It is so hard to decide what to pack in kid's and sometimes adult's lunches day after day. Here are some ideas and if you have anymore send them in:

Sandwhiches: PB&J, lunch meat, egg salad, tuna on breads, bagels, tortillas, sub buns, pitas
Sandwhich alternatives: Yogurt or cottage cheese, right next to cold thermos, thermos of soup, pasta salad, hot dog on a string in hot water in thermos, cereal in a sandwhich bag and milk in thermos
Vegies: Carrots sticks, celery, pickles, raw broccoli and cauliflower
Fruit: Fresh fruit, canned in tupperware (not those expensive single cans), raisins, dried fruit, applesauce
Beverages: Fill thermos 1/4 full with juice, milk, etc and put in freezer. When you fill it the rest of the way in the morning it will be cold till lunch. Just make sure the thermos doesn't fall out of the freezer. Mine cracked last year, Oops.
Snacks: Crackers and cheese, peanuts, string cheese, breadsticks, granola bar, bagel, biscuits, popped popcorn,chips in a sandwhich bag
Desserts: Pudding in tupperware, homemade cookies, muffins, trail mix, fruit roll ups

I would love to post some more of your own menu plans or menu planning ideas. Email me at

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