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Shakephere from DeathAngeL Jack from DeathAngeL

Norn and Grendel Paradise

Norn and Grendel Day

May 23, 1998

Free COB for all participants. Click on the picture to download your Norn and Grendel Day Ball.

Norn and Grendel Day BallNorn and Grendel Day Ball

Norn and Grendel Day is a special day when everyone gives their Creatures lots of extra love and attention. Show your Creatures how much you care.

The first Norn and Grendel Day was on May 23, 1998, but you can celebrate Norn and Grendel Day every day of the year.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give their Creatures some extra love and attention, and special thanks to everybody who sent in Norns, Grendels, and stories.

Downloadable Creatures

Krystal from RomeoNorn Kayla from Kazi Nornday! from Kenny Melonie from Perry Dust Storm from Erin
Carolina from Erin Dark Fire from Erin Stallion from Kevin Seth  from Aurora Jingle Bell from Perry
Kazi's pack of 6 Grons Kenny's pack of 5 Cardinal Norns Alleykat's Ultra Dixie's Sailor Caleb from Bubblz3
Pack of 24 of Lizzy's Middle Norns Kazi's Jed - can breed while still a child Ragnor looks like a child at 6:35 - from Bubblz3 Alex from Arthur Benji's 6-Pack
Benji's Geoferry, a Coolio Norn Fliber from Mad Draco Sarah the blue Grendel from MoMo Baby Bob and adult Bob from Jim Ares from MoMo
Pammy from BlueFox Dolphin from BlueFox Carmen from DeathAngeL Jack from DeathAngeL Shakephere from DeathAngeL
Tuck Jr. from Snootpony1 Charlie from Sparks9_67 Spotling from Andrew Be'tor from Amanda.  You may download for personal use, but do not put on your website without permission from Amanda. Obiwan Kenobi from Amanda
Marbal from Snootpony1 Grace from RNRINHOLT EERRGH the Red Grendel from UnKoWn2U Sweety the Nice Grendel from Cabpsr Fabio from Stephanie
Kinney from Chris Shadow from Kazi Virginia from Kazi ___ ___

Favorite Photos

Petunia from Siobhan Hannah from SLStrnger Casius from SLStrenger Kate from Amanda Lisa from Amanda

Comments & Stories

NameComments or Stories
RomeoNorn I am sending my norn, Krystal. She is in the 30 hours old area. She has had many children and we would like to pay tribute to her. (Krystal is available for download above)
SLStrengerWell, I have two norns to talk about. My first norn is Cassius. He was about 55 and a half hours old and still breeding. He was a regular type 0 norn. He had no special genes or anything. His life force was at the tops. But my creatures game crashed and he was gone. I hate to say it but he was one of my favorites.
My second norn is Hannah. She was a regular Forrest norn, again no special genes or anything. She was 33 hours old and still breeding. When she was 30 hours, she laid two eggs at the same time. She could also tell whether she was ready to breed again or not. She was also gone with Cassius.
J@mie I just want to say that the norn called Petunia by Siobhan on your Norn Day page is the coolest. Siobhan made a norn of me and a norn of my boyfriend and Petunia is our child. Sadly though, Petunia refused to eat, so my friend Siobhan had to leave her alone until she died. My norn's name is Strawberry, and my boyfriend's norn's name is Blueberry.
PlangkyeI happened upon Oofa while doing genetic experiments. She got her name when she said her first word, which was "foo". I switched that around and added an "a". Hence, "Oofa". When I was ready to tell her what a grendel was, I (Very carefully!) imported a female grendel. Then I brought Oofa down in the elevator. Immediatly, I heard a slap sound. Oh no, I thought. It's all backfiring. Then I heard a norn laugh and a faint "grah". I also saw Oofa's leg moving, and the grendel jump back in pain. Oofa looked at me with a huge smile, as if to say, "Did I do it right?" Oofa enjoyed kicking and slapping grendels. I still tickle her each time!

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