Quest for Gold

a Training for Potential Gold Award Recipients & their Consultants/Advisors


Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will....

  1. Be able to identify the prerequisites to the Gold Award Final Project and understand how to earn them.
  2. Be able to identify their own skills and interests in relation to developing their own personal Gold Award project.
  3. Understand the role of the Project Advisor and the Content Consultant.
  4. Understand how to prepare a timeline and a budget.
  5. Understand the paperwork required and deadlines involved for completing a Gold Award Project for the current

Estimated Time

Topic Method Materials

10 min.


Welcome, Trainer Introduction
Ice Breaker: Any of your choosing
Objectives & course overview

Supplies for ice breaker
(if any)
Posted Objectives
"Quest for Gold" Books

15 min.

Gold Award Prerequisites

Mini-Lecture covering basic requirements: Career Exploration Pin, Sr. Leadership Award, Sr. Challenge, 4 Interest Projects (all must be completed before beginning final project)

Visuals on each
recognition & its

30 min.

Identifying Interests

All About Me" Brochure: see directions in "Quest for Gold" booklet or online at :

Paper, markers

20 min.

Developing a Project Idea

Small Group Discussion: In table groups, have girls and adults come up with a project based on the Sample "All About Me" Brochure

Sample "All About Me" Brochures (times the
number of table groups anticipated)

15 min

Choosing an Advisor/Consultant

Brainstorm qualities of an advisor : be sure to cover: someone you can communicate with; knowledgeable of GS program; Able to share ideas without taking over project; Brainstorm differences between advisor and consultant: consultant versed in topic of project; advisor addresses paperwork & organization & will sit in interview with Review committee with you as a non-speaking observer

Board, markers

Advisor Pool list of
names & phone

20 min.

Developing a Time Line

The Muffin Is Ready" exercise in table groups: See explanation in "Quest for Gold" book

As a group, take sample project from above and construct sample time line

Paper, pencils

20 min.

Developing a Budget

Discuss what is involved in developing a budget (include anticipated expenses and where money is expected to come from) - can draw on "Muffin is Ready" exercise here as well

As a group, develop a basic budget for a sample project

Sample project, board,

15 min.

Individual Projects

Discuss how to make a project "worthy of Gold"
Include Gold Review Team Expectations
Include evaluation criteria

board, markers

20 min.

Council Paperwork

Mini-Lecture: Discuss council paperwork and deadlines for submittal of each

Council papers (should
be in "Quest for Gold" Book), Gold Award Timeline sheet showing current year deadlines

15 min.


Answer questions asked, Review course
objectives and conduct written course evaluation,

Council Training Course evaluation forms

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