Welcome to the Sussex County Treasure Chest
by Catherine Bender Di Pietro

I've created this "treasure chest" page to feature one genealogical gem I've found in the Sussex County Library per month. The purpose is to highlight an older, rare or forgotten resource so other researchers can benefit and share. I will answer simple, concise queries on this particular book as long as it remains active on this page. After that, please write to the library (or visit) for yourself.

I apologize for the delay preceeding this treasure chest
update. This month's treasure chest selection is:
Descendants of Abraham Axford and Sarah Beavers
Author Unknown, part of the Dennis Library branch of the
Sussex County Library in Newton - part of the Perlee files.
This is a black hardcover book approx. 4 x 7 inches in
fragile condition

    This genealogy outlines the descendants of Abraham 
  AXFORD, son of John and Anna who married Sarah BEAVERS.
  Their marriage license was dated 29 Jul 1762, both 
  described as from Sussex County, NJ.  No complete list
  of Abraham's children exists but the author combined
  the children named in Abraham's will with that of Uncle
  Samuel Axford's (Abraham's brother).  The genealogy names
  intermarriages with the DUNHAM, Van SYCKLE, MORGAN, COOPER,
  and DeCOW among others.  A few branches journeyed to 
  Ontario, Canada and later moved into Michigan.
    I have 11 pages of this book copied at home so I can
  provided unlimited lookups in this portion.  The rest of
  the book is restricted to the top floor of the Dennis Library
  so you'll need to contact them with other questions.  
Happy Hunting!

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