In Obedience competition, working two dogs together is called a "brace". We decided that since the Boyz are such outstanding specimens of their breed, we could show them as a "double brace".

Here we have them all lined up in a row, although a couple are facing south and a couple of them are facing north.

Joker and Lt on the left, ready to go! Ace standing up on a leg, wanting a pet. Dondi has disappeared!

Joker and Lt still trying to work as a team. Ace waiting for Dondi, who is staring at the water.

Joker now looking at the water. Lt behind him, taking a nap. Ace heading for the house, and Dondi is trying to go after a bird.

Joker and Lt both looking at the water now. Ace posing for the camera and Dondi is heading for the photographer. What did we learn? Well, we learned that even though each one of the Boyz can and will obey commands separately, when they are together, all bets are off! Guess we'll have to rethink our plan of action. :-)