Tired of the old dinner out on your anniversary? Take a look at some of these ideas to help spark that romantic creativity of yours.

See if there are any festivals going on in your state. Hold hands, eat cotton candy, see the sights, then drive back for a romantic night at home.

Anniversaries donít always have to be so female oriented. How about a trip to the races: cars, trucks, horses. Find something to root for and have fun. Hey, it was romantic in Pretty Woman.

Check to see any special programs nearby such as a new exhibit at the museum or a unusual presentation at the planetarium.

You can still go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant, but try dressing up to make it more romantic. Talk about your favorite memories of the past years you have been married.

Go to the park after the kiddies have all gone home for the night. Swing on the swings, ride the slide together, play tag. And when you are all worn out find a place to make out like crazy.

Have a fun night of miniature golfing, go carts and ice cream at an ice cream stand.

Spend the night at a hotel with a pool or in room whirlpool. Very romantic and relaxing.

Take out your tent and go camping, just the two of you. Take a midnight stroll in the woods. Look up at the stars. Cuddle by a fire.

Buy two train tickets. Hop on the train and get off someplace you've never been, but sounds interesting. Spend the day there, then take a train back. This also works for driving-but make sure you have a really good map!

If you have a whole weekend, you can kidnap your husband to a bed and breakfast in a quaint town.

Take a hiking weekend. Get two matching backpacks and locate a state park with good hiking trails.

Pack a picnic basket with cheese, french bread and grape juice with wine glasses. Spread out a cozy blanket and enjoy the day together. Bring along a frisbee, kite or water guns for fun.

Go to the beach, just the two of you. Did you forget how much fun it is without the kids to watch?

Go on a bike riding adventure. Practice bike riding together for a few weeks before so you get your stamina. Then take a long bike ride, camp or get a motel, then ride your bikes back.

Buy a couple pairs of rollerblades and try them out together. Be sure to buy knee pads, wrist pads, too.

Find out if the local college is holding an event, concert or play.

For the competitive spirits, hold a board game tournament. Spend the night beathing each other at scrabble and trivial pursuit.

Make a candle light dinner at home. Rent a movie you both love, put flower petals on the bed, take a bubble bath together and enjoy each otherís company.

Go to the farmers market together. Get pretty flowers and some delicious fruit. Make a fruit salad together and eat out on the porch. Or go berry picking together and make strawberry shortcake or something else delicious.

Go out dancing or if hubby is shy, buy some great new CDís and dance the night away at home.

I hope you found some fun and romantic ideas. If you have anymore to share e-mail me

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