Contents of Back the Road: Volume 2


Title Author Page
The Tree of Liberty Joe McDermott 5
Saint Morchan's Loch Nancy Hannon-Mulhern 6
1798 and Newport Joe McDermott 8
Buckagh Mountain,Townland of Callowbrack Roseanne Murray 12
War of Independence and Civil War Willie Sammon 13
Proverbs and Sayings Nancy Gallagher 19
The Stained Glass Windows of St Patricks Roman Catholic Church Sister M. Consilio 20
Friar Horan Tommy Hughes 24
A History of Burrishoole Fisheries Sean Nixon 26
The Presbyterian Cemetery Nancy Hannon-Mulhern 33
Headstone Inscriptions from Newport Presbyterian Cemetery Nancy Hannon-Mulhern 34
Newport Historical Society Web Page Peter Mullowney 36
Father Manus Sweeney and the Rebellion of 1798 Tommy Hughes 37
Skerdagh School Joe McDermott 43
Come Dance With Us in Derrada Cecily Breen 46
O'Malley, James Portrait and Subject Painter Nancy Hannon-Mulhern 49
Marine Sergeant Juan King Joe McDermott 50
Griffith Valuation Peter Mullowney 52
The Pike Joe McDermott 55

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