Summer School

Summer is partly over and you may be running out of things for the kids to do. Here are some ideas:

Hiking and biking

Family walks

Summer Gardening

Redecorate the Kid's rooms with their suggestions


Picnic lunches

Make kids homepages or have them make their own

Water balloon fights

Catch fireflies

Visit all the different parks in your city

Farmer's Markets

Read the newspaper for local fairs and events in your area


Look at the stars

Take kids to nursing home to visit

Go on a penny walk where the flip of a coin tells the next direction to travel

Have kids decorate their bikes and have a parade

Camp out in the backyard

Game or movie day on rainy afternoons

Teach the kids outdoor games of your childhood

Build a model together

Lay in a hammock and sip homemade lemonade

Berry picking

Wash the car the old-fashioned way with sponges and water

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