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"This year I'm really going to lose weight"

Does that sound familiar?  I know I've said it for too many years.  And this year I'm going to do it.  We go to these support groups and spend twice as much as we should on those prepackaged foods we wouldn't feed to a warthog or we just go and turn over our money to some too-skinny person who weighs us.  And they never put those slides back to zero so the next person knows just how much we weigh!

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We are going to be our own support group.  We are not going to buy any special foods, and we are not going to pay a complete stranger to weigh us.   We're going to do it on our own.
On your chart, you need to record your starting weight and your goal weight.  You will keep track of what you eat and drink.  You are the only person who will see this chart so you have to be 100% honest.  On our group page you only need tell us how much you lost (or gained) for the week.
Watch for the charts and entrance to the forum.

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