apple Create a Chore Chart for your kids.

apple Read What Not To Wear by Trinny Woodall, Excellent book on picking the right clothes for you.

apple Celebrate National PlayDoh Day, Sept. 18 by giving yourself time to play with clay.

apple Stock up on your favorite school supplies at Staples. I especially like to buy different color pens.

apple Start the Holiday Grand Plan.

appleGet rid of at least 3 garbage bags full of junk.

apple Buy a pot of mums for your kitchen table. They last a long time and look beautiful.

apple Call your brother or sibling or another favorite relative.

apple Make a romantic breakfast for your honey.

apple What are your top three priorities for this fall?

apple Make a fall wreath.

apple Take the Extreme Self-Care Survey.

apple Use up your tomatoes.

apple Get together with friends around a bonfire.

apple Bring out your cold-weather clothes and donate the clothes that no longer fit or you don't want.

apple Make a collage of your dreams.

apple Have you started journaling yet? Sept. 22 is Dear Diary Day.

apple September is Self-Improvement Month. What are the three things that you can change in your life that would have the biggest positive impact? Exercising, forgiving, cleaning up your desk, finding time for solitude, etc. Write them down and work on them this month.

Have a great September!