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Who Is a Girl Scout Leader?

A Girl Scout Leader is Someone Who...

Neighborhood News

Fitness Fair

The Fitness Fair is coming! On December 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Riverview Elementary you will have the chance to attend the Fitness Fair. This extravaganza is being put on by 5 Junior troops 117, 680, 992, 1046, and 1635 and will cost the sum of only $1.00 per person! This is an event for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors and will be a lot of fun for everyone involved. For more information contact Becky W.

Adult Nametags Available

The Neighborhood will be placing an order for official adult nametags. The cost will be $2.00 per nametag. This not only pays for the cost but the shipping and handling. These are official on your adult Girl Scout uniform, and are nice to wear when you need to be identified as a Girl Scout but are not in uniform. Nametags must be paid for in advance before the order is placed. They are NOT to be worn on Daisy, Brownie or Junior uniforms as they are not considered official for these levels.

Cans Film Festival

A BIG thank you to the following troops for their participation in this year’s Cans Film Festival:
Troops 72, 224, 680, 797, 811, 939, 992 and 7311 Thank You!!

Veteran’s Day Parade

While there were not a lot of participants…and there was a lot of rain…. We want to express our appreciation to the 16 girls that participated in this year’s Veteran’s Day parade here in Vancouver. They are from Troops 429, 680, 791, 964 and 1046. Thank you!!

Printing Help Sought

Do you enjoy the Mountain View Mirror? Would you like to see it continue? Then we need your help! The cost of this newsletter is quite a bit for the neighborhood to "absorb" into its’ budget. In the past the newsletter costs were a "donation", but that source is not available this year. Do you have access to a copy machine or another source that will provide copies of the newsletter? Your business, a friend’s business, where you work, etc.? Unless we can find a someone willing to copy these newsletters this may be the last one issued. If you can help please contact Deb Wallace. This is also a tax deduction!

Mountain View Reports Growth

Thanks to successful recruitment nights there are presently 27 Girl Scout troops registered in the Mountain View Neighborhood. We are anticipating even more by next month. The Neighborhood has also experienced a 3% increase in the amount of girls and adults that have registered this year. WAY TO GO!!!!!!

Junior Pen Pals Wanted

This request came to the neighborhood web-site on October 22. If you can help, please feel free to write to these Juniors:

  1. Name: Priscilla Ross;
  2. From: Durham, NC
  3. Time: 1998-10-22 07:40:52
    Comments: I am a Junior troop leader in Durham, North Carolina. My girls would love to be pen pals if your troop has junior scouts. We don't have a computer yet but would love to write. If you are interested please e-mail me back at the above e-mail address or write us at: Girl Scout Troop 478 Attn: Priscilla/Alice 505 East End Ave. Durham, NC 27703

Watch for your Newsletter for up-to-date information!

Older Girl Retreat Planning Meeting

Before the neighborhood meeting tonight the representatives from the Cadette and Senior troops met for an initial planning meeting for the Older Girl Retreat. This is an annual event for the Older Girl Troops of our neighborhood. If your troop was not represented please contact Roxanne G or Judy C to find out what you missed.

Neighborhood Campout Planning Meeting Slated

The First meeting of the Neighborhood Campout Committee will be Tuesday, December 1st at Judy C’s home at 7:00 p.m. In order to assure a quality program for the whole neighborhood, we still need volunteers affiliated with Brownies and Juniors on the campout committee. The committee is comprised of interested adults and Older Girls that plan every detail of the whole weekend…including the program for the Brownies and Juniors. If you are interested please contact Judy or show up at the meeting.

Program Ideas


Go to the GSUSA Just For Girls Web site ( where you can enter the number of crunches you can do (Make sure you're doing them correctly). Crunches do more than give you a flatter stomach. They strengthen your abs and support your back. That helps you to cycle, swim, and even run better and longer!

Come back every day that you do crunches and enter the number you've completed on THAT day! They'll update the Crunch Count every Friday.


Cycling, swimming, and even running require strong abdominal muscles. Your abs literally support your body while you're exercising (especially your back) so you can go that much farther, that much faster!

Crunches are great abdominal exercises. Try them with a friend (or in front of a mirror) so you can watch your form.

  1. Lie on your back, with your feet on the ground, hip-width apart (the small of your back is pressed firmly against the floor). Place your hands behind your head to support it. Take a deep breath.
  2. As you exhale, slowly lift your head and shoulders off the ground (*Hint* keep your eyes on the ceiling). Don't pull on your head or neck with your arms...let your abs do the work!
  3. Come up as high as you comfortably can. And don't be disappointed if you don't get up as high as Christie...she's been doing these for a while!
  4. As you inhale, sloooooow-ly lower yourself back down to the ground. Keep your abs contracted...don't let gravity do all the work!
  5. Congrats! You just did one crunch! Start with 3-5 at a time. Build up to 10-15 repetitions.

Friendship Knots

From: Beverly Crim

Friendship Knots are little knots made of at least 1/2 inch wide ribbon with a pin on the back. (Directions are thanks to Mona Londraville for ASCII art!):

It helps the first few times to have a "helper" to hold the ribbon flat for you while you fold.....

Lay one piece of ribbon across the other, forming the letter X....

C B \ / \ / \/ /\ / \ / \<-this ribbon is on top (important!) A D

Cross end "A" over toward the right, and "B" over toward the left, keeping the "B" end higher than the "A" end (sort of like the letter Z). Keep the ribbon flat. Don't fold everything close together, keep it nice and open for right now. It will look something like:

  \ \
   \ \
      \ \    / /
       \ \  / /
        \ \/ /
         \ \/
         /\ \
        / /\ \
       / /  \ \
               \ \
                \ \
Take end "C" and bring it down, going OVER the first horizontal ribbon ("B"), and UNDER the second horizontal ribbon ("A"). (Ignore the diagonal section of the ribbon that makes the "Z".) Bring end "D" up, over the first horizontal ribbon ("A"), and under the next horizontal ("B"), keeping it to the right of C.

Now EASE the knot together. DON'T pull. Gently pull on the ends, keeping the ribbon flat, until you have something that looks sort of like:

                  | |
                  | |
                | |
                | |
                | |
"That's it. A friendship knot. GOOD LUCK!
Have patience in making the first one-it could take you up to 1/2 hour to figure out but then they come easy. I just made over 50 for our Penny Carnival Prizes".

November Puzzler

R U T T K R H N U C W T A 
H E E B O L I H O C H R I 
E A V I R A T U K A R O B 
M C N U T O N W N D I I M 
D E I N O C W K Z E V N U 
S A U V I C S N Y T E U L 
K O I L R G N I I T R J O 
M G L S I E I A W E I V C 
U U M V Y J S E V G N N N 
E C I N O T G N I H S A W 
X N T R A I N I N G C G N 
G S R E D A E L A D U L T 
U B T J P A D J C H G O F 


Life is what happens to you while you are planning to do something else.

Guiding Around the World Project

Stephanie Martin - Guide Guider
Birchlea District, Bramalea Division, White Oaks Area
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I developed this project in 1997 as a way to increase my girls' interest in Guiding and Scouting around the world, and to allow them to experience a small bit of another country's' program in a "hands on" way.,

To begin, I posted a note on the and wagggs-l mailing lists asking for members working in the same branch I do (include your branch name and age of the girls) who would be interested in becoming our partner for their country. If you would like help receiving a link please contact me at (putting GATW Link in the subject line) as I have a listing of units/troops looking for partners.

To begin, each partner will send an Introductory Letter (including Unit photo, map of where they are located, and a description of the Unit e.g. patrols, # of girls, favourite activities etc..) along with a Merchandise and Uniform Catalouge, and a Program book from their branch to the other Unit or Troop. Also include a game or song that is a favourite of your own Unit.

On a mutually agreed upon date (approximately) both Units will complete one Interest or Proficiency Badge from the other counties program. Ideally this would be a badge of the girl's own choosing. Use the game provided during the meeting and sing the song as part of campfire. Once completed each patrol can write a letter summarizing how they enjoyed the badge, game and any questions they had etc. Send the letters along with some small swaps, and the badges that the other Unit or Troop chose to work on (one for each girl). Keep in mind that it can take 2 - 3 meeting to complete the challenge. Now sit back and wait for your partner's package to arrive!

You may want to write to your own Guiding/ Scouting Organization to seek permission for the girls to wear the other country's badge on their uniform. If permission is denied, the badges will be a great addition to a camp hat, vest or blanket!!

Finally, go through your own program and give the girls credit for any program work they have completed by taking part in this project. Have your girls evaluate the project and make notes on how to improve for your next partnership.

I have very nice embroidered crests (patches) which are available to purchase if you like. The current cost is $ 1.25 Cdn + postage (subject to change). For more details send an email to and please put GATW crests in the subject line.

I hope you enjoy the project!!!

A Wealth of Information and Help For Those on the Internet!

Mailing lists consist of groups of people who all receive the same electronic mail. All contributions to the list are sent to a central location, and from there, dispersed to all members of the list. There are hundreds of these lists in existence with topics ranging from the scholarly to the business-oriented, from the political to the social. Information from some of these lists arrives in the form of electronic journals or newsletters - edited, and often referred. Other lists arrive throughout the day as individual pieces of electronic mail.

WAGGGS-L Mailing List

A Mailing List is like a group of individuals that wish to discuss a subject in a private manner. The individuals subscribe to the list and then any post made from the members get redistributed to all the members. It can not be read by those who have not subscribe.

This is a wonderful resource and if you choose to do nothing else I recommend you subscribe and take advantage of the wealth of information that is shared. To subscribe to the list, send the command to:

Enter ONLY the following text in the body of your letter:
subscribe wagggs-l YourFirstName YourLastName

Guiding Mailing List

The Guiding / Scouting List is a forum for exchanging ideas, opinions, problems, and concepts, etc... related to working with children, leaders, and parents in the Guiding and Scouting organizations.

Typical discussions include sharing ideas on crafts, camping, games, and anything else that comes to mind.

This mailing list should be of interest to people currently involved, or thinking of becoming involved in Girl Guides / Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts.

Joining the Mailing List: To join the mailing list, you first must possess an electronic mailbox - an email address to which the list's information can be sent. Then, after you have selected the list you wish to subscribe to, you must request a subscription to the list. Subscribe to the list by sending an E-mail note to:

In the subject of the message, enter:
subscribe guiding Your Name

Note that if you send your request to the list, rather than the request address, other subscribers may become annoyed.

New list for Girls - "Juliette"

If you are a Girl Scout and would like to join our e-mail community, send an e-mail addressed to:
In the SUBJECT line, type Subscribe.

In your message, please introduce yourself and tell us your name, where you are from, your troop, etc. Once you have been accepted as a subscriber you will receive a confirmation message from the list, with instructions on how to send messages as well as how to unsubscribe. It isn't an automatic subscription, Melanie has to approve it for safety reasons, that's why she asks for some info to see if you really appear to be who you say you are.

Melanie Fischer, List owner Juliette

Council Quotes

  • Visit the Washington County Museum (located at 17677 NW Springville Road on the PCC Rock Creek Campus) to explore local history and participate in hands-on programs, 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Saturday. The cost is $2.00 per child. Adults are free. The museum requires a ratio of one adult to every five girls. Schedule at least three weeks in advance - (503) 645-5353.

  • Thinking Day 1999 will be held at the Washington County Fairgrounds on Saturday, February 21, 1999 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The theme is "Travel to …". The Thinking Day committee is asking that Girl Scout troops represent a country or region and bring a display and passport stamp. Girl Scout troops are encouraged to work together with other Girl Scout troops in the Neighborhood on their country.

  • The 10th annual "Breakfast for the Homeless" will take place on December 25. Help is needed! The planning committee needs volunteers for advance preparation. Donations of men’s clothing and other cold weather wear are needed. Volunteers are need to help sort clothing, pick up and deliver donated items and volunteers to serve on the 25th. Call Heather L. at the Girl Scout Service Center to volunteer (503) 598-6517 or 1-800-338-5248 ex. 6517.

  • Appreciation is an ongoing, everyday process for anyone, anywhere, anytime. In April, your council will present both council and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. recognitions. Information on these awards and recognitions can be found in the G.R.E.A.T. Guide. Submission deadline is February 12, 1999. All Neighborhoods are invited and encouraged to submit nominations. All volunteers are encouraged to take any opportunity to recognize quality in the sister volunteers.

  • Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts in your Neighborhood may be looking for ways to earn leadership hours or requirements for an Interest project Patch…. It is important that you explain your expectations clearly when working with Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts. They may not be used as adults in Safety-Wise ratio counts. Contact their Girl Scout Leaders.

    Emergency Contact Service
    (800) 626-6543
    (24 HOURS A DAY)
    (503) 598-6555 or 1-800-338-5248 ext. 6555

    G.R.E.A.T. Guide Update


    Troop Talk

    Daisy Doings

    This area can be filled with things that your Daisy troop is doing. Please submit your news no later than one week before the next Neighborhood Meeting.

    Brownie Bits

    Brownie Troop 224

    – Late last month these girls celebrated Juliette Low's Birthday along with their troop's Birthday party -- complete with cupcakes, games, and presents. Each troop member brought a wrapped gift with something the troop could use during the year. Each girl got to open one of the gifts, and the troop now has all kinds of supplies to use during the next year (disposable camera, glue, glitter, bead projects, extra snacks, scissors, and much more). The girls also celebrated with Halloween BINGO and pin the nose on the pumpkin. Earlier this month one of the troop moms came to a meeting to teach the girls some sign language for the Senses Try-It. The girls were so excited about all that they learned and are looking forward to Mrs. Phillips' return visit. The girls also made a centerpiece mat out of felt and ribbons for the Thanksgiving holidays. Four troop members worked at the Cans Film Festival and couldn't believe all the food they collected. They worked nonstop for over an hour and still had three large carts filled with food to empty when their shift was over. They rebounded in time to enjoy the Neighborhood Skate Nite the following evening. Now they are looking forward to Veteran's Day when they will be baking breads for area food baskets.

    Brownie Troop 664

    In October we celebrated Juliette Low’s birthday with each girl bringing a present to contribute to our troop’s First Aid Kit. We had an investiture ceremony and welcomed two new Brownies, and we rededicated the rest of our troop. Mom’s and Dad’s were invited…it was a special time! Afterwards the girls made masks with leaves and other outdoor items, and then we made Fruit Juice Fizz, as part of the Food Fun Try-It. In addition to this Try-It, the girls were presented with Try-It badges: Outdoor Fun, Outdoor Adventurer, and Sports and Games. Our two new Brownies earned the Girl Scout Ways and Good Food mostly on their own! Way to go! A highlight for our girls was to attend the Zoo Almost Overnight. We had a great time exploring the Zoo at night, learning new and interesting things about the animals, and then seeing the reptiles and owls up close. Now our girls are working on putting together a baby quilt for a needy infant, hopefully to be completed before Christmas.

    Junior Journal

    Junior Troop 117

    These girls held a juice blender party to fulfill one of the requirements for the Sign of the Sun. They broke into three groups, experimented with a variety of ingredients, and came up with some great recipes. They also have been working together on the Creative Solutions Badge. They celebrated Juliette Low's Birthday with a party in Colleen's hangar, complete with decorations and music. The girls planned the event from activities to food to cleanup. The girls were dressed in costume as they ventured around the neighborhood on a scavenger hunt and ate such delicacies as severed fingers, eye balls, and witches brew. The leaders had a fun time with John Brown's Body. As the girls were blindfolded and sitting in a circle, we passed around various foods and told them which part of Mr. Brown's body they were touching (i.e. oatmeal for the brain, soggy spaghetti noodles for veins, a chili for the tongue, etc.). The girls came back the next afternoon to totally clean out the hangar and restore it to normal. The girls are continuing to work on the upcoming Fitness Fair and deciding which holiday project to work on. More than half the troop members were able to attend the Neighborhood Skate Nite and had a good time despite the spills.

    Junior Troop 680

    – Over the summer 5 of our girls attended Camp Segonku and earned the Outdoor Cook or Sports Sampler badges. Three girls went to resident camp at Camp Arrowhead. So far this year we have added 3 girls to our troop for a total of 9. In September 2 girls worked handing out drinks at the Triathlon at Battle Ground Lake. In October we attended Junior Destination Unknown. We got a tour of McMennamin’s Edgefield Inn which contains some wonderful artwork. While we were there we also saw a demonstration of glass blowing. Afterward there was a tour of the theatres which make up the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Back in Vancouver there was a slide show by an artist who works in clay, then the girls got to try their hands at clay. For dinner there was pizza and ice cream. The first week of November was really busy. We collected and sorted cans for Cans Film Festival, attended the ice skating party, and 5 girls braved the rain to march in the Veteran’s Day Parade. Now we are concentrating on our part in the upcoming Fitness Fair in December.

    Junior Troop 791

    -- We started our year with a service project in Aug. We helped out at the Laurelhurst Park Rededication by passing out drinks & filling water balloons for games. We also got to participate in some of the activities. We had lunch and a great time. Some of us got our pictures in the local newsletter. We got our regular meetings going in Sept. We have 10 girls this year. We planned a trip to the Seaside G.S. cabin for Oct. and this took the girls quite a few meetings to plan activities, food & fun. But they did it and we had a wonderful trip. The weather was good and we walked on the beach, rented a surrey and biked along the back city streets. We went swimming and accomplished a few steps for a badge. We were there on Make a Difference Day so we baked cookies for a homeless shelter and delivered them the next day. We celebrated Juliette Low's birthday with a skit and ceremony. We marched in the Veteran's Day Parade, rain and all. We went to the neighborhood skate night and we are now starting to plan our rededication ceremony. The girls voted on a waterfall as our troop crest. These girls are on the go.

    Junior Troop 1635

    The girls have finished their Making Hobbies and Sports badges. Will finish the ceramic badge this week. WIAN Ceramics have done a great job working with the girls. We are full steam ahead on planning our portion of the health fair. We will be making pies for the homeless and filling food baskets for the Salvation Army during the holiday season. We also are putting together shoe boxes for Operation Shoe box.
    SERVICE PROJECT Operation Shoe box is a yearly project for the children of Honduras. This year it is needed even more desperately because of Hurricane Mitch. Information is in everyone's folders. I hope everyone will put together some boxes and turn them into me at the Health Fair. We will have a table set aside for them. They will be delivered to Honduras December 15th. Diana

    Cadette Capers

    This area can be filled with things that your Cadette troop is doing. Please submit your news no later than one week before the next Neighborhood Meeting.

    Senior Sentinel

    Senior Troop 72

    Troop 72 had a busy October. We attended training at Hanging with Ms. Low, and enjoyed lunch at Washington Square Mall. After lunch, the Cadettes returned for additional training. We had a fun and exciting Halloween Party at our Monday night meeting with costumes, good eats, an exceptional sponge cake, scary stories and trick-or-treating. Our service project for the month was a winter clothing drive, for the Evergreen Clothes Closet. Troops brought donations to the Nbhd. skating party. Thank you for your generous donations. A small but hard working group boxed cans at the Cans Food Festival at the Plaza 10 Theater. The Evergreen/Mountain View football game greatly affected our participation, but we got the job done. We are planning on watching some troop members in the Evergreen High musical of Fiddler on the Roof this weekend. At our next meeting we will put together 2-3 boxes for Operation Shoebox! By: Julie

    Senior Troop 4222

    -- Troop 4222, a new edition to the council this year has gone on their first camping trip! We camped, hiked and rode horses! Camped in the Bowen's Motor-home, hiked around the mall and rode horses on the carousel at Janzten Beach Super Center. :) On Friday, November 6th we went out to dinner at Leonardo's Pizza followed by dessert at Janzten beach. Next we headed off to Crosley Lanes for a night of Cosmic Bowling. After a watching Empire Records in the motor-home and a good nights rest we were off to the mall for a little early Christmas shopping. Overall our first camp out was successful and tons of fun. We're looking forward to our next one. All the girls in our troop are sophomores in high school and are trained Program Aides (PA's), if you need any help don't hesitate to call us. Thanks. By: Emily

    Special Service Section

    Help Desperately Needed in Honduras!
    (E-mail Letter from a Scout)

    "Hello Scouts Friends all around the world:

    As you know here in Honduras ,we living the biggest disaster in our history the Mitch Hurricane have destroyed our country and kill a lot of people and leave many others without anything.

    The Scouts of Honduras, we are working to get help to this people , now I'm asking to all of you for it we need:

    Anything medical assistance and things like, if you know of somebody that can help us, please contact me or you can send the things directly to national scout office here in Honduras at the following address:

    Scouts de Honduras
    Col. Ruben Dario, detras de Ashoplafa
    Tegucigalpa M.D.C., Honduras C.A.
    Phone: 504-232-0377


    Leonel Hernandez
    Scouts de Honduras Internet representative
    fax: 504-230-2734
    e mail:

    We need a lot of help many people will appreciate it. Please Help us!"

    Leonel Hernandez

    Operation Shoebox

    Help a child in hurricane ravaged Honduras. Send a shoebox filled with toys, health needs, and school supplies! It's easy and you can help a child who has never had a toy of their own. Call KATU's Customer Service line at 231-4222 for more information.

    Lance Rosenau, a dentist in Lake Oswego, will be sending shoe boxes to Honduran children on Mercy Corps flights, Oregon National Guard and U.S. Air Force training flights as space permits. You can help! Get creative and work with your family to pack personal hygiene items and school supplies in a shoe box. Here's a list of items to include in your box (you may already have extras of these at home):

    toothbrushes / toothpaste / dental floss / soap / shampoo / school supplies (paper, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, etc.) / toys (small, such as a ball, jump rope or yo-yo) / wrapped hard candy / 1# bag of beans or rice / picture or personal letter from you / article of clothing or small towel / powdered milk

    If you gift wrap the box, make sure you wrap the bottom and lid separately for easy inspection.

    Drop off boxes to:

    All Stanford's or Newport Bay restaurants …………OR

    Jill Punches (503-233-6075), 412 NE Hazelfern Place, Portland by Thanksgiving. Jill will drive shoeboxes to Dr. Rosenau. She hopes to send carloads of boxes and will pick up 10 or more boxes at any location for you! …….. .OR

    Dr. Rosenau (503-625-6556), 4200 SW Mercantile Drive, Suite 740, Lake Oswego (in the Mercantile Village) Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until December 3.

    Your small contribution will be much appreciated and will help a child rebuild his or her life. As of November 5th, 6,500 Hondurans are confirmed dead and 11,000 are missing as a result of Hurricane Mitch. Honduras has estimated that the economic and infrastructure loss is 70%. Food and clean water is needed immediately. Please help! You may also help by sending cash donations to the following:

    Various organizations are collecting clothing and food donations. Items are typically disposable diapers, baby formula, baby food, bottled water, powdered milk, beans, rice, masa harina, other canned goods, pain relievers, anti-diarrhea, decongestants, children's shoes, and clothing. Organizations Jill knows about are:

    1. Centro Latino Americano in Eugene. The Portland contact is Barbara Bond (503-281-7275)
    2. Honduran citizens at St. Andrews Church, located at 806 NE Alberta.
    3. All Salvation Army and Portland Parks and Recreation offices (through Mercy Corps).

    Saturday - November 7, 1998

    Due to the consequences of the devastating hurricane and tropical storm "Mitch" that hit and destroyed a great part of the country, we are asking you for help urgently with the purpose that you send us, in the fastest way possible, articles that at this moment are of great priority and necessity, to help an approximate amount of 7,000 persons without homes, of which the majority are children. Needed are:
    Medicines: oral serum, antidiarretics, broncodialators, analgesics, syringes, anticold, antifungal and antibiotic creams, oral antibiotics (syrup), ocular antibiotics (drops or creams), anticold (syrup), gauzes, disposable diapers, cough syrups, any type of food, baby bottles, shoes, raincoats, cots, sheets, blankets, lanterns, cooking equipment to provide food, mosquito nettings, clothing for kids, tents, impermeable footwear, boats, canoes, life jackets, stable reflectors and manual, megaphones, radio communication equipment. The articles mentioned above we would like you to send them to the following address:

    Colonia Quintas de San Miguel, Bloque G, Casa # 35.
    C/o: Lic. Rolando Dario Ochoa,
    Boyscout Commisioner
    District of Choloma, Depto. De Cortes.
    Honduras, Central America.
    Phone number: (+504) 669-1788
    By sea: to the Port of Puerto Cortes
    By air: to the International Airport of San Pedro Sula.

    Waiting for your solidarity in these times of anguish, pain, shortage and desperation. For which all the people of the community of Choloma will be infinitely grateful.


    "Service Spreads Warmth"

    Becki Bozart is a Leader in our own council and is chairing up the Service Spreads Warmth Service project that is being done by the online community of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. If you have Internet access you can join in on this international service project with your girls. Who says that you can’t do service and make it a high-tech event?

    How the program works:

    1. Each troop or group would design and carry out their own service project.
    2. All service would take place during February, the month of Thinking Day
    3. We would share resources and ideas about projects
    4. We would all incorporate the theme into the project through publicity, a card attached, or the project itself
    5. A patch will be available.

    "I expect the patch design to be completed in the next few weeks, and will begin taking orders as soon as the design is finalized. I will place orders every two weeks, or as often as I get at least 200 patches ordered at a time. As soon as they arrive I ship them out.

    Be thinking of ideas and sending them to me. I will post them on our website. Around December, if you have no Internet access, I should have enough to e-mail compilations to everyone interested.

    This will be fun and special for the girls."

    Becki Bozart-- St. Helens, Oregon, USA,
    Columbia River GSC

    Girl Scout Service

    How do you know when you have a good service project?

    Things to avoid:

    Some options are limited by GSUSA policies

    Hints for Organizing a Service Project

    Once you have decided on your service project, here are some helpful hints:

    Great ideas for service projects

    Here's a few ideas to get you started.

    Making Things

    Helping the Earth

    Helping Others

    Fixing Things

    Helping Girl Scouts

    Dates to Remember

    November 16 ……………………..………Neighborhood Meeting
    ………………Older Girl Retreat Planning Meeting @6:30
    November 26-28 ………………..….Council Closed (Thanksgiving)
    December 1 ………..…Neighborhood Campout Planning Mtg.
    December 5 …………………..…………………….…..Fitness Fair
    ……………..……………...#G.S. Family Days @ Ice Chalet
    December 6 ………………………….……..#Go Outdoors! Training
    …………………..….#Program Enrichment Day-Oregon City
    December 9 ………….……#New Leader Essentials-Vancouver
    December 11 ……….#Program Age Level Training-Vancouver
    December 13-14 ……………….………….#Zoo Lights Zoo Snooze
    December 24-January 2 …………..….…………….Council Closed
    December 25 …………………………#Breakfast for the Homeless
    January 8-10 …………………………..…..……Older Girl Retreat
    February 21 ……………………..……#Council Thinking Day Event
    May 21-23 …………..………………….…..Neighborhood Campout

    # = Council Event - not all events listed. Please check your G.R.E.A.T. Guide for more information.

    Service Team

    1998-1999 Service Team

    Neighborhood Chair…………….Deb W
    Registrar…………………………Carol J
    Brownie Program Consultant….Natalie L
    Junior Program Consultant…….Helen S
    Treasurer…………………………Jan A

    Mirror Contributors

    Editor………………………..…………….….Gail B
    Content …………………………………..……..…Service Team
    Special Service Section ….……….GSUSA, Internet, Gail B
    Council Quotes ………………..….…Service Team Newsletter
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    November Puzzler Answers :

    R + + T + R + N + C + T A 
    + E E B O + I + O C H R I 
    E A V I R A + U + A R O B 
    M C N U T O N + N D I I M 
    D E I N O C W K + E V N U 
    S A U V I C S N + T E U L 
    + O I L R G N + I T R J O 
    M + + S I E + A W E I V C 
    + + + V Y + S + V + + + + 
    + + I N O T G N I H S A W 
    + N T R A I N I N G + + + 
    G S R E D A E L A D U L T 
    + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    WordOver Down Direction
    ADULT 3 9 N
    BROWNIE 133 SW
    CADETTE 7 11 W
    COLUMBIA 13 4 S
    COUNCIL2 1 S
    DAISY 13 12 NW
    JUNIOR 10 2 SW
    LEADERS 1 7 N
    MOUNTAIN 13 8 NW
    RIVER 3 10 NE
    SENIOR 6 12 W
    SERVICE 5 6 SE
    TEAM 9 9 SE
    TRAINING 4 8 N
    VANCOUVER 13 13 W
    VIEW 9 1 E

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