Things to Do in March

Celebrate National Women's History Month.

In this first week of March write a letter to a mentor or friend in National Write a Letter Of Appreciation Week

Open a savings account and start saving at least 10% if your income.

Start planning your summer vacation.

Lent begins March 5th.

Subscribe to a magazine that will help you in your career, it's even tax deductible.

March 10 have a long chat with your best friend to celebrate the anniversary of the telephone.

Buy your seeds and other gardening supplies, and dream about your garden.

Wear green on March 17th.

The first day of spring in March 20th. Buy some spring flowers for your table, fly a kite, take a walk.

Host an Oscar party

Sponser a Child.

Give your car a really good cleaning, inside and out.

Plan a nice spring dinner for your family.

Update your wardrobe with a striped shirts or a bright purse.

Find some pussy willow branches to take home.

Make a spring wreath.

Go on a Sunday drive near the beach, mountains or other scenic views.

Update your resume.

Take the word "should" out of your vocabulary.

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