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Even very organized people have a hard time with the basement. It is so easy to just dump things where no one will see it. This month I am working on organizing the basement with my family. We are going room by room, clockwise and top to bottom. We are going to hit every space.

We began in the kids' play room. Toys everywhere! Most of the toys the kids were too old for anyway. We started with the group of toy shelves along the wall. We systematically took everything of each shelf, one shelf at a time. Toys either went into the goodwill pile, the trash bag or in a pile to go back on the shelf. The shelf was sprayed off so all the dust disappeared.

We organized the toys -cars together, legos together, Barbie stuff together, etc. The smaller toys ended up in baby wipe containers. The really large toys like Hot Wheels track we put in big RubberMaid totes.

Next we will do my scrapbook area and my daughter's craft area.

Here are some links I found to help organize the basement:
From Martha Stewart
Storing Safely
Basement Floor Plan
Basement Family Room


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Books to Read

30 Days to a Simpler Life Simplifying How-to's
500 Ideas for Organizing Everything by Sheree Bykofsky- Short, organizing tips
Conquering the Paper Pile-Up and others by Stephanie Culp- What to do with every piece of paper from A-Z
Creating a SenseSational Home by Terry Willits- Using each of your senses to create a wonderful home
Creative Home Organizer, More Hours in My Day and others by Emilie Barnes- Organizing ideas with a Christian perspective
Getting Organized by Stephanie Winston, the organizing guru and the first organizing book I got
Lighten Up How to free yourself from clutter
Living a Beautiful Life > and others by Alexandra Stoddard- Decorating ideas for your house and so much more
Organize Yourself > by Ronni Eisenberg with Kate Kelly- Very complete organizing book
Shelter for the Spirit making your home into a haven
Sidetracked Home Executives and The New Sidetracked Home Executives and Get Your Act Together by Pam Young and Peggy Jones- Books that I based my maintenance plan on
Sink Reflections Flylady's Baby Step Guide
Taming the Paper Tiger by Barbara Hemphill- Organizing you calender, files and to do lists
The Organization Map by Pam McClellen- Room by room organizing
The Messie's Manual and other Messie books by Sandra Felton- Lifesaving books when you feel you are going under because of your disorganization

A home can make families stressed or relaxed, wired or calm, irritable or peaceful. Show your love for your family by working with them to make your home organized and beautiful.
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