Month 1

Week 1

I took my measurements this week and made up a exercise scedule for every day this month. So my goal for every day this week is to do the exercise I planned. Here are some workouts to use:

Denise Austin's at Lifetime TV

Workout Planner from Simply Fit

Free,customized workout plan

Body for Life Workout plan for PDA's

Workouts from A-Z

Workouts from Shape magazine

You can log your workouts on printable workout sheets.

The reward for finishing a weeks worth of workouts: Reading a novel all the way through.

Week 2

This week's goal is to take a multi-vitamin and extra vitamin C every day. Dr. Weil has some good information about vitamins.

The reward: A bubble bath is waiting for me Saturday.

Week 3

This week I will be trying to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. To find some easy ways to get your five a day check out these websites:

Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day

How to Get 5 Fruits and Vegetables a Day

Eating your Way to 5 a Day

Take the 5 a day challenge

Dole 5 A Day

The Reward: Have half a day alone this weekend

Week 4

I will buy whole grain pasta and brown rice and incorporate them into my menu planning. For some recipes and reasons for whole grains visit:

Cooking with Rice

Recipes with Brown Rice

Whole Wheat Pasta Recipes

The Reward: At least one nap this week

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