Shadow welcomes you to
Black Rock Ranch!
Come in and meet his "family"

There are SCHIPPERKES, OUR CATS, and SHADOW plus we have our own awards...two now! Our Cats are active in CLAW and have pages for their activities! Our Schipperke dogs are also in attendance at the Schipnics (in fact, we hosted the 99 one) and our ACE has participated in dog shows and search and rescue. We have a patriotic page and a page on the Mom and the Ranch Hand!

We are ruled by the mighty Genghis Kahn, shown below, and his buddy, the princess Nikita La Femme.

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send an EMAIL-Cat Award for the MAdcat Award
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Shadow-Our Wolfdog
In Memory of Lt
In Memory of Tiffany
Ace-Our S & R Schipperke
1998 Schipnic
1999 Schipnic
Schipperke Invasion
Our Webrings
Genghis Kahn-Our Siamese
Nikita La Femme
The CatHouse Gang
In Memory-Poco & Missy
Mom & Ranch Hand
Our Trophy Room
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Helping Paws Cat Page
Genghis CLAW Page
Nikita's CLAW Page
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President Bush
Our Patriotic Page

Recently there was an invasion at Black Rock...beautiful
Schipperke's and their gracious totally devoted owners!!
Then we all went to the Schipnik in Oklahoma City!
Start your tour HERE


The latest addition at Black Rock!
A certified Search & Rescue Schipperke!
Click HERE to meet him!
Shown below in the Show Ring...such a gorgeous fellow!

ACE wins!
Feb 2000! Ace wins at Little Rock!

Click here for GLAMOUR shots of
ACE & Lt-Our Schipperkes

Winter came to Black Rock with a 12" snow and the Schipps
loved it! See their

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