Things to Do in October
1. Visit the local nature center.

2. Write a letter of appreciation to your clergy member for Clergy Appreciation Month.

3. Go for a round of golf on National Golf Day, Oct. 4.

4. Go on a retreat to focus on your goals for the rest of the year.

5. Oct. 13 is the National Peanut Festival. Get some peanuts in their shells to celebrate.

6. Organize your office.

7. Make an autumn centerpiece with colorful leaves, mini pumpkins and gourds.

8. Plant daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs.

9. Oct. 19 is evaluate your life day, take time to go over your values and how your year has been so far.

10. Take a Sunday drive through the country to watch the leaves and to have a picnic.

11. Make jello jigglers.

12. Stay inside most of the day, relaxing, for National Hermit Day the 29th.

13. Make sure your address book is updated before the holidays.

14. Go on a hayride, horseback riding or take a hike to enjoy the cooler weather.

15. Revive a hobby. When was the last time you made time to scrapbook, write, do genealogy or whatever hobby you enjoy?

16. Clean your rings in an ammonia and water soak.

17. Get pumpkins at the pumpkin patch or farmerís market rather than the grocery store.

18. Winterize your home.

19. Make up a family health plan, to get fit together.

20. Dress up for Halloween.

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