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My intro and how I got started in all this!! It took 7 years, and if I would have all these tips at my fingertips it may not have taken me that long! Now, I'm in legal and corporate transcription, so that's what I'm familiar with, so these specific sites may help a transcriptionist more than another kind of at-home worker. However, the workaholics4hire.com and the money-making mommies site both list other kinds of jobs. I, however, have no experience in those other jobs or how many might be listed or their legitimacy!

I would very much appreciate any more sites any others may have on other kinds of legitimate work-at-home jobs in order to make this site as helpful as possible!

WORKAHOLICS4HIRE FREE Telecommuting Jobs Database ListingsSite with many helps for telecommuters/workers at home, including a free job search page and newsletter. I obtained two of my at-home employers at this site.

MTDAILY.COM Site for transcriptionists, including medical, legal, and general transcriptionists sharing boards and job search boards, among other helpful links.

You can specifically look here for companies that actively hire legal transcriptionists and sometimes also general transcriptionists: Companies

A little collection of mom's comments that work at home doing MT (medical transcription): Children

FAQAll about Medical Transcription, if you are interested in getting into that field! I personally would like to learn a whole lot more about it once Ryan is in school and I can return to school myself, to broaden my area of business a little.

MONEY-MAKING MOMMY job site, including transcriptionist jobs.

IVILLAGE'S WORD PROCESSING/TRANSCRIPTIONIST'S discussion site. This is an archive, and I've not been here in a while. I will have to look for the current link and replace this when I have more time. However, you CAN get there from here, just takes a few more clicks :)

FDCH, nka EMEDIAMILLWORKS, a company for which I have type conference transcription. This consists of typing, over the internet, with a Start-Stop pedal, conference calls of various businesses that they do quarterly. They have very busy periods quarterly in the year during which you can do a lot of work. FDCH is where you can apply if you are interested.

Example An example of the type of legal transcription I do, although I am not a court reporter, so this site consists of some court reporting information that I'm not real familiar with! But those type of typing samples is what I do in my legal transcription job.

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