The Amite County Mississippi Wills Project

This is an effort to duplicate the wills and inventories of early Amite County and digitize the images so that historians and genealogists can access them easily via the World Wide Web.  I have copies of over 150 wills and estate papers from 19th and early 20th century Amite County residents and I am working to make them available to a wider audience.  For a couple of years now they have been sitting  in the bottom of my closet waiting for the odd moment when I can re-evaluate their contents.  Two years of library school have heightened my sense that information is not proprietary.  I also feel, as I have for several years now, the Amite County's role in Mississippi's and the South's history and development has been undervalued and all but ignored.

TENS OF THOUSANDS of Americans today are descended from individuals who lived and labored in  Amite County, Mississippi.  AMITE COUNTY is part of their story.

Contents of Will Books I & II as per my research files

Images of wills scanned from photocopies--remarkably legible, considering everything.  While the act of photocopying directly was probably not very good for the willbooks themselves, they were in pretty good condition.  The same cannot be said of the actual wills and inventories on file.  Years of decay and periodic mis-handling (William Longmire's 1842 will had actually been scotch-taped some years back and the adhesive is causing the paper to disintegrate even more rapidly) have made the original papers fragile.  If anyone is planning to take a visit to the Amite County courthouse in Liberty to do some research, I recommend looking at the books rather than the actual files--the books are legal and verified copies and they can withstand the use much more readily.
    There are a few stray marks visible on these images--most are from the photocopies, but a few were from the originals--probably by long-ago visitors, but NOT by ME. .

Will of Julia Anderson  1902
Will of Louisa Bates  1909
Will of Elizabeth Craft  1854
Will of Aletha Dixon  1858
Will of Rebecca Galtney  1881
Will of Elizabeth Johns  1859
Will of Ann Reams  1851
Will of Elizabeth Reid  1919
Will of Nancy Sites  1871
Will of Nancy Sleeper  1860
Will of Amanda Spurlock  1907
Will of Victoria Street    1858
Will of Susan Webb  1910
Will of Nancy Williford  1840
Will of Elizabeth Wren  1843

Amite County Master's Thesis


Jennifer Payne
Last Revised May 7, 1998 

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