Things to Do in January

Take down your Christmas decorations

Go to a real live Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers at the theater

Set some goals

Teach someone to play chess or checkers, or learn yourself.

Make snow oatmeal, a favorite treat of our daughters. Instead of water in the oatmeal, you use snow.

Read Barbara Taylor Bradford's Living Romantically Every Day

Bring your old toys and clothes to Goodwill.

Start to Get Organized

January 15, try on a bunch of hats at the store for National Hat Day.

Begin an exercise program

Browse local art galleries or museums. If there isn't anything nearby, check out some art books from the library.

Ask morning power questions

Jan 18th watch a video for Winnie the Pooh day

Take a notebook to a coffee house and write out your thoughts.

Tour your house and make a list of all the things you want to work on.

Make a plan to get rid of any credit card debt from the holidays.

Ski, sled, snowboard, hike or swim depending on where you live.

Visit or just view some old homes in your area.


List the three things that would make today fantastic- then do them.