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~ Angels Together ~

Louise, I never saw your face or held your hand
or stroked your hair at night.
But this I know, to your mommy and daddy you are their special light.
Did you meet my angel boy Christopher at heaven's gate?
Did you reach for his hand when he told you of his fate?
I know you will take care of him
because that is the kind of girl you are.
And I know at night when it is late
your mommy longs to feel you near.
I can tell her I understand somewhat how she feels,
I can tell her that this nightmare just shouldn't be real.
I can hold her hand and walk with her if she wants me to,
Because I have lost also, and hope that my boy is with you.
We will always miss you both,
We just didn't want you to go.
But I can feel that you and Christopher
will be with us everywhere we go.

~ Maria Faller, Christopher's Mommy ~

(Note from the Author: Louise helped me write this with love to her mommy,
Rosemary, who just happens to be my best buddy.
I'm so glad to have "met" her even though the circumstances are so sad.
All my love, always, Maria (Christopher's mommy)


As You Hold Me Close In Memory
Even though we are apart
My Spirit will live on,
There, within your heart…
I am with you always
When you lean on trusted friends
And their caring hugs enfold you,
Within their loving arms
I'll be there to hold you…
I am with you always

And beyond the far horizon,
When we'll be together
Where love will be eternal
And life will last forever
I am with you always
~ Author Unknown

If You Could See Me Now

I know that you are heartbroken
and sad that I am gone.
But I am in Heaven now, Momma,
and I've never once been left alone.

Oh I wish you could see me now.
Heaven is a beautiful place to be.
Jesus is the light that shines here.
And He walks daily with me.

Oh, the skies are never gray here.
And it never ever rains.
And, although I know you still feel it...
Up here, there is no pain.

Angels are always singing for me.
Their voices are beautiful and clear.
I am in the presence of loved ones.
And Momma, I haven't seen one tear!

I know that you are hurting for me.
And I can't make your pain disappear.
But if you could see me now, you'd know
I am happy in Heaven
and I still love you from here!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2000

To Our Heart Angels With Love . . .
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