Stress is causing many health related problems. New research says that people that are feeling stressed catch colds much more easily. The past few months I noticed I was catching one thing after another. I realized I was not taking care of my stress. Instead, I was letting it build. Daily we need to find out how to counteract the stress in our lives. Otherwise we are heading towards burnout and we aren't too nice in the meantime.

Dr. Trevor Powell list some sign of stress in his book, "Stress Free Living."
Aching neck and back
Muscle tension or pain
Panic attacks
High blood pressure
Nausea, indigestion, heartburn, ulcers
Frequent urination, diarrhea
Less-efficient immune system
Tense, nervous
Sleep disturbances
Irritable, edgy and bad-tempered
Eating disorders
Headaches and migraines

We need to take care of ourselves before our body decides to give us an illness where we end up in bed.

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