Mustered into service at  Liberty, Miss.  April 29, 1861

The Amite County Rifles was organized in April, 1861 and on April 29, 1861 went into
camp at Camp Brown about a half mile north of Liberty on the west side of
Speculation Creek


Capt.  Benj.  F. Johns           promoted Major 8.15.62, Lt.  Col. 9.5.1862
1st Lt. Rus  D. McDowell   promoted Capt. 8.15.62, killed 12.31.1862
2nd Lt.  James E. Bates    elected 4.29.1861 dropped at reorganization
Lt.  Robt.  J. Pamble        promoted Capt. 12.3.1862
Ord. Sgt.  John L. McGehee,     2nd Lt. 8.23.62, Capt. 11.3.1863
2nd  Sgt. A. F. Stravn         discharged and afterwards joined Co. K 33rd Miss.
3rd  Sgt. D. P. Cox
4th  Sgt  H. M. Bates    Lt.  3.7.64 lost leg Atlanta 7.28.64, died 12.10.1910
5th  Sgt. F. W. Stratton discharged account disease at Tyners Station,
                                     later joined  24th Miss.  Bat.  Cavalry Co. A, died 6.5.1904
Corp. T. J. Butler         died from wounds received at Murfreesboro, Tenn.
2nd Corp. George  T. Lumpkin      died since the war
3rd Corp. Pineo Hurst         promoted Sgt. Major wounded Chickamauga
4th Corp. W. H. Cox     discharged Tupelo, later joined Stockdales Cavalry


D. F. Anders          died since the war
A.S. Anders            killed Franklin, Tenn. 11.30.1864,
J. C. Anders          died disease
J. R. Ammok          promoted to corporal, died 1.1915
B.  S. Bates     died disease
John W. Beall died since war
M. C. Beall     killed Murfreesboro, Tenn. 12.30.1862
David Beer     discharged under conscript law
D. B. Boatner     died since war
P. B. Bonds     died since war
D. C. Bramlett   wounded Murfreesboro
F. P. Bramlett
E. L. Bramlett
M.E. Burris    discharged Tyners Station, later joined Stockdales Cavalry
W. A. Burris
Thomas Burris                  killed Chickamauga
John Bomillor                   died disease 1861
W. E. Butler                      died 1903
Young P. Butler                 died disease 1862
J. B. Carruth   killed Shiloh 4.6.1862
E. B. Carruth   Appointed  Regiment Comissary.  Prisoner War Shiloh
G. G. Caston   killed Chickamauga 9.20.1863
M. W. Caston    died 1902
W. S. Causey   discharged Saltillo
R. M. Causey  wounded   Chattahooohee River Died 1912
J. H. Corcoran      transferred to Sharpshooters
F. W. Cox     died wounds received Munfordsville 1862
W. J. Courtney   wounded and unfit for further service
J. J. Cain       died disease 1864
H. H. Cain       died disease
R. R. Chaddiek
Tim Collins      discharged
Abel W. Cotton   wounded Chickamuga
Iverson Cockerham           died disease Ocean Springs
J. H. Dixon       wounded Atlanta and unfit for further service
J. H. Duff       wounded New Hope Church 6. 1864
E. T. Dunn      wounded Atlanta 7.28.1864, lost leg
Thomas Eubanks  died since war
Winchester Everett      died 6.14.1920
Zach L. Everett       wounded Chickamauga, later joined Stockdales Cavalry, died 12.29.1912, Monroe, Louisiana
E.. J. Foreman
Richard Freeman
Mat Freeman       missing at Nashville, Tenn.
H. M. Faust
Peter Goldstein                  discharged under conscript law
P. L. Griffen                  wounded at Munfordville died since the war
Nat Garrow          died since the war
S. H.  Haygood      died while.prisoner of war
James Haygood      killed in battle
W. 0. Hughey,      died since the war
E. A. Hughey      discharged, later joined 33rd Miss. regiment
T. D. Jenkins      died disease
W. G.  Jackson      killed Murfreesboro 12. 1862
W. T. Johns      killed by negroes
John R. Johns  discharged, later joined 24th Miss. Cavalry Company  A
Robt. Keith      detailed as scout for sharpshooters
Lemuel Keith
R. H. Lowrie        discharged     Shieldsboro
W. C. Little        killed Munfordsville 9.14.1862
George  Sylvester Lea       killed Franklin, Tenn. 11.30.1864
James McClendon             transferred to sharpshooters
Fred Michael                  deserted 1861
Jesse McClendon               wounded at Murfreesboro
W. F.  Moore                  prisoner of war  Shiloh
W. W. Moore                  Physician     died Summit, Miss. 1912.
James A.  Moore     died in hospital, 1862
S. B.  Moore      killed at Now Hope Church 6. 1864
N.  B.  McCoy     died disease
W. W. McDowell     transferred to cavalry 1863
A. H. McKnight     died disease
Charles Mixon                     wounded Chickamauga 9. 1863
L. J. Neyland                     died disease
D. W.  Neilson                    died disease 3.1862
John Nunnery,          died 10.11.1901
David Nunnery,     died 8. 1906
Wm. J. Nunnery               Promoted Lt. for bravery,. Made color bearer 7th Miss. Killed  Atlanta 7.22.1864
Reuben Nunnery      wounded Murfreesboro died 11.7.1910
Henry Nunnery,               joined 4th Cavalry, died 1900
Samuel Nunnery               wounded Jonesboro died 1915
Geo. M. Page                wounded Atlanta 7.22.1864  died 1903
James S. Perkins                died wounds received Nashville 12.16.1864
H. H. Ratcliff                discharged at Tupelo, Miss.
W. R. Ratoliff                killed Munfordsville 9.14.1862
Thomas Reed                discharged Saltillo
S. S. Reeves
R. S. Reynolds died disease    1862
L. P. Reynolds
Tom Reynolds killed Munfordsville 9.14.1862
J. F. Reynolds
J. F. Roberts Prisoner of War
T. G. Roberts discharged Saltillo
C. C. Smith
B. Schwartz         discharged under conscript law
A. Scherk
Thomas  Swearingen         died disease Pass Christian
E. L. Swearengin       died 1915
John  M. Thompson  died 1901
Wm. F. Toler
Thomas Toler   missing in action Murfreesboro, Tenn
N.A. Travis       died Amite County at 96 yrs, of age
S. T.  Van Norman      died 1905
G. B. Van Norman      wounded Atlanta      died since the war
H. L.  Washburn   discharged Pass Christian
Wm. H.  Webb   transferred 33rd Miss.  Regiment
B. F. Wilkinson   transferred to Sharpshooters
Chas. V. Wall   died disease
J. W. Wilkinson   killed at Shiloh
S. C. Webb   elected Lt. resigned, died 1922
N.C. Whittington       discharged Tyners Station, died 1920
J. M. Wilson       died disease 4. 1862
A. J.   Webb      wounded Murfreesboro
S. B. Whittington      wounded Resaca, Gab died 7.1.1918
Wm. H. Parker      died since war



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