My Favorite Genealogy Links (sure to be yours too)

by Catherine Bender Di Pietro (that's me :-)

Getting Started

The biggest & best: Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
Beginning Research? Penn State's site (Go Lions :-)
Another Good Starting Point: Matt's Genealogy Tool Box

New Surname or Deadend

Contact Other Researchers: Roots Surname Search
Post Your Deadend Here: Genealogy's Most Wanted
Lists of Lists and other stuff: Chris Gaunt & John Fuller's Genealogy Resources
Search On-Line Data: Genealogy Net

Genealogists Helping Other Genealogists
Why not volunteer yourself, I did :-)

Genealogy Help List
Books We Own
Genealogy CD-Rom Lookups
Palatine and PA 'Dutch' Genealogy Lookups

Geographic Genealogy

UK and Ireland Genealogy
German Genealogy
Italian Genealogy
Canadian National Archives

New Jersey Pages With Data

Nancy Pascal's Northern NJ Page
Pat Wardell's Bergen Co. Page
Sussex County, NJ General Info
Dutch Baptisms of New Amsterdam, 1630 -> Huge!

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Related Web Pages

S. Nelson's Fisherman's Way of Life Page
Martha Farrar's Tancook Island Web Page
David Conrad's Conrad/Oikle/Eichel/Boutilier/etc. Family Page
Sheryl Eldridge's Kraft/Herman/etc. Family Page
Chris Young's Conrad/Corkum/Young/Herman/etc. plus Will Indexes

Surname Specific Pages With Information

Clan Campbell Society of North America
MacMillan Clan Info
Bender Researchers and Their Lines
Heckman Family Clearinghouse
Burgess Family Genealogy and More

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