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Neighborhood News

"Proud to Be Washington Scout Patch"

Hi, I'm working on my "Business Wise" badge. If your a Boy or Girl Scout in Washington State and would like to buy a patch that says "Proud To Be A Washington Scout". Please send me $1.50 per patch and a SASE to:

If you’re writing a check make it out to Troop 1013. The profits will go toward helping our troop attend the Girl Scout Jamboree in South Dakota next July. The patch has a green border, red lettering, with the outline of Washington State in black, with our state bird and flower in appropriate colors.

Thank you,

Neighborhood Meeting Schedule for Year 1999-2000

Neighborhood meeting are held at Hearthwood Elementary School in the Media Center. The address is 801 Hearthwood, Blvd.; Vancouver. Meetings are from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Monday evenings unless otherwise stated. Tentatively the Neighborhood meeting schedule for the 1999-200 school year is as follows:

Service Team Meeting Schedule for Year 1999-2000

The Service Team holds monthly meetings in the Media Center of the Hearthwood Elementary School from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday evenings, unless otherwise stated. The tentative schedule for the 1999-2000 school year is as follows:

“Learn-In” Filling Up Rapidly!

Are you registered for the “Learn-In”? It is an adult weekend training and get-together event that will be held this weekend at Camp Arrowhead. Here is your chance to see Camp Arrowhead as a camper. Take age-appropriate level training, experience fellowship with other Girl Scout adults, learn new songs, and have a great time in the out-of-doors. It is filling rapidly, so don’t delay….REGISTER TOMORROW!

Recruitment Night

Help is needed to make the Neighborhood Recruitment Night a success. On Tuesday, September 28, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Riverview Elementary the Mountain View Neighborhood will be recruiting new girls and adults. Contact the Membership Team (Carol Jensen) to help out with this important event. There is a patch available! Set-up will begin at 6:30 for those that help.

Call for Brownie and Junior Pen Pals

I have a Brownie and Junior troop in MOUNTAIN VIEW NEIGHBORHOOD in Frederick County, Maryland. I would LOVE to be "sister troops" with a couple of the troops in your Neighborhood for a scouting year - since our Neighborhoods are named the same!! If anyone would be interested, please have them e-mail me!

This would be a great "PEN PAL" program -- and BOTH of my troops are very active!! I hope to hear from someone soon!

Barb (East Coast) Mountain View Neighborhood in Frederick, Maryland

Can You Help This Girl?

Kristina is an 11 year old Girl Scout with AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) She was diagnosed April 6, 1998. She went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy. She enjoyed a very short remission before she relapsed; the cancer came back stronger, invading her liver, kidneys and other organs. She went through stronger chemotherapy and still did not achieve remission. On July 27, 1999 Kristina had a mismatched cord blood transplant. This is an experimental procedure. Hopefully that will save her life. She loves ty Beanie Babies, Reading, Robin Williams movies and painting. Her birthday is October 9. We are asking for a card shower for Kristina....just to let her know that she's not alone. The cards can be sent to:

Please pass this on to any other Girl Scout Troops that you know and thanks for Troop #316.

“Juliette” Is Coming!

On November 10, Vancouver will have the pleasure to host “Juliette Gordon Low” for a special one-night performance that is sure to please Girl Scouts aged 5-95. This is a one-woman show presented by Lois Siemer, a Girl Scout Volunteer from Illinois. This one-of-a-kind event will take place at Discovery Middle School starting at 6:30. Cost is only $2.00 per person, and there is also a special patch just for this event. For more information please call Gail Branum at 256-9554. Admission is by pre-purchased ticket ONLY, and there is a deadline for purchase of tickets and for the pre-order on patches! For more information, read what Lois says:

========= WHAT IS THE PROGRAM ABOUT? ========

It is an hour-long slide program. I dress in full dress uniform and portray Juliette, her life and times. I address the fact that her father was a southerner who fought in the Civil War, her mother was a northerner who loved and supported her husband throughout their marriage, that Juliette had her problems with math and spelling, she was deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other ear, she had a failed marriage and that she had cancer.

She didn’t wake up one day and say, “I am going to be a great person someday!” She woke up and said, “I will be the best that I can be today.” She faced each new day with faith, hope and love for her God, her country, her family and her friends. She loved her Girl Scouts. We are her living legacy.


Photo sessions are encouraged, however, audio/video-taping are not permitted during the program.

Please ask your guests to turn off their beepers/cell phones during the hour-long program.


The ‘light of Juliette’ is just that. About 1914, there was a young girl in Juliette’s troop who received ‘the light’ from Juliette. When she became an adult, she PASSED THE LIGHT on to her council in Arizona. Someone, from the Arizona Council, PASSED THE LIGHT to Julie (at Macy’s) and Julie PASSED THE LIGHT on to me this past spring while I was in Florida. <<>>

It is especially moving when the lights are turned off as the light is being passed. Traditions! I love them. The ‘light’ has been passed nation-wide by me, a.k.a. ‘Juliette’ (the candles will only be held by the adults).

New Girl Scout Patches Teach Girls How To Be Media-Literate

Girl Scouts of the USA recently launched a new group of related patches, along with a series of instructional booklets, written to help young girls think more critically about what they hear, see, and read in the media. Girls can earn the patches, which are geared to different age levels but all appropriately called Media Know-How, by closely examining the messages communicated via the airwaves and print media.

Each booklet is age-appropriate and uses fun exercises to help girls become more media-literate. For example, Media Know-How for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts (girls ages 5–8), which is narrated by eight-year-old Kate, helps girls learn how to evaluate the messages they receive from various media sources—from TV shows to popular songs on the radio. Heavily illustrated, the booklet contains activities and puzzles that will appeal to young girls in this age range.

Written for preteen girls, who are just starting to explore their need for creativity and independence, Media Know-How for Junior Girl Scouts (girls ages 8–11) uses the fictional game show Media Meltdown to introduce information about various media. As an additional exercise, a Girl Scout troop may actually play and create a game show, using information it has gathered from television, videos, magazines, and the Internet.

Because older girls tend to think more critically, Media Know-How for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts (ages 11–18) provides information that will help girls create magazines, videos, lyrics, and Web pages. As an optional exercise, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts can share these works with younger girls.

After girls have read their booklets and participated in some of the activities, they may receive their Media Know-How patches. The patches, which reflect the activities in the books, are different for each age level: for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts, the patch has a picture of a book; for Junior Girl Scouts, the patch has a picture of a clapper board; and for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts, the patch has a picture of a computer. The patches are worn on the back of the uniform sash or vest.

A Cute Bundle of Joy and Fun…

It all started months ago, you decided that you would love to have an addition to your home. To share with others, something you could look after and show your world to. The arrangements are made and the timing is perfect. All that is left to do is wait for the day to arrive.

The package finally arrives, you have been waiting so long to see what it is. The delivery is made, so what is it. You carefully look at the little package and to your delight, you find a cuddly little mascot.

That’s right you now have a mascot that has traveled from across the other side of the world. A little mascot that can’t wait to meet your unit/troop, to play with the girls, to learn new things and see another part of the world. They want to be able to tell their home troop/unit all about their adventures. Of course the first thing you should do is actually let the home troop/unit know that their mascot has arrived safely. Have a read through their journal to see what other things the mascot has been doing. Also check to see whether the mascot has come from another group on the itinerary it may be nice to let the last group know that the mascot has arrived safely.

Mascots are a great way to learn about Guiding/Girl Scouting all around the world.

You have the mascot come and visit you for a month or so and take the mascot to all of your meetings, activities or even family outings. Take photos, keep a journal and swap badges or SWAPS with the home troop.

The mascot usually brings with it some information about its home troop/unit along with some information about the area it comes from.

Then when the mascot finally goes home it shows its unit/troop all the adventures it has had.

Mascots do come in all shapes and sizes. From that little tiny kitten to a large stuffed toy, most mascots are chosen to represent the area they live in. Some are chosen by the unit/troop because they are cute, they are usually named by the troop/unit.

You can find out more about mascots by visiting

Sue Callaghan
South Australia

Program Ideas

Daisy Fun - Rock Necklace
Use a rock collected from a special place or during a special outing.

  1. You need:
    • Rock
    • Hemp
    • Low Temp Glue Gun
  2. Instructions:
    • Cut a 1-yard piece of hemp. Attach to the back of the rock with a glue gun. Wrap hemp several times around rock, securing as necessary with glue. Tie ends together to form a necklace.
  3. Variation:
    • Use a seashell instead of a rock.

Try-It Activity - Flubber

This is a great recipe for fun and learning about chemical reactions.

  1. What you will need:
    • Mixture #1:
      • ¾ Cup Warm Water
      • 1 cup Elmer’s Glue
      • Food Coloring
    • Mixture #2:
      • 2 tsp. Borax
      • ½ cup Warm Water
  2. Here’s how to make it:
    • Stir mixture #1 together in one bowl, mixture #2 in another bowl. Make sure both are mixed well. Pour mixture #1 into mixture #2. No need to stir, just reach in and pull out glob of flubber! Work it for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Moms love it because it’s not too messy
  • Kids love it because it’s fun
  • Makes a good science experiment

    Junior Badge Activity - Braided Suede Friendship Bracelet

    What do you admire most about your friend? Is she generous? ... loyal ....kind?

    Make this special gift to let them know how you feel by choosing your bead colors from the list below.

    Generous Orange
    Loyal Blue
    Kind Pink
    Responsible Green
    Honest Red
    Cheerful Yellow

    You Need:
  • 8 Feet Suede Lacing
  • 3 Pony Beads


  • Cut lacing into three 2' pieces and two 6". Use one 6" piece to tie together the three 2' pieces. Make the knot about 4" from the end as shown.

    Braid together the three 2' pieces for about 1". Slide a pony bead onto the middle lace and continue braiding for another inch. Add another pony bead and continue for another 1" then adding the last pony bead. Finish by braiding for another inch and use the remaining 6" piece of suede to tie off. Trim ends.

    Cadette / Senior Troop Number Swap

    1. You need:
      • Craft Foam
      • Number Beads
      • Tacky Glue
      • Jewelry Craft Pin
      • Hemp
      • Wooden Beads
    2. Instructions:
      • Cut a trefoil out of craft foam. Glue troop numbers on to trefoil. Decorate with hemp and beads. Glue pin to back.

    Troop Talk

    Daisy Doings

    This section is for you, the Daisy Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Brownie Bits

    This section is for you, the Brownie Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Junior Journal

    This section is for you, the Junior Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

    Cadette & Senior Sentinel

    This section is for you, the Cadette or Senior Troop Leader or Cadette or Senior Girl, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

  • Troop 72 (Roxanne G / Natalie L) – 12 girls and 5 adults spent a beautiful summer day in August on a white-water rafting adventure on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. Early on the morning of August 26, we loaded into 4 vehicles and set off for Maupin, Oregon. By 9 a.m. the majority of us had arrived…(be sure everyone has maps if you go on an outing), and shortly thereafter we all found ourselves being shuttled upriver. After applying plenty of sunscreen and life-vests, we clambered aboard three different rafts and then waited for our guides to give us proper instructions on all aspects of white-water rafting safety and what each command meant. We barely had time to get accustomed to working together as teams before it was time to don our helmets for the first category 3 and 4 rapids. The remainder of the day was spent in a series of leisurely (at times) and exciting adventures as we traversed 8 miles of river, numerous rapids, and enjoyed a barbecue lunch mid-day. At the end of the trip we were 17 sun-burnt, yet happy rafters that piled into the vehicles for the trip home through The Dalles, where we stopped for Supper. What a great way to start out our Girl Scout year!

    Dates to Remember

    September 20 …………………..………Neighborhood Meeting
    September 24-26 …………………..…#Learn-In @ Arrowhead
    September 28 …….Fall Recruitment @ Riverview Elementary
    October 1 …………...#Registration opens for Dec-Feb Events
    October 2 …………………………...……#Fall Beach Clean-Up
    October 7 ………...……#Wider Op Training @ Service Center
    October 6 ………………………………..Service Team Meeting
    October 9 …………….…….. Deadline to order J.O.T. Patches
    October 15-17 …………………….….#Troop Camping Special
    October 18 ………………………………Neighborhood Meeting
    October 23 ……………………………...#Hangin’ With Ms. Low
    October 29 ………………………….…….#Wider Ops Deadline
    October 31 ………………………...…… Juliette Low’s Birthday
    ……………..……………Deadline to register for J.O.T.
    ……………………………#Photo Seek & Search Ends
    November 3 ……………………………..Service Team Meeting
    November 6 ………...…#Service Team Training in Vancouver
    ………………...………#Cookie Program Mgr. Training
    November 10 ……………...… Juliette On Tour in Vancouver
    November 11 ……………………………….……..Veteran’s Day
    January 3 ………...……..Nbhd. Meeting is COOOKIE Training
    January 15 …………..……………#Cookie Order Taking starts
    January 25 ……………..………….#Cookie Order Taking ends

    # = Council Event - not all events listed. Please check your G.R.E.A.T. Guide for more information.

    Service Team

    1999-2000 Service Team

    Neighborhood Co-Chairs……Deb W / Roxanne G / Judy C
    Membership Team …………..Carol J / Lynn K / Virginia S / Suzanne B
    Leader Support Team …(Brownie) Natalie L / (Daisy) Nichole J / (Brownie) Sue F / (Cadette) Roxanne G
    Communications Team ……...Carol H / Gail B / Gail B
    Finance/Cookie Team………...Linda S / Jan A / Deb W
    Awards & Recognition Team…..LeAnn C / Helen S / Diane K
    Events Team …………………..Zina Y / Diana A
    Community Resource Team…......Lisa P / Mary Beth J / Carol H

    Mirror Contributors

    Editor………………………..…………….….Gail B
    Content ……………………………………….……Service Team
    Troop Talk ……………………………………………Our Troops
    Council Quotes...................Delivery Team Dispatch
    Program Ideas………………………………………Gail B

    Staying Young

    Age Barometer
    How many of these do you remember?

    1. Blackjack chewing gum
    2. Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water
    3. Candy cigarettes
    4. Soda pop machines that dispensed bottles
    5. Coffee shops with table side jukeboxes
    6. Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers
    7. Party lines
    8. Newsreels before the movie
    9. P.F. Flyers
    10. Butch wax
    11. Telephone numbers with a word prefix (Olive - 6933)
    12. Peashooters
    13. Howdy Doody
    14. 45 RPM records
    15. S&H Green Stamps
    16. Hi-fi's
    17. Metal ice trays with levers
    18. Mimeograph paper
    19. Blue flashbulbs
    20. Beanie and Cecil
    21. Roller skate keys
    22. Cork popguns
    23. Drive-ins
    24. Studebakers
    25. Wash tub wringers

    Now, if you are feeling older than you really want to be…here is something just for YOU!


    By this certificate know ye that


    walk in the rain, jump in mud puddles, collect rainbows, smell flowers, blow bubbles, stop along the way, build sandcastles, watch the moon and stars come out, say hello to everyone, go barefoot, go on adventures, sing in the shower, have a merry heart, read children's books, act silly, take bubble baths, get new sneakers, hold hands & hug & kiss, dance, fly kites, laugh out loud and cry out loud, wander around, wonder about stuff, feel scared & sad & mad & happy, give up worry & guilt & shame, stay innocent, say yes and no and the magic words, ask lots of questions, ride bicycles, draw and paint and color, see things differently, fall down and get up again, talk with animals, look at the sky, trust the universe, stay up late, climb trees, take naps ,do nothing, daydream, play with toys, play under the covers, have pillow fights, learn new stuff, get excited about everything, be a clown, enjoy having a body, listen to music, find out how things work, make up new rules, tell stories, save the world, make friends and do anything that brings more happiness, celebration, relaxation, communication, health, love, joy, creativity, pleasure, abundance, grace, self-esteem, courage, balance, spontaneity, passion, peace, beauty, and life energy to all humans and beings of this planet.

    FURTHERMORE, the above named member is officially authorized to frequent amusement parks, beaches, meadows, mountaintops, swimming pools, forests, playgrounds, picnic areas, summer areas, summer camps, birthday parties, circuses, bakeries, ice cream parlors, theaters, aquariums, zoos, museums, planetariums, toys stores, festivals and other places where children of all ages gather to play AND is encouraged to always remember the motto of




    “KEWL” Internet Site of the Month
    A new or fun place each month with ideas that can be used with troops…especially for those leaders connected online!
    for Kids Naturely

    Council Quotes

    Girl Scout Gatherings are exciting events for Girl Scouts, their friends, and any girl interested in joining Girl Scouts. There will be crafts, games and other fun activities. We need enthusiastic Girl Scout troops to run these activities. It’s a great way to kick off the membership year. Adults and girls who attend to learn more about Girl Scouting are most excited when they talk to current Girl Scout members. If your Girl Scout troop would like to help, check the G.R.E.A.T. Guide Preview for date and time information, and contact the Girl Scout Service Center. Talk to your Neighborhood Organizer about earning a recruitment patch by helping out with a Gathering.

    Effective October 1, 1999, all Girl Scout accounts, existing and new, will no longer “reflect/use/include” the corporate tax identification number. The tax identification number will be replaced with one of the account signer’s social security numbers. This growth management “strategy” will eliminate the need for Girl Scout adults to maintain their accounts through the Girl Scout office. This includes opening, closing, and changing signers. Your banking needs can be taken care of directly with your bank saving you time and energy, and possibly fees.

    U.S. Bank has announced that effective October 1 all Girl Scout accounts will be charged a monthly fee. Feel free to explore different account options, as well as other banks to get the best possible deal for Girl Scout funds.

    Changes reflecting the new procedures found in the Policies and Procedures, Section III Finances, Policy B: All troops, groups, and Neighborhoods are required to establish a bank account, when the balance of funds exceeds $100.00. Procedures:

    1. Bank accounts and checks shall bear the name of Girl Scouts – Columbia River Council, Inc. and the Girl Scout troop # and/or Neighborhood name/#. Individuals’ names shall not appear on checks to allow for changes in leadership.
    2. All checking and savings accounts shall require dual signatures for withdrawal and check writing. All signatures must be non-related Girl Scouts and over the age of 18.

    Learn-In: Friday, September 24 - Sunday, September 26, 1999. Come Friday night or Saturday morning to Camp Arrowhead, but come join other adult volunteers for a wondrous weekend in the woods. Network with familiar and unfamiliar faces. Have fun! Be refreshed and renewed. Laugh and enjoy the camaraderie of those making good things happen for girls.

    Registration for this event is required. Meals and sleeping accommodations are provided for all participants. Also, participants must pre-register for New Leader Essentials, Program Age Level, Go Outdoors!, and Girl and Science training. Workshops on travel, traditions, recognitions and other topics are available with registration on site. There will be many ideas to store away for your Girl Scout troop. See the G.R.E.A.T. Guide for details and registration form.

    G.R.E.A.T. Guides have been mailed to each registered household. Additional G.R.E.A.T. Guides are sent to the Neighborhood for new Girl Scouts and volunteers. Take note of the new registration opening dates and the many events this fall where a Girl Scout troop can just “show up”. Brownie Try-It kits are another new addition. Let the girls in the Girl Scout troop discover the fun and new experiences they can find in the G.R.E.A.T. Guide events as they plan for their Girl Scout year.

    Do Girl Scouts in your area know about the amazing national and international opportunities available to them? Increase their options. Two enlightening clinics are offered to bridging Junior, Cadette, and Senior Girl Scouts. They will cover Wider Opportunities, Leadership Institutes, and the Four World Centers. Come be inspired by meeting past Wider Opportunity participants and hearing about their great adventure and growth.

    These clinics will be November 20 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and January 8, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Girl Scout office.

    Call the Secretary to the Director of Membership Support to reserve your spot at least two weeks in advance. 1-800-338-5248 x 6546.

    Can’t make the clinics? Representatives are available to talk about Wider Opportunities at Neighborhood Leaders Meetings and events. Call the Girl Scout office to set one up.

    PARKING RESERVED FOR YOU! When you visit the Girl Scout office park up front. The row of spaces near the front door is reserved for volunteers and visitors. Don’t be shy…park there!

    Regal Cinemas has cancelled the CANS Film Festival this year. The Oregon Food Bank and other food pantries still need food. This offers a great service opportunity for Girl Scout troops.

    Girls may attend one meeting before registering as a Girl Scout.

    For Girl Scout troops looking for ways to help the “Breakfast for the Homeless”, warm clothes are always needed. Any Girl Scout troop interested in making fleece hats, mittens, or other outerwear can call the Membership Support team at the Girl Scout office. We can provide you with information on where to get free fleece scraps to sew into these much needed items.

    The 1999-2000 G.R.E.A.T. Guide was mailed to each registered household in August. Look for new events and trainings, decentralized programs hosted by Neighborhoods and changes in other events. Keep your eyes open for other council publications throughout the year for announcements on programs and availability at Mountaindale, more information on “Apples From The Same Tree” – the council Encampment, and other opportunities throughout the year. Encourage girls and adults to hold onto their G.R.E.A.T. Guide for reference throughout the year. Pass on any additional or extra copies to those who may want it.

    The following changes have been made from the Preview:

      The Lifeguard Training I and II, originally scheduled for September, has been cancelled. The Lifeguard Challenge will still be held in the Spring.

      Community First Aid Training will not be held at the Learn In.

      The Wonders of the Wetlands for Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts will be on Saturday, October 16 instead of October 9.

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