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Norn and Grendel Paradise

GEN Files from Our Friends

Updated October 13, 1998

Here are the GEN files that were sent to us by some very creative and talented Creatures fans. We added EXP files in case you prefer those or don't know what to do with GEN files.

PictureGEN FileForceLobesFromDescription
1009WisemanThe oldest Norn in the world! Azzwhupper is an original DUDE Norn. He is 226 hours old and still going strong.
BLOBBLOB1009WisemanMales are bald
Females are Purple Mountain
(Wiseman's Brother)
Males are bald
Females are Forest
FLIPFLIP779Eater of StuffMales have mane
Females are Grendels
CARDCARD1009Matt & WisemanMales are red & bald
Females are green Forest Norns
6QGX male and female6QGX779Eater of StuffNew immortality gene
Aging increases energy
EATR male and femaleEATR1009WisemanGood eaters
BEST male and femaleBEST1009WisemanWon't mate with family members
Good eaters
OWEN male and femaleOWEN75-1009WisemanSuper Breeders
Good eaters
TROY male and femaleTROY1009WisemanEats lots of Food and Plants
Extreme immune system
Plays with Toys when Bored
PEZZ male and femalePEZZ1009WisemanIncredible breeders
Gives birth quickly
Lots more - Push Readme file
CoolPez male and femaleCoolPez
1009Benji and WisemanSet of 8 CoolPez mixes
DUDE male and femalerevised
1009WisemanAll the great genes of the PEZZ,
plus immunity to glycotoxin, fevertoxin,
shivering, and histamines.
Dancer male and femaleDNCEmortal9WisemanThese cute Norns can dance the Mash-Potato! The males appear to be infertile, but the females are very fertile.
King male and femaleKING1009WisemanThese Norns are a lot of fun to watch. The males seem to be infertile, but the females are fertile.

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