I want to thank everyone who has given me an award. When you click on an award you will go to their page. I don't submit my site to awards so it is especially sweet when my site is acknowledged. Please visit these wonderful people.

From my SOS sisters
Received: July 1, 199

Thanks Oregon Rose
Received: July 12, 1999

I was Rosehaven's Pick of the Week

Thanks Rose, my wonderful Heartland Home Front leader
Received:August 24, 1998

Thanks Gammy, friend and fellow elf!



Received April 7, 1998

The Fires Of Excellence
Never Fade
Received March 11, 1998

This was from being a participant in her research project.
Received March 8, 1998

Look here for wonderful web art.
Received March 10, 1998

From Bodeca, a beautiful poet.
Received Dec. 8, 1997

From Jaci, a warm, strong, wonderful woman.
Received August 28, 1997

From my kindred spirit, Amy. See her inspirational home of deep thoughts.
Received August 26, 1997

Thanks to all who thought enough of my site to give it an award.

Sweet Petite

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