I want to thank everyone who has given me an award. When you click on an award you will go to their page. Please visit these wonderful people.

Visit a really homey home
Received July 22, 1997

Visit this beautiful page devoted to orchids and other growing things.
Received July 3, 1997

You really should visit Grandma. She will brighten up your day.
Received June 7, 1997

Sheila's Site of the Week
Isn't this a most beautiful award?
Received June 3, 1997

Hidden Scroll
See if you can find the hidden scroll at this romantic, enchanting place
Found May 25, 1997

This award is from one of the friendliest people I have met
Received May 21, 1997

Have you signed a guestbook lately? I'm sure someone would love to hear from you.
Received April 8, 1997

A joyful couple with a really fun site
Received April 7, 1997

Visit all the wonderful Happy Families from her site
Received March 24th.

This is a huge wonderful site.
Received March 25, 1997

And this is my first award I got on March 4th. The first is always special.

Thanks Rikki!


Thanks to all who thought enough of my site to give it an award.

Sweet Petite

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