Love and romance doesn't have to dwindle after marriage. We can keep our marriages strong by continuing to spend time with one another.And if you are new in a relationships there are some great date ideas below.

Is your anniversary coming up? Here are some creative Anniversary Ideas.

Want some frugal dating ideas? One reader suggested "Buying a $3 jigsaw puzzle and put it together together! Be careful to buy one with 500 pieces or less, you may not like each other if you get a big one!" Daryl Hulce. And here are some more Frugal Dates.

Here's is a group date idea sent in from another reader. "Have each couple work together to do a paint by number picture. Take it to a local museum or gallery and put it up. Watch people's reactions."

I got these wonderful little cards by Lyn Gordon called 52 great cheap dates. I bought them at a small bookstore in the area. She has others like 52 rainy day activites. It is sure to put a spark into your dating.

Are you your husband's/ wife's ally and biggest supporter. Or does it seem you are more like enemies? Try listing ways that you can be more supportive and ways you complement each other. How are each of you halves of the other? I can't fix a thing, but my hubby can fix anything. But when it comes to finances I am the one who deals with that. Declare a cease fire, write out a peace treaty and become allies again.

Below are some more romantic suggestions...

1. Themes of Marriage
Each week or month think of a different theme to concentrate on, such as appreciation, communication, sensuality, committment, or humor.

2. Tell your mate how much they mean to you.

3. Go for a romantic evening at a hotel. My husband and I try to go at least once a year to a hotel with an in-room whirlpool. If you can't get out, at least get the kids out of the house. Have them spend the night at friends or relatives.

4. Have a candlelight dinner at home after the kids are in bed at least once a month. It will give you two a chance to talk with privacy.

5. Make your bedroom romantic. Buy nice sheets. Get the TV out of the bedroom. Have a radio or CD player to play music. Make it smell pretty with scented candles, sachets or flowers.

6. Try to talk to each other 30 minutes a day without distractions.

7. Make a list of your spouses favorites. His or her favorite food, color, hobby, flower, athlete, sports team, season, vacation spot, ect. Knowing what he or she likes allows you to give gifts and surprises they are sure to love.

8. Be polite. Always say "Please" and more importantly say "Thank you."

9. Don't be a slob when at home. Don't greet your spouse at the end of the day with uncombed hair and faded makeup. Remember how much care you took with your looks when you were dating? Sometimes its great to let go and not hassle with grooming, but not every night.

10. Let your husband get lost and not ask for directions. Instead of nagging think of it as a new adventure.

11. Play together. Play pool, frisbee, or racquetball. Have a water gun or Nerf fight. Play with glow in the dark silly putty. Have fun together.

12. Don't expect the other person to fulfill your every need. Have outside friends and interests. My husband doesn't understand my writing so I have my writer's group. I don't like to talk about cars, but his friends do.

13. Accept your mate as is. Don't try to change him or her. The only person you can change is yourself.

14. Laugh together. Tell each other funny jokes or incindences of the day. Watch a comedy together. Find out what your mate's sense of humor is like and make sure they get their daily doses of laughter.

15. Listen to each other. Concentrate fully on what they are trying to tell you. This past week I was telling my husband that my chain broke for a charm he had given me when we first got married. He came home that night for a gold chain set. It was so special because I just mentioned it in passing, but he was listening and acted on it. That's the most common complaint I hear from my friends (and yes even my husband sometimes,) "My husband/wife just doesn't listen to me."

16. One way to keep your romance alive is by having a weekly date.

17. Make something special for them to ea. I just saw something in a magazine with rasberries on a circle of melted chocolate.

18. Take care of your spouse when they are sick. Take temperatures, make soup, sleep on the couch, run out to buy cough drops- anything to show you care.

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