I read a book by Jennifer Louden called, "The Women's Comfort Book." In it she suggests making a pleasure schedule weekly. On Sunday find some fun things to do during the day. It is also important to find balance in your renewing:physical, mental, spiritual and social. Each day schedule two or three things. Here is an example:

Sunday: Take a long walk with the kids
Bible study
Take a spiritual retreat Monday:Read a novel
Go dancing with friends
Visit the library and catch up on some magazines.
Wednesday:Go Rollerblading
Work on a crossward puzzle
Thursday:Go to the movies with a friend
Extra prayer time
Short morning walk
Friday:Go on a bike ride
Go window shopping
Candlelight dinner with hubby
Saturday:Go on a hike with your family
Listen to your favorite music
Watch the sunset

She also has finished a book called the Comfort Queen's Guide to Life. Extremely insightful and filled with questions to ask yourself as you go on life's journey. Questions like: What is one thing I could do in the days ahead to become the person I most want to be? Am I doing something for someone else I need to be doing for myself? What am I doing for myself that I could be doing for someone I love?

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