also grow a shade garden.
I live in the mountains and there's not much sun!

Bennie J. Gardner - 09/26/99 16:17:12
My Email:AlabamaBB@aol.com


MARION - 09/22/99 17:36:39
My Email:holid490

Lara I m just starting to look thru your Place this is wonderful to see the people I ve talked to, can t tell you how much I am enjoying this, probably spend the rest of the morning going thru here. Thank you so much, although I don t know how you do this I m sure glad you can do it.

Josey221 - 09/21/99 18:49:10
My Email:Josey221@aol

Marilyn I have enjoyed Marilyn's Place very much. I explored every inch of it and it is GREAT!! Will be checking back in for more more more. :) Josey221

John - 09/20/99 07:48:04
My Email:Nataps 2@AOL.Com

Dear Marilyn, Have only been online eight months and have met lots of nice people. Marilyn's Place gives me an opportunity to see many of them. Your site is very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work and continued success in the future!

Jan C - 09/19/99 13:27:27
My Email:JanC118WV@aol.com

OH I love this I love it. The music made me jiggle in my chair. Thanks for the wonderful fun site. Jan in West Virginia

Eileen - 09/15/99 22:11:49
My URL:http://www.jedenterprises.com
My Email:jed@fast.net

Your site is wonderful, Marilyn! I just love all your gardens! I too, love gardening! So much to share in this group. We sure would love some of your input..with the green thumb you have. Come visit soon...and a warm welcome To The Victorian Garden!

Carol - 09/10/99 00:43:42
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/6386/
My Email:cmb77@eclipsetel.com

Loved your site! Welcome to the Victorian Garden!

Cynthia - 09/08/99 23:28:20
My URL:www.oocities.org/Wellesley/Gazebo/1715
My Email:castt@bellsouth.net

Hi Marilyn! Welcome to the VG. We are so glad to have you with us. I am looking forward to getting to know you better so visit the message board often. I loved your site, especially the Orchid page and your genealogy page. See you in the garden. Hugs!

~Carol~ - 09/08/99 21:43:27
My Email:cajupu@olsusa.com

Hi Marilyn, nice to meet you! Just wanted to welcome you to The Victorian Garden. I'm a new member myself, and already I love it! A more friendly and caring group of women you'll never meet. Your orchids are lovely! I've just recently started a couple and so far so good. Wishing you butterfly days!

Annie - 09/08/99 21:15:30
My URL:http://www.goecities.com/Heartland/Forest/6923
My Email:jarobin@bellsouth.net

Hi Marilyn,stopped bu to WELCOME you to the Victorian Garden! We're so glad you joined our group! Please come by the message board often and join in our discussions. We just adore new blooms and voices in the garden!

Anita - 09/08/99 18:27:55
My URL:http://members.aol.com/awhitta699/home.html
My Email:awhitta699@aol.com

Just dropping by to welcome you to the Victorian Garden. I've only been a member for about a week, but I think it's a great group! Glad you could join us!

Starr Lyn - 09/08/99 17:03:43
My URL:http://www.starrlyn.com/starr/
My Email:starr@starrlyn.com


I'm so pleased to see you have joined the Victorian Garden..
You are welcomed with open arms and open hearts,
We all look forward to learning more about you and sharing
your joys and want to assure you we all listen well..
We may not shut up either :)
Please feel free to visit with me when you have the time.
Look forward to seeing you in the Garden

Jessica - 09/08/99 14:06:59
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/SunsetHouse
My Email:sunsethouse@hotmail.com

Hi Marilyn! Just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the victorian garden! I love your site! Noticed the picture of you in OC on your main page--are you from Maryland? I'm in Baltimore! Anyway, welcome again to the garden, and feel free to stop by my si e if you have time.

Connie Prince - 09/08/99 12:09:49
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Wellesley/Gazebo/6863
My Email:CPrnce3@aol.com

Hi! It's me again and I just wanted to stop in to welcome you to The Victorian Garden! You will be receiving a welcome letter from Eileen shortly with all of the group info! Here is my welcome gift to you! Wishing you a perfect day!

< HREF="http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Pines/1723/">

Connie Prince - 09/07/99 11:19:28
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Pines/1723
My Email:CPrnce3@aol.com

I have enjoyed visiting with you this morning! Your pages are terrific and I plan to come back to finish reading through your gardening info. I do hope that you will visit with us at The Victorian Garden and considering joining our group, we would love t have you!

Debi - 09/05/99 18:27:38
My Email:Dchow90529

Love you. You are a wonderful friend. You have openened up a new area for all of us in the chat room. How great to see who we are talking to. You suggestions and advice are always welcome. Thanks for all of your help. Debi

Charles Anderson - 08/19/99 19:47:34
My Email:Charlesak@aol.com

good web page Can't get to ALBUM 22

Charles Anderson - 08/18/99 01:57:36
My Email:Charlesak@aol.com

Can't get into page 22, any answers?

Bill - 08/17/99 15:12:41
My Email:Billver514@aol.com

Marilyn, two points: Have you changed your Welcome Music? and When I click on Album 22, I get locked out and knocked off AOL. Any Ideas?

Christy - 07/25/99 02:46:25
My Email:christy@laughlin.net

What a wonderful site.....your sharing of things like Russ' poems....well words fail me. Thank you for sharing this with us. Russ' words are always gentle, yet they contain such life lessons that they are something to be savored slowly..your site allow this...thank you Christy

Peter - 07/20/99 22:55:13
My Email:PeterAlexi

You have created a wanderful site for AARP, chatters, please continue in your to expand your creativity on your website. Regards Peter

The Dustman - 07/18/99 22:42:39
My Email:wHOthetom

You must be a nice lady to have such a nice site. Pity someone didn't write a poem to you, so you could put it on the site.

betty crowe - 07/12/99 15:26:18
My URL:http://hometown.aol.com
My Email:jcrowe5884@aol.com

love the aarp pictures, lol

Patrick R. McFann - 06/23/99 20:07:51
My Email:pmcfann@smeinc.com

I'm glad I finally found someone with information on the family.

Marge - 06/16/99 04:27:43
My Email:dollcolct@aol.com

This is absolutely great, wonder if I will ever hav the courage to try to make a web page also. You need to have more pictures, is good for all of us to know who we are chatting too. Such a great looking happy bunch of people that get to go to the bashes. You need to have GrammaJo send you some of the Topeka bash, or maybe OMEGA217 can send some. It was great also.

Kay - 06/16/99 02:38:38
My Email:DonegalOD@aol.com

Thoroughly enjoyed viewing pictures of fellow chatters from the AARP Chat Room! You have a done a marvelous job with your Web Page!

Bill & Vera - 05/26/99 22:17:01
My Email:Billver514@AOL.com

We think your Website is terrific. I especiall like your taste in music. Bill

Lee - 05/26/99 11:45:11
My Email:leepeace1@aol.com

Sorry you didn't feel that the pics from MB BASH worth putting in your website. The few I saw of Jo were very nice. I was hoping to see the pic of me -- never did. You have a nice site.

Judy - 05/23/99 01:55:27
My Email:Cadomom@aol.com

Marilyn's Place, is nice to come to to see the friends and acquaintances from the AARP Chat Room. I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the poems. This is a nice place to sit and relax. Thank you for all your hard work putting Marilyn's Place on the web for all to visit

wolfman-6 - 04/13/99 03:48:22
My URL:http://oocities.com/Heartland/Shores/6401/
My Email:wolfman-6@oocities.com

Very nice and uncluttered enjoyed viewing your web page. Thanks

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