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welcome to PTBH!!

Welcome to the Proud To Be Heartland Webring. We are so glad
you landed here! Alright the Proud To be heartland ring is growing from time to time. We already have over 200 sites in this ring and is growing almost everyday. We thank you so much for all of your support!

Joining the ring is easy and not to mention fun. But there is some
guidelines you will have to obey first! Here they are :

1.  You MUST live in Heartland Geocities

2. Your site MUST not violate geocities content guidelines

3. No pornography or profainity on your pages!

4. When joining the ring, please upload the ring graphic to your
server! Linking will slow down the process and the ring traffic.

5. When applying, make sure you input the url of the page
where you are going to place the HTML fragment.
*This is very important! Don't make me hunt for the ring! :(*

That's it. Easy and fun rite? Well let's get going by filling
in the form!

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are gonna place the ring!*

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Once the fragment is up, this is what you will get.
Remember to get the graphic and upload it to your server too!

I'm proud to live in heartland!

My name is Shazzy and My site
is Proud to be Heartland!

Heartland - The Heart Of Geocities!

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We already have more than 200 sites
in the ring within 12 Months!

One More thing! We also now have the fragments page.
For AOLers or if you don't like the default fragment.
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